Is 'Agent' A Next Generation Title Now?

PlayStation Beat: Agent was announced by Rockstar Games back in 2007 as a then-exclusive to the PS3. Does it still exist; if so, when are we expecting to finally hear about it?

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GameCents3509d ago

Most likely multiplat too, if it still even exists.

alien6263508d ago

its still a current gen game /s

rocky0475863508d ago

How could it be "multiplat" if Sony's paying for the development? It's not like Rockstar is paying for it. They don't own the title, Sony does. Just like Insomniac doesn't own Resistance, Sony does. Do you think Resistance and Ratchet and Clank are coming to Xbox becaiuse Insomniac are now working with Microsoft as well?

raiden-493508d ago

Just change the name and say it "different" to the Agent and there you go multi-plat.

DOMination-3508d ago

If Sony were funding the game, don't you think they would want to know a bit more about the development?

Besides, I don't think it's ever been stated that Agent would be a Sony-owned IP - just that Rockstar were going to develop an exclusive for Sony because SCEA funded most of LA Noire before giving it away because of the mess it was in. That's not the same as Sony funding and owning the rights to Agent.

I think the game is still in development because Take2 have a duty to announce to shareholders when a game is cancelled (I believe). When asked in the past, they've always confirmed it was still an active project. Until they say any more though it's just pointless to speculate other a game we know nothing about other than a title.

GameCents3508d ago

They own the title and yet Jack Tretton has no clue what is happening with it?

SONY may have helped fund the game but that money could have easily been given back. Truth is, we don't know what happens behind closed doors and until Rockstar comes out and says so, this game is not very likely still exclusive.

At one point, some of you claimed FFVSXIII was being partially funded by SONY. Look how that turned out.

rocky0475863508d ago

DOM, I'm pretty sure that Sony wouldn't sign ANOTHER deal with Rockstar just so that they can go on and let it go to MS/PC just because they felt like it. With Sony paying for the production that ensures them that Rockstar wouldn't be able to do something like that. And I didn't realize that they hadn't updated Sony with any information, how did you find out that they didn't?

They probably have, just because we haven't heard anything doesn't mean anything. I mentioned it earlier, people went all "vaporware" on Max Payne 3, LA Noire (ESPECIALLY this game), and Red Dead Redemption. That's because Rockstar and Sony announced the game way earlier than they should have. I truly think Sony owns the IP for specific reasons I said above too.

DOMination-3508d ago

Every year at e3, Geoff Keighley asks Jack Tretton about this title. Two years ago, JT said "you would have to ask Rockstar if it's still exclusive". This year, he basically said he has no information about it and if anybody does, could they tell him!

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AhmadCentral3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Ah Agent. I remember when you were announced back in 2007 as an untitled exclusive PS3 game made by Rockstar North. In 2009 the game was given a title and then my hype levels went through the roof.

Such a shame the game isn't out yet. I thought the concept sounded really interesting.

Ah well :(

humbleopinion3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

I bought my PS3 back then based on empty promises for Agent and The Last Guardian. Learn never to trust a publisher until the game is actually out... (luckily it was Naughty Dog compensating for that in spades)

rocky0475863508d ago

LA Noire was the 2007 title actually. 2009 was the first announcement they ever made about Agent.

AhmadCentral3508d ago

Nope, LA Noire was something different.

It was announced rockstar north were working on a PS3 exclusive back in 2007. It was confirmed in 2009 that Agent was that game.

3-4-53508d ago

Don't even care until I see gameplay or a trailer.

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stonecold33508d ago

hope it stays on ps3 if not move the project to the ps4 exclusive

nick3093508d ago

Moved to ps4 in 100% i doubt sony will release more exclusives to ps3 other then this year.

3508d ago
Jaunty3508d ago

It's dead, let's forget about it.

Fluke_Skywalker3508d ago

I can't believe anyone still thinks this game exists lol.

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