Microsoft Had Xbox One Right the First Time

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Those who profess to be true ‘video gamers’ are holding back the very innovation they crave by being deathly afraid of a digital future. This was made obvious by the recent Xbox One fiasco.

The spectacle of watching a relative newcomer to the video game industry — Microsoft — trying to give something back in the way of digital rights management (DRM), only to be publicly slammed by the very fans of said industry to a point where they hit the ‘abort’ button was nothing short of sickening."

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Donnieboi1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Psyche. Your wrong.

None of the reasons stated matter enough. And that crap about instant patch downloads was dumb, because we all know some patches cause more problems than they fix. They even ruin offline games (skyrim).

I'm perfectly content with choosing if I want a patch, thanks to the prompt that gives me the OPTION.

All the other reasons are dumb one's too because MS could simply just give that particular player the ability to turn on DRM themself if they want those "benefits".

Still dont see why mS needs drm to have most of those benefits. Seems like MS is withholding because they are mad. Don't blame gamers, blame MS for withholding.

JokesOnYou1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

lol, that's what I said right after the 180, where were all these "look on the bright side" articles when kotaku and hit seeking sites were bashing X1 for its new approach? Again micro bring it back for the DD side, I dont give a shiii about used games anyway. Gamestop has been praying on little kids far too long with their used game practices. Last time I checked more studios closed this gen than gamestop stores. Hell yeah if given the choice Id rather devs who actually put in hardwork make MORE money than those vultures at gamestop.

minimur121995d ago

Xbox One WITH DRM - wrong.
Xbox One WITHOUT DRM - wrong.

They can't win, can they? Lol

Personally although I prefer ps ( a ps fanboy on n4g? Shocked. )
I was still happy about the no drm.

What I find funny, is how a small patch can be released and all of this drm is fixed. Its just like a bloody light switch - implement drm *on*
-loads of uproar and complaints - DRM Switch *off*

Utalkin2me1995d ago

You're right people don't have to buy games at gamestop. Ohhh wait there is reason it is popular it is so less fortunate can enjoys games too.

Lionsguard1995d ago

You know what the scary thing is? The fact that they can just implement a patch to turn DRM on and off means potentially they can implement it back at a later date and I remember an article that says players wouldn't be able to sue Microsoft with class action lawsuits. Of course, this is highly unlikely to happen since it'd be absolute financial and consumer trust suicide but still nerve wracking to think about.

InTheLab1995d ago

Why is Gamestop always the face of evil when we talk about used games? Oh...that's right. It's better to front a nasty corporation than those of us that sell their games on Ebay or Craig's list.

The gaming industry is the only industry where creators feel like they should get a piece of second hand sales. It's ridiculous.

"If given the choice", I'd rather take that $40 or $50 bucks I made selling back a new game....AND BUY ANOTHER NEW GAME. That's how it's been done since the beginning, and shame on anyone that's willing to offer up their rights to sell/rent and spend $500 in the process....

QuickdrawMcgraw1995d ago

Most games aren't worth full price.

fr0sty1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Microsoft wasn't trying to "innovate" shit. Their system supported digital distribution much the same way the previous generation consoles already do. You can take it online, buy games online, and if you choose you can let one of your friends at a time (out of a waiting list of 10 friends) play your downloaded game collection. PSN already does this mostly, save for the 10 friend waiting list. In fact, when PS3 launched it was up to 5 friends at a time that could play your games (and they weren't just playing some gimped hour-long glorified game demo, they actually got to keep your games). All 5 of them could be playing the game at the same time too.

Sony eventually dialed that back to only one other user, but even that is still in live with the XB1's policy, as only one of those 10 friends at a time would have had access to your games list. And again, Sony actually lets the other user keep those games, without requiring any sort of check in or any other garbage.

So, when it comes to digital distribution policy, Microsoft took the PS3 and made it's policies even more restrictive, then applied those same policies to disc based games as well (screwing the user out of actually owning the content they buy on that disc, licensing it to them instead).

The Xbots can cry all they want, it just goes to show how much they were fooled by Microsoft's marketing rhetoric. They literally took PSN's policies, made them worse, repackaged them, and these fools were taking it all hook, line, and sinker.

