Kickstarter Wrapup Special OUYA Edition: Interview With DubWars creators MURA Interactive

This week our favorite little gaming platform is growing up. No longer confined to small screens, Android is moving to televisions with the release of OUYA console on June 25th. With that in mind, we here at GameWoof present a special edition of the Android Kickstarter wrap-up, as we talk to Sam Sawyer, the Technical Artist, head of Marketing and one of three Designers of MURA Interactive, the studio behind DubWars, a recently launched KickStarter that is off to a great start (Over $7,000 since June 10th) and is a launch title, albeit in Beta form, for the OUYA.

DubWars is, at its heart, a twin stick shooter. However, unlike the million other twin stick shooters available, DubWars takes the the task of shooting out of the player’s hands (leaving only movement and aiming). Instead, the DubStep electronic songs determine what is shot and when. This forces players to learn and anticipate the song’s beats in order to determine how best to deal with the game’s enemies. It’s an incredi...

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