Why Microsoft’s Xbox One Turnaround is Consumer Unfriendly

And it’s not for the reasons you’d expect.

Online activation and check-ins are anti-consumer. Always. There is no current format in which consumers should expect to be accepting of a once a day online checkin. Microsoft realising this and “adapting” their Xbox One online policies is, unreservedly, a good thing. For us, and for them, since it opens up the remaining 35% of the American population that don’t have a broadband connection as a potential market.

But Microsoft have also removed the few exceptional things about the Xbox One, for no good reason at all. Not needing the disk in the tray to play a game, and being able to share digitally downloaded games – are gone. And why? Because the console is unable to do so without a connection at least once a day?

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SJPFTW1948d ago

IS this guy serious? Microsoft tried to be like Steam and totally got trashed for it, now they go back to how it always was done and that is bad? Steam requires you to be 'online' and logged in for verification to install games on your computer, if the author is forgetting.

Obviously the disc needs to be in the tray to prevent people from installing the game and selling the disc while still being able to play it. Steam does not have to worry about discs because it 100% digital download. But even then games digitally downloaded to PS4 and Xbox can be accessed and played by all accounts/users on the same console, like it has always been done

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PockyKing1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

The digital sharing feature was very consumer friendly. And that's what the author is pointing out. Microsoft may have changed its policies, but we lost some of the best features about it, just because they were tied to their DRM bs.

Dont forget, PS3 used to have game sharing as well and it was limited by publishers once Capcom got wind of it.

SJPFTW1948d ago

from what i recall from the Kotaku interview that the sharing library just wont be available at launch, so there is still hope it might appear later on after they rework everything. obviously it will probably be just for games bought online not disked based games (since you can physically share it)

PockyKing1948d ago

As long as the DRM policies are fixed, I don't think anyone will really have a problem with the system. The only thing that really bugged me about the system was 24 hour check ins.

The Kinect scare, well, people can hack your phone camera, laptop camera, computers and all that. So to me that was just an overblown issue if it's on all the time.

JOLLY11948d ago

I feel like people on this site can't see a bigger picture if it took up 179 degrees of their field of view. If you allowed people to install the disk on every XBO they saw and then never get online it would be terrible for developers. get everyone in your work or school or where ever to buy one copy and install it everywhere. How is that an acceptable business model?

Roper3161948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Of course you need to be online to DL the game off of Steam, the biggest difference was once the games were DL'd from Steam you can play them online or offline and not need to check back in with Steam so they wouldn't kill your games.

MS was ready to kill all the games you paid for if you didn't check in and the excuses they were using were complete BS!


And if the cloud so so powerful how come it can't keep track of game sharing based on the person last login with the server. Any changes made after your last login don't go into affect until you sign in again and update to the almighty, all powerful, ever seeing cloud. Why is that not possible?

NioRide1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Umm steam isn't 100% digital download, I've purchased disks at the store as recent as a month ago, simply because my internet speed isn't all that fast and I'd rather wait 30 minutes to play my game instead of 8 hours.

And once the game is downloaded you don't have to be online to play it, you can simply go into offline mode, it creates the offline profile and you can play offline all you like.

SJPFTW1948d ago

Yahhh and last time I checked CD keys can only be tied to one account, and you have to be online to install the disc if you want to tie it into Steam. And offline mode is limited to a few weeks before you have to go online again.

direct quote from a Steam moderator:

"Steam has always required an Internet connection. Offline mode is a convenience for when your Internet goes down. It was never meant to be a permanent mode."

PockyKing1948d ago

One of the games I bought...Rome Total War Alexander think it was required me to activate the disk through Steam and then install the game. Seems like Xbox One would have done the same thing.

NioRide1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Activating a game doesn't mean its 100% digital download.

And let me ask you something, when was the last time someone owned a computer who didn't have access to the internet. Really its a moot subject.

And When I went to the field I was offline for 3 months, my games worked the whole time on the laptop I had them installed on.

Dojan1231948d ago

Yes but I can get a steam game for so cheap I do not worry about the the trade in.

