Nevermind Ellen Page, Let's Talk About Ashley Johnson

Molly of Ghost Volta: "I will be the first to admit that The Last of Us character, Ellie bared a striking resemblance to the actress Ellen Page- especially before her redesign, but even after as well. I’ll go on to admit that up until about three days ago, I still thought it was Ellen Page doing the voice. And to be honest, I genuinely feel bad about that."

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NatureOfLogic1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Ellie, Ellen and there's still no denying that Ellie looks more like Ellen Page. I just wish that naughty dog would admit that there's clearly major similarities with Ellie and Ellen Page. Everthing from the name to the looks.

FamilyGuy1941d ago

I originally thought that they had planned to cast Ellen Page but Quantic Dream simply beat them to it.

killbillvolume121941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


You think thats a good idea to admit that considering.... lawsuits and the like.....

showtimefolks1941d ago

They changed the look after the initial reveal

Why does it matter any way it's free publicity for Ellen page

When playing not once did I think oh she looks just like Ellen page

Ashley Johnson did an excellent voice over work so lets talk about her when beyond 2souls comes out than we will talk about Ellen page

Mve on people this is non news, do we really need hundreds of articles about this sort of stuff?

Zephyrus341941d ago

It matters because it's a topic to discuss, as you are now.

Maybe she doesn't look like this to you, but I know people that are saying Ellen Page is on a game, but they don't game they just assume. So my votes on their side.

I'm not moving on, ever, but thanks though. kk then bye now.

Inception1941d ago

"Everthing from the name to the looks"

There's a lot of girl name Ellie before Ellen Page even born. And i don't care if Ellie looks like Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton, The Last of Us still the best game i've ever played in this year!

Anyway, Ashley Johnson is a cutie :3 I want to hear more of her voices in video games.

lsujester1941d ago

I don't see a huge resemblance with the final version of Ellie. The original did look a bit more like Ellen Page, but even it wasn't a dead ringer.

Not to mention that current Ellen Page has even aged from the version from 5+ years ago people are comparing this to.

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Mr_Nuts1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I kind of feel a little sorry for her, I mean all of ND characters from Uncharted onwards have been based on the actors portraying them. Nolan looks similar to Drake, Emily Rose looks like a splitting double of Elena, you can see the distinct features of Richard in Sully and even with Troy Baker as Joel....but when it comes to Ellie they, as you can see, obviously based her on Ellen Page instead of Ashley Johnson.....whats up with that.

I know they changed Ellie's design a little after Beyond Two Souls was revealed but even still the fact they started with Ellen Page instead of Ashley in the first place was strange in my opinion. I'd understand if Ellen was a 14 year old girl to match Ellie's age, you would think "Well I kind of see where they are coming from" but she isn't, hell Ellen is only 3 years younger then Ashley.

I still believe ND could of done a better job with the makeover to make her look even more more like Ashley Johnson.

TongkatAli1941d ago

Look at the nose, lips and eyes. Ellie does look like Ashley. I got the Juno vibe from her voice and personality.

R_aVe_N1941d ago

Anybody that can't see this Ellie looks like a younger version on Ashley is pretty dang blind.

SnotyTheRocket1940d ago

Fun Fact: Drake in Uncharted is actually based off of Johnny Knoxville.

NatureOfLogic1941d ago

Also if they decided to make a movie based on the game, who would be the better choice to act as Ellie, Ellen Page or Ashley Johnson? We all know who's clearly the choice here. Whoever did the character design for Ellie clearly took inspiration from Ellen Page without a doubt.

Lovable1941d ago

Maybe their first pick to act as Ellie was Ellen Page? I dunno just a one can deny that Ellie does look like Ellen.

sparta761941d ago

neither. They both too old to play Ellie. Ellie is 14 yrs old

ltachiUchiha1941d ago

The face looks more like Ashley its just Ashleys hair throws it off. Ashley did a superb job though. Shez awesome.

MonChiChi1941d ago

I am so sick of hearing this now, I know this piece is focused on Ashley, which is great. TLOU has been getting hype before it's release.

You cannot tell me Ellen page or a friend or lawyer or someone noticed this. Now that TLOU of is a smash hit, she wants to come out with this crap.

If anything Page should be flattered. Kudos to Ashley, well done mam.

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