Killzone: Shadow Fall Preview - E3 2013 (NGN)

New Game Network: "The Killzone series bears a heavy responsibility as Sony's de facto flagship shooter. Consequently, there's a lot of attention on the first game to see release on the next console generation, Killzone: Shadow Fall. We took some time to check out a gameplay demonstration for the new title at E3."

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wonosnchon1939d ago

I have heard mostly positive feedback on this game. This is going to be something.

AlexanderNevermind1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Needs to go back to 32 players(40 if possible) and the larger maps. K2 was one of the best shooters on the PS3. They dropped the player limit and made the maps smaller in K3. Can keep the Jet packs and Mechs but bring back the spawn grenades. Also let the players get back to deciding the match length, type and what matches we want to join. What made the game great was it was so different from other shooters. Invisible Snipers, Saboteurs that looked like the enemy, changing objectives on the fly and SPAWN GRENADES. I have high hopes for this game.

elhebbo161939d ago

graphics is gonna be great, by the looks of it the story and gameplay as well. just dont hold back on the MP and make it a cod ripoff go all out and show what the PS4 is capable off.

Popoffboy1877181939d ago

Can't beleave they doing this at launch just amazing!!!

greedybear881937d ago

Cannot wait :D This game looks amazing!