4Sh0w1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

No selling on ebay both the buyer and the seller tend to get a "fair" deal. When it comes to selling games to gamestop the only way to get even a remotely decent amount for your used game is to sell it back in less than a month, gamers tend to play any decent game longer than that, especially since its not like there are all these great games every month plus if you often buy used I doubt you have disposable income to buy a videogame every two weeks= Gamestop knows this and unless its COD they will low ball you and then sell the same game for almost twice as much. Yes gamestop has some dirty tactics but hey thats businesses, why do you think tbey push used game sales more than new games because thats where they make huge profits also no devs are not broke but the reason they want more return on their hard work unlike movies they have 1 shot at profits, unlike cars they can be duplicated many times and enjoyed by potentially 1000s with no compensation, unlike cell phones they are not subsidized through subscription service. Games face a unique problem that other 2nd hand markets dont have to worry about.

creatchee1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


Gamestop is the "face of evil" because they will give you ten bucks in store credit for a recently released game, turn around and sell it for 40 bucks, and the developers and publishers see none of that money.

Army_of_Darkness1995d ago

"Hell yeah if given the choice Id rather devs who actually put in hardwork make MORE money than those vultures at gamestop."

I actually have to agree with you on this one only because I hate gamestop. But I'm not saying I agree with the DRM crap still.

CrimsonStar1995d ago

lol i know!!!! When MS first announced their console services and plan everyone on this site was screaming they would only buy the console if they gutted all their DRM practices. And now that they have everyone on this site saying they still don't want any thing to do with it , and how changing it was a even bigger mistake .

I just don't get this site sometimes. smh.

nukeitall1994d ago

Couldn't agree more with the article and JokesOnYou.

We got dragged back into the physical disc stone age, because of entitled whiners. It was the perfect scenario, we had two wildly different consoles and options for everyone!

Instead we reverted to last-generation console.

zekk1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

not sure if i've said this before but gamestop has the largest market share for new games sales in the world like it or not. also they dont make that much on new games sales ($0.87 per copy on bond quantum on solace). i know people at bestbuy and future shop that would have to pay more money on games with their employee discount, which is cost +10%, when compared to the retail price. companies that just focus on new games sales wont survive just sell new games unless they charge more (which people would complain about) or publishers charging less per copy (developers, publishers and share holders would be complaining). stores do make money off of ads and such but is isnt enough to keep the company afloat. so yes they do used games and trades and they dont give as much back for trades as people want but companies that take trades run the risk of not selling the game as well. there are many games that don't sell and they will need to lower the price on them. you would probably be surprise how many times a game that someone traded in for $25 lets say will sit on a self till it is selling for $10 or $15. when that happens they are losing money. it is the cost of doing business. i realize and appreciate that developers want to make as much money on their work as possible but is the middleman is not making enough to survive than they will stop selling that product. so if gamestop and ebgames business fails who will sell the games? futureshop and bestbuy have been in the red for years now and i know they are starting to shut down stores to go the online route to save money on sales associates and overhead cost such as store maintenance, power and rent. so who else will sell the games? walmart? they never have that much in stock to satisfy demand (at least whenever i'm there they dont) same with target. maybe toys r us... but half the time the sales associate doesnt have a clue about whats going on much less know anything about gaming. there is the digital route but as discussed in prior xbone forums there are a lot of people who dont have internet and a lot of the people who do have internet dont have a very fast connections so downloading a 8 gig game takes a day if not more just to download. so a pure digital console service is a little out of the question. having a digital option is fine so that people that do have internet and the time to download the game can is great but not yet practical for everyone. so ya if places like gamestop didnt exist access to products would be more difficult and publishers and wouldnt be making as much money, but for gamestops to stay alive they need a source of income to stay afloat and at this point thats used games sales. unless they can make more money selling something else and/or make more for advertising for games and product they wont exist. i know this is not going to be popular with you or a lot of people for that matter but it is how the system works atleast till technology gets better and is more accessible to everyone.

Edit-......didnt realize i typed this much......

greenlantern28141994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

You do know game stop is not the only place people buy and sell used games, right. But I think if ms truly believed in what they where doing, or thought they could effectively show people they where better off with their drm policies they would have kept them in place. I don't think sony or sony fans had anything to do with them taking it out. Sony and ms are both faced with the same problem currently and that is only around 50% of their customers have online accounts. I bet any one that when if their online subscriptions grow to the point that way more people are online than not drm and all its advantages/ disadvantages will come back. MS and sony can turn it on whenever they want

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UNGR1995d ago

" They even ruin offline games (skyrim)." Let me guess, you picked it up for the PS3? The game worked fine, and the patches only fixed things, hell they even made the PS3 version incrementally better, and now it works fine. I don't know what you're going off about but that's just flat out wrong.

McScroggz1995d ago

Actually, there were a couple patches that broke the game. It's fixed now, but it's very understandable if you decide to stop playing because walking into a puddle of water crashes your game...

MysticStrummer1995d ago

"the patches only fixed things"


rextraordinaire1995d ago

Xbox one's original policies were not required for things such as instant patch downloads.

