New arcade stick released for PS3 and PC

Taiwanese consumer electronics company Genius has releases its F-1000 Arcade Stick for PlayStation 3 and PC.

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TheSoundDefense1944d ago

I like how they mention the number of buttons without listing their actual function. "Look how many buttons we have! WE HAVE SO MANY!"

Tuxmask551944d ago

Since when was having buttons a feature? Is it just the quantity of buttons?

Angeljuice1944d ago

Buttons are brilliant, I'm sure the ps4 can handle more buttons than the Xbone. Thats the thing with kinect, it stops you touching all those remote buttons, its not for me because I love buttons! I hope they bring out a revised version with shinier buttons and a toggle-switch (I'd be in heaven)!

specialguest1944d ago

That's one ugly fighting stick. There's hardly any surface room and the 4th column of buttons are too close to the edge. At it's price point, I suppose this was made for a casual player.