8 Joyous Cooperative Games

Quote: "We’ve lately been bombarded with next-gen console news and I would like to add my own bit by taking some time to talk about the perplexing nature of current-gen split-screen /system link games. (You’re welcome.)

I’ve never been a behemothic fan of multiplayer in general, but when it’s fun and I’ve acquired a buddy to game alongside with, I do enjoy an explosive co-op session.

Competitive multiplayer has never been my strong-suit, but I’m 99% of the time more than happy with co-op games. It is true that so many games have tacked-on multiplayer or co-op, but whether or not that’s the case or not, the following games made for some good, albeit trippy times.

I present to you the following games with my seal of approval for some joyous co-op madness."

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