Microsoft and Xbox One face fundamental problems, with or without DRM

It is and always was about trust. Microsoft and its supporters scrambled to say what Xbox One could and perhaps should be doing for a sustainable digital future, but to no avail. Sharing restrictions and online check-ins might yet be part of that landscape, but the verdict from game players is clear: they don’t want to go there via Redmond.

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allformats1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Yes, firstly the Xbox One DRM damage is already done. Secondly people won't and should not forget that Microsoft attempted to block them from doing whatever they pleased with their games, forced them to play a console that couldn't work without internet access, and then told them if they can't find access, stick to Xbox 360.

Then Kinect is still mandatory, and Xbox One is still $100 more expensive than PS4.

Plus there are the ESRAM and Yield issues keeping the console back, and affording only limited stock at launch. That is why GameStop stopped taking preorders.

Microsoft has a lot of work to do, and I suspect even then, Xbox One has already lost the upcoming generation.

Convas1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

MS wasn't forcing anyone to play their console, you don't have to buy one if you don't want to. Hence the reason why the PS4 pre-orders started to rocket.

They gave you a choice, a restricted console or a PS4. People chose the PS4. Then the media, then Jimmy Fallon, then the Navy, and it just kept piling on.

Fact of the matter is, MS backpedaled because the bottomline would've taken a hit. Now they'll see success, but they'll never be rid of this issue's sting, they'll be haunted by it for the rest of their console making days.

Have they lost the generation? No. Are they behind in terms of public goodwill? Judging by this site's response, almost irreparably so.

@Below: "but generations are lost and won at the beginning"

If that were the case, Sony would've lost this generation. Compare the Sony of 2006 to the Sony of 2013. Complete turnaround.

I can't agree with that statement mate.

allformats1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

There's always work to be done throughout a console's lifespan, but generations are lost and won at the beginning. Momentum is key, mark my words.

Septic1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Edge are absolutely spot on here. Microsoft have compromised their so-called vision as a result of their u-turn.

They have a higher price point, with an inferior piece of tech and a perceived loss of faith on the part of indie developers. Contrast this to Sony who have:

* A significantly cheaper console
* A more powerful console
* Developer friendly WITH lots of indie developer confidence
* And very imporantly; no compromises on what they have stated. They have remained steadfast from the very beginning and have not been derailed at all.

Edge aren't exaggerating here at all; the Xbox One is in big trouble and I suspect that there is a lot of confusion and running around in the background.

JokesOnYou1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

allformats, actually alot of people really liked what micro was doing once they started giving cocessions/outlining the benefits/conveniences that the drm allowed. The true failure of micro was the poorly planned reveal of their used game policy....all they had to do is just say right up front heres the drm restrictions, but heres what you get in return, instead they initially just tried to implement drm with no mention of whats in it for us.
Also its been #1 on Amazon before all this mess and its currently still #1 So obviously nothings been so bad this early that alot of gamers weren't going to buy it. Ask yourself why the game sites and Amazon polls heavily favored ps4 but game stores and Amazon all have talked about how strong X1 preorders are?.... well because the minority will vote in polls the millions more people never stop to say they like a product when they like it they will just vote with their wallets.

loulou1972d ago

septic, adding some bullet points doesn't make validate your post or beliefs.

so now because m$ have removed the drm, they have compromised themselves??

basically on n4g, they were damned if they did, and damned if they didn't.

thank f'ck n4g just represents a mere fraction of gamers as a whole

ChiaPet1972d ago

You're right.

But the reality is that the original plan for the Xbox One was to digitize content and the online requirement was a form of DRM to cope with that. The problem is that lots of people don't want that so they changed it.

I'm tired of people going on about how Microsoft is evil and trying to screw people over, they are a corporation like every other one: all they want is money. But in order to get it you have to appeal to the consumer which they haven't been very good at until recently IMO.

And about the eSram yield rumor it has been confirmed by Microsoft that it's not true.

dcbronco1972d ago

Where did this conversation come from. It seems so out of place on this site.

MS will be fine this generation. I believe they will prosper. Gaming sites represent a small part of the people that buy consoles. MS started out bad with their PR, but they still have a chance to repair the damage done with the majority of the public. Having some of the nonsense spread like with Fallon's used games remark hurt, but that audience is fixable. The group that will persist with the hate were going to go with the PS4 anyway. I believe MS really has a chance to increase the number of users even beyond what Nintendo did with the Wii. And that is why they will win this generation.

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Belking1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

So does this mean that vita has already lost this gen too because of their issues?. Just wait don't you are qualified to predict the future

iceman061972d ago

In all honesty, I don't even think that Sony believes that a portable can WIN a generation against Nintendo. What they DO believe is that there is a bunch of money to be had in that space and the more that they can take from Nintendo, the better. Gamers speak in terms of wins and losses. Businesses speak in terms of marketshare and revenue.

LightofDarkness1972d ago

Kinect being mandatory does make sense for the Xbox One, though. It's perhaps the most immediately recognizable advancement the console presents, and enforcing mandatory connection means developers can leverage Kinect 2's features in their software and not worry about splitting the user base in any way. They are ensuring that Kinect adoption is high and features are used in just about every Xbox One game, to varying degrees of triviality or importance.

