What I Want From Mirror's Edge 2

It’s been a couple of weeks since E3, and the overwhelming full-body sensation that Mirror’s Edge 2’s announcement provided has finally begun to subside, giving me some time to not only replay the first game a hundred times but also think about what it really is that I’d want from a sequel. It’s gut-wrenchingly difficult for me to admit there are problems with DICE’s door-bashing simulator, but I will do my best to choke them out.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx1945d ago

Better combat is all I ask.

DarkBlood1944d ago

i thought it was suppose to be a prequal reboot?

ApolloTheBoss1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

It is. And I don't like it. Wish it was a follow-up to the original.

Edit: It was obviously rebooted to provoke higher sales. EA didn't want to take any chances I assume.

@DarkBlood I welcome it, i'm just not gonna be surprised if it ends up being disappointing.

DarkBlood1944d ago

yeah same here, though i dont mind it, providing they take it up further with sequals wisely.

doing a prequal makes me almost feel like i know whats to come in a way

MikeEaton1944d ago

One thing I want is more of a living city -- specifically one full of civilians going about their days. There could be moves where you can slide through/push past crowds of people, using lanes to move with crowds on escalators, choosing to save innocents vs. using them as cover/human shields.

Utalkin2me1944d ago

Sounds like assassin creed. How about we keep it strictly Mirrors edge and parkour.

showtimefolks1944d ago

What I want is more people actually buy the man game, it's so stupid when gamers complain all we see are sequels than when so ethng new comes out they still buy those sequels and pass on something new and fresh

I remember when sleeping dogs came out IGN had that big thing going where everyone was complaining about sequels than sleeping dogs come out and sells 110K in first month so how about support the new stuff

EA is taking a risk with this and if we want other publishers to make some of these risky games than we have to buy them

Still waiting for beyond old and evil 2 even though first one didn't sell well so UBI isn't in any rush to make a sequel. Why is that some of the best games are also some of the loser sold games?

BABYLEG1944d ago

Can't wait for this game. Currently playing the first one for the first time and I am really enjoying it. Don't hate me here guys but I feel like this game and kinect could work really well

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