Killzone’s ter Heide: PS4′s “future proof: server side is where we’ll see new things happening”

OPM: The PS4‘s not even out but Killzone Shadow Fall‘s game director Steven ter Heide is already talking about the console’s potential future, specifically its server side evolution – the services and other functions PlayStation 4 can access remotely.

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OlgerO2041d ago

Actually He didnt really mention the sytem becoming more powerfull because of the cloud. To me it seemd like he meant that there will still be cool services and capabilities added in the future with the help of things like Gaikai

NewMonday2041d ago

cloud = dedicated servers nothing more

wishingW3L2041d ago

da cloud will make this gen to last 20 years with its infinite power. Bad for those with crap internet because they are not invited to this party. ;)

longcat2041d ago

every time i hear the word "cloud" i'm gonna take a drink...hello alcohol poisoning

Kleptic2041d ago

'cloud' is the new gen's buzzword like 'HD' and 'dynamic' were for the ps3 and 360...

'those with crap internet' far as any cloud computing is concerned; every residential internet connection is completely worthless...

the companies are throwing around cloud 'computing'...not cloud 'storage'...just because we can use dropbox from our house, does not a cloud computing environment make...even fiber optic residential internet connections downloading at over 100mbps...have 10x the latency needed for effective cloud need dedicated pipe lines purpose built for cloud computing, much like the physical tunnels laid for entire universities...not a 'fast' connection from comcast...

wait and computing, in terms of real time gaming, is just can't happen any time soon anywhere but possibly south korea...and even that is pushing it...

MysticStrummer2041d ago

@Kleptic - I endorse your comment. The Branch Cloudians are delusional if they think cloud computing will be much more than a minimal factor this gen, and if they think PS4 can't use that minimal factor as well.

MusicComposer2041d ago

@Kleptic I'm so glad there are other intelligent people that know how technology actually works. Microsoft is at a 610 GFLOPS disadvantage in GPU power this generation, the equivalent to almost 2.5X the Xbox 360's power(which is 240 GLOPS for reference).

Microsoft must have felt they needed some sort of smoke and mirrors to counteract that news. It's more sad that people don't do research and find out how much BS it is. Considering the average internet speed in America is 20Mbps which is 2.5MB/s. That's such an anemic amount of bandwidth for data, especially when you consider the Xbox One's eSRAM has a data speed of 13,056MB/s.

3-4-52041d ago

US doesn't have the Infrastructure...if that is the right word, for this to work.

Maybe gen...but not this upcoming gen.


"Da Cloud".... Strikes Back !!

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DragonKnight2041d ago

ERMAHGERD CLOUD COMPUTING ON THE PS4! Still smoke and mirrors.

NihonjinChick2041d ago

PS4 or XboxOne, both companies fail to inform consumers of every detail. The truth is, the cloud has it's limitations.

DragonKnight2041d ago

Yep, it does. And all the people disagreeing with me, do you understand WHY you're disagreeing with me? Is it that you think the Cloud Computing is real and awesome, or is it because I said it's Smoke and Mirrors for the PS4 as well as the Xbox One?

Kleptic2041d ago

^totally agree with you...and i work for a cloud processing start up division of Cisco...

the only thing i'm accepting with this cloud business in relation to that Sony isn't really saying it'll effect actual gameplay...they're just hinting at faster streaming, and very lightweight browser-like cloud gaming...while MS seems to want consumers to believe they are going to process part of the next halo 'in the cloud'...

you could read up on cloud computing, and where it is in terms of residential markets...and in about 5'll see both companies are almost entirely flat out lying...just because they want to do it, doesn't mean the infrastructure is there to support it...

OhReginald2041d ago

what about offline single player? I really don't want Sony to use cloud computing...

wtopez2041d ago

So... Sony's future is the cloud? Like what the X1 is trying to do from day one? I gotta say, these overpriced PCs are sounding more and more alike...

Awesome-Xanto2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Everything, from it's stupid name to it's purpose in gaming. Cloud storage is fine, cloud computing is stupid.

fOrlOnhOpe572041d ago

Its good to read a game developers obvious passion and excitement for the future of gaming instead of listening to some snake oil salesmen.

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