Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Guardian Review

Guardian: "It has been a dozen years since the first Animal Crossing, and there's still nothing quite like it. These are perhaps Nintendo's warmest and most human games; part town-builder, part life simulator, each an evolving paradise for its players. New Leaf casts you as the mayor of a town populated by anthropomorphic animals, which over time grows and adapts to your decisions and style. But not in-game time; New Leaf works in real time."

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3-4-51998d ago

ehhhh hold on now.

I get the appeal of Animal Crossing...and it's cool and there is a lot of stuff to do and I love the customization options and what not....

But a 10/10 Animal crossing games will never be..

They don't offer enough within the game to warrant a 10/10

They are good for 30-45 min a day every day to mess around and have fun with but they aren't BEST of the BEST type of games.

There realistically are only maybe 10 games in the history of gaming which even come close to 10/10....more like 9.7/10 actually.

I can't stand when people review games and don't use /100 or decimal scales.

It's ignorant to only have 10 grades for games when there are more than 10 different types of games that are good.

a 7.1 is not the same as a 7.9 and it's pretty obvious to everyone except these reviewers.