Judging by the reveal, it is quite central to the console's operation, and disconnecting it would eliminate many of the benefits (or some of the point) of having an Xbox One, particularly with regards to user experience.

While Kinect may offer little to the gamer, it actually seems to have entranced a lot of the casuals.

I'm still not buying one for a while at least, before the DRM 180 I was never going to buy it. But I still don't trust them, and I will wait about 2 years to see if they flip flop on it.

malokevi1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Kinect is one of those things that I think will come of age this generation, and I'm really excited to have it as part of my setup, in spite of the privacy concerns.

Voice commands, motion commands, game integration. That, and I don't need to invest in any more headsets. It will just make the whole experience that much more seamless.

PerryCaravello1972d ago

There was never any trust with microsoft. 33% failure rate on the original xbox360's

What trust... they don't care about the conusmer.

OldGirl1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I do not know about you but for a good two years with the 1st gen Xbox 360's I had %100 failure rate with several.

After about my 5th they finally changed models and added a better heatsink.. Hmm I wonder why.

The Meerkat1972d ago

5? I'm on my 7th. (all under warranty)
MS customer services were great and did give me some freebies for my troubles. I got Halo 3, Viva Piniata, an extra controller and even an entire free 360. So I can't really complain.

Now the DRM has gone I will buy an X1 just not at launch.

Polysix1972d ago

my one and only 360 died (before ms were fixing them) went in the trash where it belonged. Will never forgive them for that waste of £400. THANKFULLY i was ABLE to sell the tens of games i'd bought for it on ebay/amazon and make some good money back - bought a PS3 with it (now got 2 ps3s rock solid slim and fatty)


Tyre1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

@Old girl Yeah me too. I have the 360 since launch had to replace 5 consoles till the Elite version came out. They had a 100% failure rate.

TheGrimReaper00111972d ago

teh fuck? 5th already?
Im still using my first fat ps3 and it works just fine
Did need to replace my fan
I just couldnt hold hours upon hours of gaming -_-

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GameCents1972d ago

Getting tired now. I just wanna talk about games. Can I just haz gamez please?

Convas1972d ago

The horse is just mush now. Folk are beating on the skeleton now and soon enough, that will be dust too. LOL

Mkai281972d ago

Too much negatives on talking about Microsoft this, indie games that. Kinect this, xbox 180 that. Time for better gaming sites..

Drekken1972d ago

I can and won't every trust MS:

Skype is a spy tool and MS just lets them have our information. With Skype and Kinect the Xbox One is NSA's wet dream. I refuse to let one into my house.

ChiaPet1972d ago

Friggin idiots..

Why in the world would they watch you when they can just hack your browsing history and develope a personality profile based on the sites you visit?

And if Skype is used to spy then don't do it...

Tyre1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Well Said Hell yes, people that are getting tired of hearing this just have a saturated brain filled with mundane fairytales coming from the media or a low attention span...this shit is ridiculous and nobody should accept this in exchange for their love of games & freedoms. This shit shouldn't be mixed with games at all. We didn't ask for this. It is real and shameful enough to be confronted with these facts that D'heads behind the scenes are acting like peeping tom. We must realise that they are ACTUALLY watching...this unacceptable to have in the living room. People that still feel that this is just BS need to READ has never been more real. I hope they will pass a law that forbids companies from selling surveillance technology cloaked as an entertainment device. Shame on people accepting this.

Drekken1972d ago

Look at my disagrees. I am kind of shocked. I would think more people would not want this kind of behavior. Everything that has been coming out about all of the scandals really scares me. People need to wake up and pay attention this is NOT a joke.

GABRIEL10301972d ago

Microsoft lost all the credibility, first with core customers ( console for TV and Kinect) and later with publishers( the company failed at its compromisses with big indutries like EA), only the most radicals fanboys will buy this stuff. The machine is expensive, uses older technology, is designed for watch tv and the kinect is mandatory. A lot of nasty surprises could come in the future from a company filled of doubts.

Microsoft lacks of integrity and doesn't respect anybody neither consumers or publishers :(

Foxgod1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

The technology in the Ps4 and XB1 are of the same age. DDr 3 is not older then Gddr5, in fact, Gddr5 is based on DDr3.
And its not designed for TV, its designed to do multiple things, uncluding gaming and tv

Why do people always make so much assumptions.

Besides, even if it where older, that doesnt mean a thing, my I7 is older then the Xb1 and Ps4, and it destroys both in power.

iceman061972d ago

Fox...The assumptions are made based on the reveal, which was focused more on the TV functions. Then, add in the media which also seemed disappointed by the focus on TV. Both consoles are designed to do multiple things. The problem for MS is how to get that message out WITHOUT seeming to abandon it's core gamers. Right now, they don't seem to know HOW to market and what message they really want to portray.

ShowGun9011972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

@ foxgod

yes your I7 is older, but the gaming rig you got didn't cost $399 to build i believe... if, for example your rig cost $1000 to build, (not unreasonable for a gaming pc, prob low end), thats like saying my $60,000 dollar 3yr old corvette beat your $27,000 cobalt...

you cant just measure speed without cost.

ChiaPet1972d ago

GDDR5 will run much hotter.... just saying.

There's a reason why most PC's run on DDR3

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