Nintendo’s Got Their Game Face On- Are Sony and Microsoft doing it wrong?


"While attempting to avoid the crossfire of the newly revitalized Play Station versus Xbox console war, I found myself in an unusual position: I’m not as excited as I’d like to be for either console.

During this increasing animosity, I decided to take a different approach. I took a more earnest look at what Nintendo has to offer, and I’m truly glad that I did."

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BadCircuit1942d ago

I'm a bit sick of all the same Ips for Nintendo and would love to see more new ones established with all that $$$ they make from Mario and what Ubi do.

They make money with sequels and then produce new risky Ips.

PopRocks3591942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Wonderful 101? Nintendo's also rescued Bayonetta 2. Banking on an IP that didn't initially sell well? That's pretty risk in and of itself.


Oh yes, I agree. Nintendo banks on their big IPs a lot, so I understand the frustration. But that doesn't mean those small risks they take should be ignored IMO.

gaminoz1942d ago

Those two are a good start.

I'd also love to see more Ips rather than rehashes, but you all have to admit they rehash well, and a lot of gamers want those games.

BadCircuit1942d ago

Yeah but they don't have the variety of genres of games.

Only so many cutsie games one can stand!

paulcek1942d ago

Nintendo has made new ip (though not much). They made all the Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii whatever games, which were technically new ip, they just weren't very good...though they did sell ok. They are doing Wonderful 101, which is a new ip. And what about that Monolith game "X"? That's new. And different.

And seriously, EVERY COMPANY REHASHES. Look at some facts:
There have been 11 Ratchet and Clank games for PS2, PSP, and PS3 since 2002 (not counting the HD Collection or mobile phone Ratchet games) yet there will be only four mainline 3D Mario games. People just think that Nintendo rehashes the most because Mario appears in a bunch of different games (Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Strikers, Mario Tennis etc...) But if you think of the GAMEPLAY, it's all very different. Nintendo just keeps using the same characters for every game. Nintendo has claimed that they think of the gameplay first, before creating the characters/story around it.

And yeah there are a LOT of Zelda games. In the past 6 years (not counting remakes or spinoffs) there have been only 2 Zelda games: Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. If you count remakes then there are WindWaker HD, Four Swords, and Ocarina 3D, totaling 5 zelda games since 2008. Now take a look at Halo. Since 2008 there have been 6 new halos, all with similar gameplay. (I counted the upcoming halo spartan assault)And if you want to know how many COD games have been released since 2008...there have been 12...(counting Ghosts), yeah 12 games in 6 years.

I agree. New ips would be really nice. It's nice to know that you can't just blame one company for it though.

GenericNameHere1942d ago

Nintendo makes fantastic games, we all gotta admit that. Games like SMGalaxy, the console LoZ games (although I found Skyward Sword to be REALLY REPETITIVE in terms of setting), and the Pokémon games are still good.

However, I think we've all had it with Mario. Mario this, Mario that, Mario there. Mario Kart and Mario Sunshine are totally different things, but jeez, does Mario's name have to be in everything?? Even their some of their consoles do this too, NSMBU, Zombi U, Mario64, Starfox64, NSMBWii, Super Contra, Super Metroid, BLAH. That would be like if Microsoft started naming everything after Halo. Halo Hunting 2014, Halo Bowling, Halo Gravedigger, Halo Universe, Halo Nosepicker, New Halo ONE, Gears of War ONE, Fable ONE, Forza ONE. Different games, but same name, and if the name is associated with something good, then of course people will buy it just because it has the brand name.

R00bot1941d ago

Nintendo puts Mario's name on games to ensure that people pick them up.
If Nintendo comes up with this great game but doesn't put Mario's name on it then there's a higher chance it'll go unnoticed no matter how great the game is.
Some people will buy a game simply because it says Mario on the cover.
I wish Nintendo would make more new IP's, but I can also see why they stick with Mario quite often.

Triforce0791942d ago

Good article and very true.

jcnba281941d ago

I'm a bit sick of all the same shooters from sony and microsoft and after watching E3 next gen looks like the same. That's what I love about Nintendo they use the same IPs but they change the gameplay mechanics and art styles of all their games.

