Is Capcom Making Dead Rising 3 Too Serious?

The Dead Rising franchise was fun because the series didn’t take itself too seriously. Much like the Saints Row series, the wackiness of the game appealed to fans and made it stand out from all of the serious looking shooter games out there. However once Dead Rising 3 was revealed, it seems like the humor is now gone.

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Donnieboi1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Meh, who cares? It's their own franchise, just let them try to do something new with it just once. Let the designers feel inspiration. Why do people oppose a little bit of change? It's a new generation so they wanted to try something different. If it fails, then they'll change it back.

It's not like it's a gameplay-changing difference.

BabyTownFrolics1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

No no trying new things, now hopefully cap com will change the tone then we can complain about how they changed their minds and how we wanted the more serious tone all the long.

Game still looks silly

gaffyh1948d ago

I'm probably alone in this, but when I got my 360, I was severely disappointed with Dead Rising. All the fanboys were proclaiming it was this amazing game, and tbh, it was a glorified tech demo. As an IP, I think it is absolute crap, and I don't see how people think this is a good game. It boggles the mind.

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1nsaint1948d ago

I care! :p

I loved how ridiculous the game was while keeping a serious story line.

I remember playing DR2 with a buddy, we were fighting of hordes of zombies in our borat man-kini's
Suddenly my buddy got downed and i had to throw a grenade-football in the horde of zombies to save him.

He was lying half naked on the ground screaming i needed to find him some food or alcohol to revive him.
So i gathered all the liquor, beer and food i could find, only to stand next to his downed character to eat and drink everything myself, and vomiting it it out over him xD

We had some of our best laughs in a video game from DR2 and i hope it will be the same in DR3

Baka-akaB1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Would makes no sense if true , their something "new" would be then about getting rid of its only original feature in a sea of regular zombie stuff

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ElleGee1948d ago

Honestly? No!

Having had a really close look at it at E3, I can say it's still ridiculous. Running around with a Blanka Mask on, or a shark costume, or a dress. You can still put masks, and clothes, and stupid things on zombies. The juxtaposition of the silliness on top of a "realistic" and serious veneer actually makes the humour shine more.

Plus, like all "next gen" games, it looks better in person than the videos would have you believe.

No_Limit1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Looks great. The smartglass and Kinect intergration sounds awesome. The amount of zombies on screen is absolutely insane! My most exciting game at launch for Xbox1. A darker take on Dead Rising is kind of like the new Superman movie to the old Christopher Reed films. Both are unmistakenly Superman, but with different settings and atmosphere to keep a franchise from getting too fatigue. I like the fresh take.

Foxgod1948d ago

People look at the 30 minute E3 trailer, and tell me thats being serious.
It got even sillier, like ElleGee mentioned, you can run around in a shark costume, add to that you can combine a circle saw with a sledgehammer, and you got silliness.

I am glad i preordered it.

WeAreLegion1948d ago

You're right. It's pretty silly to keep playing the game when you can just call in air strikes. Lots of silly.

Foxgod1948d ago

Who says the air strike can be done at any time.
Maybe its a mission where the main char is in contact with the army, and can call in air strikes for a limited amount of times.

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