EyePet benefited from Eight Days and Getaway cancellations

The adorable debut of EyePet at Leipzig Games Convention was quite possibly the biggest surprise of the show. The innovative use of the PlayStation Eye, coupled with one of fthe most adorable creature designs in recent memory, made it one of the most high-profile titles we showcased on our site during the Convention. Although it's still not planned for a release late next year, it benefited from the controversial cancellations of other SCEE games, such as Eight Days and The Getaway.

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THC CELL5570d ago

I think when this game is out and completed

they will announce the getaway and 8 days again

dro5570d ago

as a hardcore gamer and a fan of getaway since ps2 i really hope they bring the game back,and same gose for eight days. when they release the eyepet start working on it again bcuz i really liked what i saw from eight days and i liked getaway 1/2.

sonarus5570d ago

As a hardcore gamer, fuk sony and their need to further annoy me with the loss of 8 days with this kinda crap. How can you even consider trading eight days for this...WTF

gaffyh5569d ago

You know they did the right thing though. Eyepet has a greater potential of bringing in new gamers than Eight Days or The Getaway ever did (although I wish the games weren't cancelled, just postponed).

TOO PAWNED5569d ago

As a hardcore gamer i dont care! We have plenty if not 2 many "hardcore" games coming our way, and thats only announce titles of which we know, who knows how many more will be announced in next 6+ months!?

As a PS3 owner i am glad to see something like Eyepet on PS3, it is really refreshing. I dont know if i am going to buy it(most likely not), have to see more of it but still it is very cool with MASSIVE potential!

What about 8 days? We know nothing about that game, maybe it sucked. My guess is that Sony invested far to much money in 8 days and getaway and there was no positive result. Also Yoshida stated that no online mode was one of the reasons why those 2 games were canned.

Once again there are far to many games that hardcores will like, so please stop with overreacting about NOTHING!

xhairs95569d ago

I dunno, I think this looks pretty cool and since they specialize in these types of things I bet it will come out pretty sweet like. That monkey looks awesome by the way.

whoelse5569d ago

EyePet will sell more consoles.

Milky5569d ago

as a hardcore gamer I was sad when Sony announced that 8 days was canceled, however I am excited by Eyepet and its amazing technology, I cant wait to try it.

Homicide5569d ago

I would rather have Eight Days and Getaway than this. I blame Nintendo and the Wii.

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Fishy Fingers5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

I'm sure this is good news for some, but the hardcore gamer in me screams F**********!!!!

Harry1905569d ago (Edited 5569d ago )

Define the term hardcore gamer. I always thought hardcore gamers were the people who played ALL types of games including those viewed as casual. If being hardcore means playing Halo and Gears and thinking those are the best games ever created, I would have abandoned gaming a long time ago.

I simply can't understand.(this is not personal) Everyone is complaining about the over-abundance of shooters and when they decide not to make one, people cry foul? WTH? I am one of those people who enjoyed Nintendogs greatly and believe me, according to my own definition of hardcore, I am really really hardcore. People who believe hardcore players are only those who play shooters and other types of games involving violence and gore are mistaken.

The real hardcore are out there, looking for new,fresh concepts and I can say that Eyepet sounds very very interesting to me. As interesting as 8 Days. People who think that this is crap are unfortunately pretentious and lack a little culture.

Eyepet was NOT the reason 8Days was canceled. Don't try and spin that ( again a general idea, not personal) as if it was the sole reason. HOME is also in the works at the London studio and at this point in time, it is their priority.

felidae5569d ago



xhairs95569d ago

I agree, but there is a flaw in your statement. Eyepet is not a casual game, in fact it's not really a game. Just like Chia Pets or Nanopets they're not games.

Harry1905569d ago

And XHairs, yes, indeed, it came to my mind while writing this comment that Eyepet was not really a game. From the info that filtered, we are right now legitimately able to think of it as a super evolved Tamagotchi. However, I still think that they will implement some future, let's say 'mini-games' in it that would allow us to qualify it as a 'casual/game'. One thing I know is that I have always appreciated Eyetoy games and Singstar and Eyepet has certainly caught my attention.

elitewh0re5569d ago

yeah i can see the queues now, this will sell a damn few consoles, im sure its not just my sister thats been wanting for a new tamogochi!

cereal_killa5569d ago


Excellent comment its games like Nintendogs that make the DSlite a huge seller for children and like LBP this game will be an excellent selling point for the parents who think that the PS3 is just for shooters and RPGs type games with all sorts of violence that they don't want there children to play thus 1 of the main reason the Wii and DS are selling like hotcakes. Bubbles for you!!!!

Although its sad to hear any game get cancel but games get canceled all the time this is not the first or last to be in this predicament.


Eyepet: low cost, funny, attractive, can touch a wide public, perfect for casuals that love Tamagotchi / Sims. Flawless victory.

Took the words right out of my mouth.


at least EyePet is trying to do something innovative (something Nintendo get's routinely praised for, though, in my opinion, with the Wii, they have yet to actually deliver that "revolution" they were proclaiming, or even a HINT of that revolution), and while having 8 Days and The Getaway be delayed sucks, what did we really know about those games besides the title (and the previous Getaway games?)

I always find a lot of your comments very long but I do try to read them because most of them are very logical reads the comment above says it all props to you

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THC CELL5570d ago

Getaway and 8 days will be back in make after this ..

kittoo5570d ago

Pleas Sony, please get them back....

clintos595570d ago

Doesnt mean they canceled it completely. I am sure they will bring it back since eight days looked awesome. Maybe they did it to give those games more time to be worked on since sony has so many other huge titles being worked on aswell.

CNIVEK5569d ago

[UPDATE] CVG states that "A Sony UK representative assured CVG that both titles had been "completely cancelled", and so will not be rescued from the bin at a later date."

dro5570d ago

u m may look at it as crap but dont foret this gen there are more causal gamers than last gen,the wii is eating all of them up so i can see y sony is bringing out a game like this.....but i still agree with u...bring back 8days/getaway 2.!!

sonarus5570d ago

They can bring it out if they want...but at the expense of eight days. Screw that. I'm all for casual stuff and all but how much resources can eyepet be taking that it will eat away from eight days development

TradingWarStories5570d ago

sonarus is right, WTF I would rather have 2 games rather than just the one however dro has a point. In the end I hope they bring both of the games back, cos Eightdays brought innovation in gameplay and so has eyepet so either way its a win - win for buyers. i dont know about getaway they never released much news about it :)