The Horizon series is only just getting started, as developer has a pipeline of 16 "plans"

"We're going to be continuing it for a very long while"

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darthv72143d ago

Curious to know more about these "plans". I assume many will be expansions (dlc) while they will at some point release a full horizon 3 or maybe even 4.

shinoff2183143d ago

Wasn't there word about a show to at some point I thought I remembered seeing something. 16 is a pretty high number lol. I like the series though , I liked it the most of what Sony brought new on ps4.

Vengeance1138143d ago

Yes, a TV show is in development at Netflix.

S2Killinit142d ago

Netflix or amazon. One of the two.

EvertonFC142d ago

So looking FWD to 3 and see where it takes us

Adrian_v01142d ago

After Forbidden West I'm so fatigued by Aloy I don't need any more sequels tbh.

Ashunderfire86142d ago

Different character in the story perhaps.

Slappy McGee142d ago

It's kind of difficult with the way they have the game set up. Everything is built around her being "the one" and the savior of humanity. They definitely Mary Sued the series into a corner. Unless they come out with the co-op robot hunter game based in their Horizon world that was talked about then there could have somewhere else to go with the series but even then everyone would have to ignore the world dying around them to make it work.

Abear21142d ago

Exploring the detailed biomes was my fav part of the game, especially gliding and (later on) flying, and underwater was amazing too. I’ll explore another open world from GG day one.

Popsicle142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Agreed. I enjoyed Aloy in Zero Dawn, but the personality she has taken on after becoming “the savior” is in my personal opinion unlikable and unrelatable.

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crazyCoconuts143d ago

Here's what I'm ready for: play as a rough dude in the Horizon universe. Less flowery dialog, more Just Cause blowing things up?
Would be a nice change of pace imo

DeusFever142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

Your “rough dude” game is “Horizon Call of the Mountain on PSVR2”. Great game. A “rough dude” protagonist like the Doom Slayer wouldn’t work for a main Horizon game because the overall story requires the protagonist to be an outside thinker, cerebral, and empathetic enough to build a coalition of allies. It would be like putting Doom Slayer in “Raiders of the Lost Ark. Sure, he’d kill a lot of Nazis, but he would never find the Ark or save anyone.

crazyCoconuts142d ago

I mean, there can be multiple stories in a universe like Horizon. You could put doom slayer in a parallel story involving a horde of corrupted machines led by a mad man as an example.

syrupywaffles142d ago

No thanks. Go play Just Cause for that. Horizon isn't about mindless, blow stuff up, action. The story, dialog and characters of this world are what make it special and Aloy is a fantastic protagonist. Coupled with that, you already have awesome gameplay in fighting amazingly designed robotic enemies (the human enemies, however, need some work). It's perfect the way it is and as long as they keep evolving on their current path, then it'll be wonderful.

Noskypeno142d ago

I would like a fps prequel set before the machines took over.

crazyCoconuts142d ago

Yes! Perfect... With modern weaponry... Great idea!

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-Foxtrot143d ago

I love this franchise but Jesus...take a chill pill

Look what happened to Killzone, they got success and it was Killzone, Killzone, Killzone, Killzone, Killzone until eventually the quality slowly dropped, it started to become samey and we just got so fatigued by the Killzone Universe that most lost any excitement for it.

I'd rather they take a break, work on a new IP, get some new ideas going with that game and then when the PS6 comes around as a launch game do Horizon III with all the new fresh ideas you've learnt from the last new IP

Kurt Russell142d ago

I wouldn't mind a new Killzone universe game come of think of it... I'd like to see Playstation create at least 1 FPS this gen.

Vengeance1138142d ago

2 Games in 5 years needs a chill pill? We really haven't gotten all that much for the series. Perhaps you just read too many Horizon articles.

JEECE142d ago

It is crazy how people constantly complain about how games were better and less rushed 10-20 years ago, ignoring the fact that we often used to get sequels to games every two years or so. Now you get a sequel 4-7 years after a game launched and people start screaming about franchise fatigue and how the devs are driving the series into the ground.

-Foxtrot142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

VR game, TV show in the works, the bird game, Horizon III coming, the multiplayer game, they are talking about other things

Come on…this is just the start

Vengeance1138142d ago

@ Foxtrot
"VR game, TV show in the works, the bird game, Horizon III coming, the multiplayer game, they are talking about other things "

Because all those things are coming out this year? What on earth is the bird game? Horizon 3 and the Live service game are many many years away like 2025 or later and the TV show you simply don't have to watch if you don't want to. There are many other franchises that need a bigger chill pill than Horizon. Call of Duty and Assassins Creed being the top 2.

Ashunderfire86142d ago

Horizon 3 will come out on PS5.

FinalFantasyFanatic142d ago

This, don't give people franchise fatigue, I love the games, but if they just keep hammering out more HZD, people are going to get sick of it. I would be up for a Netflix series though as long as it's good, and a new game in a few years would be fine with me.

zaanan142d ago

While this may be true, I thought the death of Killzone was more due their failure to stick to what worked. KZ2 was the best Killzone, but they completely scrapped the feel of that with KZ3, which tried to be a COD clone.

andy85142d ago

You really can't win sometimes though. If a series takes ages between installments people complain this is 2 in 5 years, I don't consider that bad. We got GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas within 3 years, I don't remember anyone complaining then

-Foxtrot142d ago

Development times back then compared to now are completely different

You could wait years for a sequel but there still might not e that many improvements that REALLY sets it apart

Forbidden West was pushing it, it had a few new things but by the end of the game it didn’t really have enough to really set it apart from the first game in terms of features (not graphics, visuals etc).

If we get a third game even if it takes 4 years I don’t know what else they could add in that games setting. They are better off doing a new IP for now and keep the sequel for later.