IGN-First Interview: WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

From IGN- "Cory Ledesma is the Vince McMahon of THQ's SmackDown vs. Raw franchise. No -- to our knowledge -- he doesn't make a public spectacle out of firing his underlings, fighting his coworkers in steel cages or having a bizarre relationship with Hornswoggle, but if you wanted to know exactly what was happening with the WWE, you'd ask Vince, and if you wanted to know exactly what's up with THQ's annual grappler, you'd ask Cory, the title's senior creative manager."

Bleucrunch5668d ago

Those games never fail so I am happy that another one is coming out. Great graphics and gameplay, plus your hand will get soar from the button mashing, but all in all it will be great.

pwnsause5668d ago

well it looks like the PS3 wont be left behind after all.

TrevorPhillips5668d ago

wooow they screwed up randy orton big time:)


The Evolution (?) of WWE Games Moves Animations

One week from the next gen release of WWE 2K15, let's take a look at how moves and animations have evolved (?) through the WWE Games series... After comparing the character models with last week's video, we now look at the animation of several finishers / signature moves.

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Stuart57563247d ago

Good comparison, they've got worse with age.

Thrillho3247d ago

Many of the old animations look better than the new ones especially the Sweet Chin Music and Goldberg's spear. The 2K14 Clothesline from Hell looks awesome though.


The Evolution (?) of WWE Games Character Models - Video Comparison

Comparing the face textures of WWE Games character models through the years... featuring John Cena, Booker T, JBL, Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Mr. McMahon and many more... evolution?

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The93Sting3258d ago

damn, WWE 2006 is the better looking than all of them.

paddy953258d ago

Ha, they get worse each year.

ABBAJESUS3258d ago

HCTP faces and career mode were great

Austin483258d ago

I hope that was the last generation version of 2k15 if it is I'm canceling my pre order.


Top 5 WWE Games of All Time

WWE have produced a lot of video games in their time, with varying degrees of quality. Which are the best though? Jason Delacey tries to pick five Stone Cold Stunners.

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WooHooAlex4046d ago

No Day of Reckoning? Man, that's one of my all time favorites.

BkaY4046d ago

Here comes the pain.... all time fav WWE...

once my cousins and i played elimination chamber whole night .. one match whole night.. good times