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Super PolyPixel - It’s not uncommon to see adults in public whip out some kind of handheld game and go at it nowadays. As a gamer on the go, you’ll naturally want to protect your device considering the amount of money you spent on it. This isn’t so much a problem for the iPhone gamer as there are plenty of cases to choose from. But the 3DS and PS Vita gamer? That’s tough when you’re an adult and want to be taken seriously. Amidst a world of Mario, Spongebob and Hello Kitty cases, there are few and far between for the adult gamer to choose from. Luckily that’s where Waterfield comes in. A custom case manufacturer based in San Francisco, they offer the perfect fit for the 3DS XL - the CitySlicker Case.

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DivineAssault 1947d ago

I have this case but its all black.. I ordered it from waterfield.. I got one for my vita too.. Fantastic cases & highly recommended