Shnazzyone1941d ago

Nintendo makes more new IPs than their competitors
2006: Wii Sports, Drill Dozer, Electroplankton, Chibi Robo, Elite Beat Agents, Excite Truck (debatable revival of old IP that is different than 80′s installments)
2007: Wii Play Hotel Dusk, Professor layton
2008: Wii Fit, Wii Music, Art Style series which consists of dozens of games that are all new IPs in their own right, Fossil Fighter, Endless Ocean
2009: Rhythm Heaven
2010: Art Academy, Glory of Heracles (in NA), Line Attack Heroes (in JP), Wii Party, Flingsmash, Fluidity, Bonsai barber, Excite bots
2011: Steel Diver, Xenoblade, Pushmo
2012: Sakura Samurai, Dillon’s Rolling Western, The Last Story, Nintendo Land, Spirit Camera (debatable spin off of other IP)
2013: Pandora’s Tower, Kersploosh!, The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2

Nintendo makes plenty of new IP's. It's just noone who hates Nintendo every acknowledge it.

AJBACK2FRAG1941d ago

When the guys at Nintendo come up with new gameplay ideas they usually utilize they're already very recognized roster.

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MariaHelFutura1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

The Wii U is $349, the PS4 is $399. Nintendo needs to do a price drop, not have a game face on.

pixelsword1942d ago

About fifteen to twenty dollars sounds about right; and I don't mean the discount, I mean the total price.

Prime_281941d ago

I sold my ps3 to buy a Wii U. Best decision I ever made.

AJBACK2FRAG1939d ago

Lol! That's about what I'd pay for you to get lost.

meganick1942d ago

You neglected mentioning the $299 Wii U model.

nnotdead1942d ago

i think they discontinued the $299 model.

meganick1942d ago

No they didn't. They just recalled a certain amount of them. I was just making the point that you can get a Wii U for $299 if you want.

kwandar1942d ago

Actually PS4 is $399 plus $50 a year for life if you want to play online. I'd argue that increases the price differential quite a bit.

I bet Nintendo would go for a $200 Wii U, and a $50 a year subscription fee. Not sure I would like that, though.

KwietStorm1942d ago

If you want to be so technical, then that $50 fee doesn't count, since it isn't mandatory. But even if it did count, then subtract all the savings from free games as well.

kwandar1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

But then I'd be taking into account the free game that comes with the WiiU.

I didn't join PS+ before, so to me it is $50 out the window; if I'd thought there was enough value I mighthave. Worse yet, lets see how much "free" there is when the PS4 is out, and where the PS+ pricing goes afterwards.

humbleopinion1942d ago

Doesn't matter, since a WiiU is actually a 349$ plus $399 plus $50 - simply because you don't have proper online multiplayer games for the WiiU.
You have to buy an extra console and then pay the subscription fee. I'd argue that someone buying a WiiU in the first place doesn't care about online multiplayer anyway - maybe some couch multiplayer but that's something else.

Or you can just get a PS3 instead, which still bodes no online multiplayer fees, is cheaper than the WiiU, and has a much bigger library of games. The WiiU doesn't really compare to either next gen consoles and is not getting any of the next gen third party games.

kwandar1941d ago

humbleopinion: I have a PS3, and I'll keep it. But I don't know where you pull out the fact that Wii U has no proper online multiplayer?

I mean, seriously?

humbleopinion1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I didn't say the WiiU doesn't have proper online multiplayer, just that it's missing on almost all the proper online multiplayer GAMES.

Battlefield 4? No
The Crew? No.
Dark Souls 2? No.
Destiny? No.
The Elder Scrolls Online? No.
Fifa 14? No.
Grand Theft Auto V? No.
Lost Planet 3? No.
NBA Live 14? No.
PES 2014? No.
Saints Row IV? No.
Need for Speed Rivals? No.
Trials Fusion? No.
Titanfall? No.
The Division? No.

These are not even exclusive games we are talking about. These are multi-platform games coming out to every platform EXCEPT the WiiU (some even make it to the Wii!) and there is no excuse for that. Some are current gen releases, some are next gen releases, and some are cross-gen.
How can you play online games on a console missing on the biggest online releases? Apart from some dying support from Ubisoft and the moneymaking maching that is COD, we can see that the most expected shooters, open world games, RPGs, Sports games and Racing games are not going to see the light of day on the WiiU.

You'll need to buy another platform on top of that in order to actually be able to play any of these games.

