Skyrim Gameplay With Over 160 Mods

Heavily Modded gameplay of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Quick runthrough of Redwater Den, a dungeon that is part of the Dawnguard DLC.

A great example of the close-knit Skyrim modding community!

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BiggCMan1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

You could have 500 mods, but if they aren't proper mods, you really aren't doing much. This doesn't look all that great, my own game looks miles ahead of this.

I only have 20-30 mods or so, and not even all of them are graphics mods. It doesn't take many to get the game to look gorgeous like all those screenshots we have all seen. A simple ENB custom mod, some texture mods that change environments, faces, models etc.. and you're good to go.

fallacious1945d ago

This is exactly what I wanted my Skyrim to look like, could you give me a list of the mods you used in these?

ninjahunter1945d ago

Killing your 60FPS 101 Haha.
I remember back when skyrim ran flawlessly on my comp, 230 mods later.... XD

lento1945d ago

Just built a new computer and playing the crap out this game. Maybe time to add some mods too!

McScroggz1945d ago

Slightly off topic, but the thing I hope the next TES improves on the most is the combat. I love the series, a lot, but the combat hasn't evolved and in my opinion it needs to. I tried Demon's Souls for the first time a couple days ago, and the simple parry/repost system is a very elegant way to implement tactics in melee fighting using two separate abilities that still functions perfectly fine on their own.

Regardless, the mods for Skyrim are really cool. It's awesome to see PC communities do these types of things, and though I seriously doubt this would happen I'd like to see more mods be accepted by the developer and sold (or just distributed). Would be especially cool to see "official fan mods" come to PS4 games...but who am I kidding? :D

cunnilumpkin1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

here's some I like for graphics

this guys pc is too weak for the base game, let alone the many mods, if you want to mod the crap out of skyrim you need at least a 560ti or so for 1080p res

on a gtx 580-680 you can go nuts, I have a 680 and i72600k

theres like 108 mods active on my skyrim and I still get 60 frames

1945d ago
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