Vivid Gamer E3 Preview - Murdered: Soul Suspect

Rebecca Quintana of Vivid Gamer writes, "Murdered: Soul Suspect is one of the games of E3 which I am most looking forward to. Detective games are rare on console to begin with, and Murdered has an added unique twist. As the game’s tagline says, “The hardest murder to solve is your own.” In Soul Suspect, you play as the recently deceased Ronan O’Connor, who spends the game as a ghost investigating his own murder. As a ghost, Ronan can’t interact with the world in the same way as he did when he was a living cop, which creates some unique gameplay opportunities."

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dwightmccarthy1967d ago

Im really digging the concept of this game. but not sure if it will last for the entire game...

rfhuang1967d ago

Cool. Sort of sounds like Ghost Trick