XboxAddict: Watch Dogs Preview

Watch Dogs provide a fresh innovative twist on tactical espionage action games. With multiple options at your fingertips, you really have the option to explore and play the game as you would want to. Ubisoft has managed to overcome the risk of an original IP head on by combining elements of other successful titles with innovations that allows the player a wide variety of options and choices. Without a doubt Watch Dogs is primed to be a blockbuster success and with more revelations coming in the months leading up to its release, all of us at XboxAddict have this game under heavy surveillance, and so should you.

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Lecitok1934d ago

I found a page on which j is a demo available. Apparently they had to leak to the network. It does not matter. I downloaded and running. There are 5 missions to do.

Okay entering this site: and the Download to download the Laucher.
Best regards and I would recommend because the game is amazing.