Honesty Box E02: Sleeping Dogs [Capsule Computers]

So, this week, for the second episode of Honesty Box I've turned my attention to Sleeping Dogs; Square Enix's much loved free-roam action RPG set in a fictional rendition of present day Hong Kong.

Expect more of the same in terms of what occurred in last week's episode but with the introduction of some choice game play footage. Topics discussed include the random variety of invisible walls, car doors, basic physics, self-loathing and carjacking like a gent...

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Subby1946d ago

I think this sold well and a lot of my GTA-loving friends bought it. Asian crime is interesting, but something about the engine/graphics turned me off.

nato251946d ago

Really cool man, didn't know you could do that with the doors. Love that PS Plus had this game for free.

masterabbott1945d ago

haha this is awesome! cant wait to see whats next!

boing11945d ago

For me, Sleeping Dogs is one of the biggest surprises of last year. Bring on the sequel!