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Papo & Yo is one of those games that appears once a year at most. It's a game that was released last year for PS3 and now comes to the PC. It is also a game that should have already played on the PS3, but it really was impossible now have your chance. It is a delight to play good music and relaxing in their puzzles never become too difficult. It is no doubt a game that can keep us in control without ever leaving frustrated.

In Papo & Yo will control Quico through a fantasy world filled with puzzles. To save your mate and escape the evil that haunts Quico will have to explore this world with the help of his robot companion. The world itself Papo & Yo is a puzzle that evolves slowly as they advance in the game. It is not as simple as solving a puzzle, will need all your skills to overcome platforms, mental elasticity and very good planning to overcome the puzzles Papo & Yo.

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