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aviator1891948d ago

A good majority of people on the internet have been asking ms to go back to xbox 360 policies for the x1 and now that they have done so, it will alienate consumers?

I guess there isn't pleasing everyone.

NihonjinChick1948d ago

I guess there were some people that were actually looking forward to Microsoft's digital future and they are mad that they changed everything.

PockyKing1948d ago

It's not that by a long shot. There WERE some good features about Xbox One. However, the "fans" of the system and journalists alike counted the whole system as bad. So now that we go back and look at it, Microsoft righted one set of the Xbox's faults, but now they removed some of the best features from the console as well. Digital sharing was a HUGE step forward. But now they took that away, at least for now. So while we took a step forward with the Xbox One, now we took two steps back as well as it's basically an Xbox 360 with better components in it.

ArtificiallyYours1947d ago

Why unbiased opinion articles, when Hyperbole gives you page hits.

Blackdeath_6631948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

i don't think the reversal of XBone's policies change much it just give people who were unsure something to think about. what it does do however is give MS a chance to turn thing around later on in the years much like the ps3 has done this gen. if they supply great games in bucket loads i can really see the XBone atleast being somewhat more competitive later on. i do worry about the emphasis on cloud processing though. i worry that MS will instead make it so that all games will require the "cloud" therefore requiring a constant internet connection like sim city and try to sell it to consumers as "cloud processing gives more powers and endless opportunities" when really its just another form of drm, heck if they did that from the start they could have gotten away with it in the eyes of the mainstream media

devwan1948d ago

Have ms ever been known for supplying great games in bucketloads? They have definitely paid for timed exclusivity and even advertised multiplat titles aggressively with their branding in the past.

Sony "turned it around" with ps3 when the hardware became affordable, when the value of ps+ was seen, when their own exclusive titles just kept on coming and kept on pushing the hardware and gaming experiences. And they did this from a long way back (1 year and (often much more) expensive hardware virtually throughout.

I don't see how xbox one is going to do any of that with weaker hardware, the kinect millstone and all the other non-gaming fluff gamers don't want. Simply throwing money at things doesn't work (have ms' xbox division actually made a net profit since inception? Almost $3bn net loss over the 10 years - this is why they want 400 million boxes in living rooms, not 70 million consoles in bedrooms).

dennett3161948d ago

Great point. Sony and Nintendo have a track record of providing great first party exclusives on a level that Microsoft simply haven't matched. They coasted last gen on the fact that multi-platform titles tended to fare better on 360 than PS3, and that Call of Duty was more popular on their console than the PS3.
They say they've invested a billion dollars in exclusives, but so far it seems that's going towards buying timed exclusivity for games like Dead Rising 3 and's not the same thing as having a studio like Naughty Dog developing exclusively under your banner.
Their attitude towards indie developers is also suspect.

dennett3161948d ago

Absolutely, and I think that's why they're OK with changing things at this point, because they can now push cloud function into more and more games and have THAT act as their DRM.
As we saw with Sim City and Diablo 3, that's a recipe for disaster and can lead to unsatisfied customers having paid full price for a game, but are unable to play it due to server problems they can't control.
The cloud is all marketing at this point. They've yet to show us what difference cloud computing will make to a game, what benefit it can offer. And considering it's a feature they keep yapping about, it's slightly worrying that they have yet to show a simple comparison video that illustrates the differences that could be made. If it can really make the Xbox One 4 times as powerful...they should prove it.

ELCUCO1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

If they can no longer play the game with out a disk, its because now it needs to be downloaded to the actual HDD and not the "Cloud". With all those TV functions and apps 500gb would fill up rather quickly . Call me cynical, but this might have a lot to do with over promising on the whole "Cloud" issue. Why else would you take away all the "powerful" features of it??

Caffo011948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

games were not going to be stored on the cloud in either case...if so why would it need a 500gb hdd?

RickHiggity1948d ago

First DRM was a bad idea. Now not having it is bad? Why not write write an article defending DRM when the Xbox One still had it?

darkequitus1948d ago

Exactly. If they all thought it was a good idea, why keep so quiet for weeks on end.

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