Sony To Focus On PS4 At Gamescom

TSA: "Sony will focus on the PlayStation 4 this August at the annual gamescom games convention"

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US8F1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Bring on the games! 2 whole months of waiting :(

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31940d ago

Hopefully their focusing on showing exclusives that show actual gameplay.

Majin-vegeta1940d ago

At least their games were running on the proper hardware and not hardware that won't even be in in the system.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31940d ago

Ugh, kid the playground is thataway--->

abzdine1940d ago

i'll be there!
Sony to focus on PS4?? Megatons incoming!!!

Dee_911940d ago

@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3 you mean the playground is by the disagree button? I just clicked.. it was sorta fun,thanks for pointing me there :)

Seriously though, I want to hear about GT6.Hope we get to see that american muscle they just announced :p

BitbyDeath1940d ago

Did you not already see the gameplay vids for inFamous, DriveClub and Killzone?

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MizTv1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

This is why I'm with Sony
Games games games

Cam9771940d ago

So after dashing Vita owners hopes at E3, it seems Sony's plan all along for Vita was this August's Gamescon:

"It's all about momentum. It's about showcasing PS4 in all its glorified beauty and it's not just the console. It's about the titles, it's about the games, it's about the independent titles. It's also about PS3, it's also about PS Vita. We blew it out of the park this E3 with PlayStation 4 but PS Vita has so much more to go, we've got so much more love to show at the showcase and I can safely say Gamescom is definitely going to be a PS Vita show, so you'll see."

r211940d ago

I really hope Sony doesnt let Vita owner down again. There can only be so much hope we can hold for this awesome device.

Thatguy-3101940d ago

Anything ps4 related will carry over to the vita. They created both systems to balance each other.

abzdine1940d ago

Gutierrez he knows nothing about what sony's plans are. that guy is just a sony blog guy

SolidDuck1940d ago

Even tho the vita wasnt a focus during the conference itself. There was a ton of vita stuff at e3. Taraway and killzone mercenaries both looked awesome. And being able to play ps4 games off wifi anywhere is great. I thought the vita had a good e3.

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Thirty3Three1940d ago

Uh no? They said they'd focus on Vita games! Where'd that go?

Narutone661939d ago

PS4 games can be played on the Vita. Vita gets all the benefit off PS4 games.

Thirty3Three1939d ago

Narutone, I doubt that's what they meant :P

That'd be a giant punch-in-the-face haha

DAS6921940d ago

I'd like to see the interface in action.

Andreas-Sword1940d ago

There will be also some other exclusive PS4 games announced at the Gamescom 2013, at the Tokyo Game Show 2013, and at the VGA 2013.
For Example: Uncharted 4, God of War 4 and Resistance 4 .. etc... And some brand new IPs exclusive for the PS4.
Here are the sources:

And I think there will be also announced very interesting exclusive PS4 games (from the japanese studios) at the TGS.

TechnicianTed1940d ago're using a Hip Hop Gamer vid as evidence?

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Vengeance11381940d ago

This is actually false, as Sony has previously stated that Gamescom shall be a "Vita show".

ApolloTheBoss1940d ago

Doesn't mean it won't be both.

Salooh1940d ago

I don't see that happening to the vita , Only gonna expect one serious game and that's too much since they did nothing for it in E3 ..

-Gespenst-1940d ago

I really hope the Vita gets more support. So much potential and they're just squandering it.

Thirty3Three1940d ago

They did say it;d be a "Vita Show". I remember this well.

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Blankolf1940d ago

You sir just took the words of my keyboard.

My expectations after what Sony has done are so unrealistic, I hope they met them :P

Dee_911940d ago



*runs away*

Rai1940d ago

hopefully we'll see a Naughty Dog game.

Majima1940d ago

I saw a leaked image of Jak V on another website. IDK if it's legit.

die_fiend1940d ago

Yeah, here's hoping. Goodness knows what they'll be plucking out of a PS4, based on their last 4 games

LarVanian1940d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they're saving a Naughty Dog reveal for the VGA awards as usual.

Tontus1940d ago

Yeah they'll probably save Naughty Dog's announcement for the VGA awards after they mop up almost every award with The Last of Us.

Hopefully we'll see the new IP Stig Asmussen is directing at Sony Santa Monica during Gamescom!

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