Dark Souls 2 Classes Gameplay

Dark Souls 2 gameplay videos of the Dual Swordsman, Temple Knight, Sorcerer and Warrior classes.

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garos821945d ago

I'm just as excited about next gen as I am about this game.April can't come soon enough

MestreRothN4G1945d ago

Thank you for this!
I was not watching even the trailers, after almost ruining Dark Souls 1 due to complete dissecating of every bit of info released... But a few seconds of these won't do no harm. Bweh heh heh heh heh!

Fakdafakinfakerz1945d ago

Man... the Sorcerer and Dual Swordman look sexy. Can't wait!

Hydralysk1945d ago

Once you get like 4 hours in classes don't even matter though...

EFFIN_Adduce1945d ago

That would be cool for the dual swordsman if there was a block using the two swords making like an X, Holding r1 and l1 at same time to use would be sick. Would make them a very viable class to pick.

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