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riverstars861942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Traded in my Wii U and put the credit towards PS4. Best decision I've ever made, got as much value as I could before the Wii U drops to $100 in the clearance section.

Brasi19891942d ago

If that is really the best decision you've ever made I'd hate to see what your life is like...

riverstars861942d ago

Worst decision I ever made, buying a Wii U.

Prime_281941d ago

I sold my ps3 to purchase a Wii U. Best decision I ever made.

PigPen1941d ago

Whatever makes you sleep better at night. You probably never owned one anyway. I got rid of all my past and current systems for the Wii U speaks volumes. And I am not thinking about a PS4 or a Xbox One either.

jcnba281941d ago

You never bought a Wii U lol

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Prime_281941d ago

This Wii U has free online and backwards compatibility. If anything they should raise the price.

Shnazzyone1941d ago

No worries, they'll price drop just before the ps4 and xbone hit shelves. I'm guessing 250

bobacdigital1941d ago

400.00 Console
60.00 Game (no pack in)
60.00 Online (psn+)
520.00 Total plus tax

If you want motion gaming you need to add an additional 60.00 for the eye toy.

Wii U Deluxe
350.00 Conole
0.00 Nintendoland (pack in game)
0.00 Online (Nintendo Network Free)
350.00 Total plus tax

People keep saying it is only 50 different but forget to mention it does come with a game and free online. If you just compare those 2 things it is roughly 170 more plus tax than the Wii u D. I do agree it needs roughly a 50 to 70 price drop to be more comeptitive but some people are just comparing the prices and not what comes in the box..

Backwards compatibility with Wii games, hardware, and peripherals, Emulation for retro console games, and Miiverse should count for something...

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McScroggz1942d ago

The Wii U is really, really struggling and most of the anticipated games for it are coming next year. So, I think the more appropriate question is: Is Nintendo doing it wrong?

paulcek1942d ago

Ehh, probably. But they did the same fail start thing with the 3DS. I wouldn't say it's REALLY REALLY struggling though. Let's compare Wii U with Xbox 360 and PS3. Take all 3 of these consoles' first 6 months. The Wii U sold 3.5 mil. Both XBOX360 and PS3 sold under 3 million their first 6 months. So YES Nintendo needs to step it up. And hopefully, well I hope at least, they can produce some really good games to turn it around.

McScroggz1942d ago

I hope so too. I'm critical of Nintendo, but it's because I love Nintendo and want to see the company push itself. Right now it's in this weird middle ground where Nintendo clearly wants to stick with what it has always done - games centered around fun gameplay and generally a lighthearted experience. And I'm fine with that. I just want to see Nintendo also try to give us some more mature titles and overall new IP's at the same time.

The Wii U is a casual console, with some more mature/hardcore games (but not many). And, again, I'm fine with that philosophy as three companies doing the same thing isn't good. However, my biggest issue besides Nintendo regurgitating the same franchises, even despite making quality games, is selling fans a piece of hardware on the cusp of a new generation that is only as powerful as current consoles...and for a higher price. Quite frankly, either Nintendo needs to be the cheap alternative (meaning at least $100 cheaper) or it needs to attempt to make hardware that is at least in the same ballpark as it's competing consoles...but I digress.

The Wii U sold great the first month or so, and if you compare the overall figures for its first 6 months against the PS3 and Xbox 360 it has fared better; but this is a misleading way to present it. After the first couple months the Xbox 360 and PS3 were easily selling over 100,000 consoles a week - meaning they were picking up steam - while the Wii U's sales has dipped dramatically to the point where the Wii and PS Vita are outselling it every single week.

Well crap...I probably sound like I hate Nintendo! :D I assure you I do not. I just believe that if us gamers are complacent with Nintendo then the company will not have the proper incentive to be better because they are smart - they make their consoles cheap to manufacture so they can easily make a profit from the most loyal fanbase around. So that's precisely why I voice my displeasure, because I sincerely want Nintendo to be better!

Sorry for this diatribe.

TURKEYonWH3AT1942d ago

Did he say Pokemon X/Y FOR WIIU??!? He lost some credibility there

BadCircuit1942d ago

It's a she, and yes, I'm not a Pokemon fan, but there are a lot of closet and public fans. I'm always surprised

PositiveEmotions1942d ago

Nintendo is the same shit every time is always about mario with them