Bring Custom Art PS4s to the West

Everyone has seen the sweet looking custom art PS3s kicking around the internet that Asia gets all the time. Why not bring the inevitable custom PS4s out west and share the wealth?

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GreenRanger1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

I'm just going to customize my own PS4.

fattyuk1996d ago

Ive painted my ps3 but with abit better material than that lol

Blackdeath_6631996d ago

for the lazy and unartistic there are always stickers

FrightfulActions1996d ago

There are websites dedicated for stuff like this. Decal skins that you customzie and make (or choose from a selection) then you stick them on your console. It sounds like cheap stickers sure but they actually do look really nice and professional. If you want to dress up your console you should check it out. They're pretty easy to put on, anyone could do it.

nick3091996d ago

Devices are best looking without those flashy stickers& colors

Victorvondoom81996d ago

Customize your own ps4 sound like some stupid sh#t

Victorvondoom81996d ago

Green Ranger is talking about spray painting $400 system......Which might void warranty.

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