Killzone Shadow Fall – Guerrilla explain how PS4′s tech changes the series, & the FPS, forever

OPM: From the moment the curtain went up on Guerrilla Games’ new shooter during February’s PS4 reveal, Killzone: Shadow Fall wasn’t just going to be exciting in its own right as an eye-wateringly high-fidelity episode in the shooter series: it was also our first look at the future of FPS gaming.

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allformats1944d ago

CANNOT wait for this! Think of it, KZ fans: Operations Mode!!! Operations in the JUNGLE!!!

Sorry guys, I'm just excited.

greedybear881944d ago

Yep. This game looks incredible :D

Aery1944d ago

You can't believe how much awesome is this game. At the E3 we was really surprise by the change of direction, from a linear gameplay (which I still like) to the more open/tactical approach.

The graphics ? It's impressive.

abzdine1944d ago

killzone multiplayer better kick ass as much as KZ2 did.

raztad1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

It does look incredible. Wide areas with nonlinear objectives + OWL + "super" powers (FEAR-like slowmotion), make for a totally different experience than previous entries in the franchise.The enemy AI should be even better due to a more competent general purpose CPU (compared with Cell that excels in FP calculations but is weak in other stuff). If they maintain the gunplay and the story is better this time, GG has a winner.

RedHawkX1944d ago

yep this game is gonna be beastly. love the open missions where you can complete objectives in any order and there will be different outcomes depending on how you do them as well. also like the use of the ds4 for using that futuristic flying recon device. this gonna be some space navy seals type stuff lol. its gonna be the 007 goldeneye of the new generation and cant wait.

Mad Aizen1944d ago

Killzone's 2 & 3 were the best looking FPS's of this current generation imho. Guerilla looks to be continuing their tradition of pumping out FPS's dripping with high fidelity graphics and fantastic gameplay, and I cannot wait to put this game case next to it's three brothers that came before it.

Rip-Ridah1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

As much as I hate to do it, I have a whole other shelf waiting for my PS4 to lie in. My PS3, PS2, PS1, Vita, and Blu-ray collection have all but used up every resource on the original bookshelf. (*Edit Also my Gamecube Resident Evil collection and Eternal Darkeness.) Not to mention, I'm too OCD to put mix and match generations next to each other.

OT: Looking forward to this game more now after reading this article!

chrissx1944d ago

I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on my ps4! The best gaming console in the modern era

mkotechno1944d ago

So, more graphics, more graphics and more graphics... AI promises that are never real, and more graphics, and linear story telling, and more graphics...

Hype falling.

PirateThom1944d ago

AI? Going to assume you never played Killzone 2 or 3?

CGI-Quality1944d ago

From the looks of it, he probably hasn't.

OT: Great read! Puts a lot things in perspective and makes the November launch even tougher~

Omran1944d ago

Dude he just trolling
Hype Falling mmmmm like Halo 4 lol

HurtfulTimez1943d ago

Agreed KZ2 and KZ3 have the best enemy AI i have ever experienced in a shooter game.

Aery1944d ago

It's pretty clear you know nothing about this game.

Bennibop1944d ago

Killzone 2 & 3 have some of the best AI in a FPS I have ever played and I lots of FPS on all formats!

Cmk01211943d ago

kZ and bioshock have GREAT AI

raztad1943d ago

If you read the article you will find that is actually not only about graphics, but more about scale and making a living city with many smart NPCs interacting with stuff.

Morgue1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I see you joined 19 hours ago.

mkotechno1943d ago

I signed 20 hours ago and I hyped with the PS4, but if someone has a bad opinion of Killzone everyone loses their minds and think the user is a Xbot troll Masterchief cocksucker...

Just open your minds bros, see you in Battlefield 4 / PS4.

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Scrumptious1944d ago

I am currently replaying KZ3 in 3D. Seems like the developers are forgetting about 3D with the new generation which saddens me. 3D makes the games far more immersive and PS3 had more than the 360. 3D aside, I reserved a copy right after E3.

Cmk01211943d ago

3D is failing again though, they pushed hard but its not taking to the avg consumer.

T21943d ago

Dude I played kz in 3d a week ago at friends and it was amazing !!! Soooo good it made me physically dizzy . Anyone with a 3d t.v. Must play !!!! 10/10 so immersive

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