Alternate endings to Mass Effect trilogy revealed by former writer

Alternate endings to the Mass Effect trilogy have been revealed by Ex BioWare employee Drew Karpyshyn.

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coolasj1949d ago

Gurren Laggan?
I'd have been down with that.

UNGR1949d ago

If only Drew stayed on, and he was the only writer. Then they wouldn't have botched the story so hard, but we all know how EA is.

spartanlemur1949d ago

That alternate ending would have given much better choices.

IIC0mPLeXII1949d ago

Hopefully with his past with Bioware and EA we will see a Star Wars game with Darth Bane.

Flamestalker1949d ago

So the rumours about the "dark energy" plot were true after all. they should have used it instead of suddenly switching to the "organics/synthetics cant exist together" plot we have now.
It would have had a much better build up because was hinted at in ME2 and wouldn't have completely disregarded the Joker/EDI romance and the Geth/Quarian peace options in ME3

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