My ps3 does it with a ps+ account.

blanket141995d ago

the thing is if you dont like it dont buy it, thats why they took out the drm and stuff.

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GreenRanger1995d ago

"The spectacle of watching a relative newcomer to the video game industry — Microsoft — trying to give something back in the way of digital rights management"

How the hell is enforcing DRM "giving something back"?

I can't believe so many people were perfectly fine with Microsoft [I can't say that; i'll get banned]-ing them.

Bigpappy1995d ago

I am guessing you don't have a Steam account or own any apple devices. You do understand that X1 is a completely Digital Download device right. If they were to just let users download software with no type of DRM, there would be no money made from software sales. Gaming would die. Even with the Disk, they will have to do like Windows, and verify every install online or give one time activation codes with every disk.

It is going to be difficult tracking disk on X1 since it has to be installed to work.

blanket141995d ago

thats why msft is selling physical copies as well not just digital, steam is a better system, even if msft went all digital steams deals would crush xbox. xbox or ms would never charge you 40 buxks for a brand new game like steam give me a break

moparful991995d ago

Wow I cannot believe that there are people actually defending this ridiculous policy...

admiralvic1995d ago

Why? It's yellow journalism at its finest.

Some site looks at what we're losing, come a silly post they may or may not believe in based off theories or assumptions based off these theories and readers / N4G gets angry causing them to get a lot of views.

aceitman1995d ago

it was only a few 1,000 that liked it cause it took hundreds of thousands to make them change there mind. wich is good that gamers stood up to them.

MysticStrummer1995d ago

"Those who profess to be true ‘video gamers’ are holding back the very innovation they crave by being deathly afraid of a digital future."

I crave innovation in games, not innovation in how the gaming industry can make more money or regulate what I do with a game once I buy it.

moparful991995d ago

Agreed! If Sony had come forward with similar policies I would have reacted just as harshly. Policies just like this only serve to benefit the corporations that impose them.

I would have given this article merit IF Microsoft had done the right thing, come forward with an appropriate response detailing exactly how these policies benefit us.

tiffac0081994d ago

People forget that if MS kept the restrictions then the X1 will only work on selected countries. How can that be innovative?

Donnieboi1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

That's what I was saying (but simply in more detail) but I get a lot of disagrees. Welcome to the internet--where everyone can voice their opinions, not not everyone is smart enough to debate intellectually all of the reasons WHY they are disagreeing with you.

MasterCornholio1995d ago

My thoughts exactly.

I am amazed at the amount of web sites that are claiming that the XBOX One is worse now because it doesnt have those policies anymore. Did they even pay attention to public opinion and preorder numbers?

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ApolloTheBoss1995d ago

Alright man put the crack pipe down.

bobtheimpaler1995d ago

And the key word here is "OPTIONS". MS didn't give people options and incentive.

They didn't need to take features such as family share away. They were just acting like an angry kid.

The existance of physical media shouldn't prevent MS from discounting games and having sales on regular basis. Existance of PC game discs don't affect steam sales.

Death1995d ago

What prevents a disc from being installed on an unlimited amount of systems without the 24 hour check? The point of the DRM was to prevent games from being installed and not purchased. With DRM gone, digital installs without needing the disc is gone too.

The ignorant angry kids killed this feature. You are seriously going to turn this around?

PC discs don't affect Steam sales? Please explain this. If you have a PC disc, you won't buy from Steam. On the off chance you have a game that supports Steam installs, you still need the code which is DRM for those that are completely unaware.

The XboxOne was going to tie games to the console automatically. You could still trade the games in unlike PC games that have one use codes, by taking them to anauthorized retailer. They would have unlocked it from your console and the 24 hour check would disable it from your library.

dantesparda1995d ago

"The ignorant angry kids killed this feature. You are seriously going to turn this around?"

Only ignorant MS fanboys would argue in favor of the DRM. But it could easily be done, the PC has been doing it for over a decade now. You install the disc onto the system, but then just need the disc to play it, heck the system could even ask you if you'd like to play it on one system without the disc (but you're only allowed say one system or maybe a couple more). And that info could be uploaded to their servers and then, them allow you download it to any system you'd like, but you'd just need to have the disct to play it on those system.

Its all bullsh!t on MS part, they could definitely do it but dont want to and only you fanboys are to stupid to see it. That's why most people said no to X1 and yes to PS4 on the preorders

Bigpappy1995d ago

Steam has serious DRM on any disk you use in their system. It is locked to the installed account.

blanket141995d ago

you can still plqy steam games in offline mode tho lol