MHP2G First Day in Japan - 670k Sold

Monster Hunter Portable 2G delivers a monstrous opening day. The previous installment was only 512k first day. Of the 670k, 17k were the bundled version, so expect a good rise in the PSP numbers for the upcoming week.

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Harry1904958d ago

really amazing.
the psp sure has got some longs like
her old sisters.

Harry1904958d ago

i meant legs.great staying power.
it only proves the point that playstations are marathon runners,
which thrive in the waiting game and long term.

mikeslemonade4958d ago

Based on these sales the developer needs to reconsider Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii and make it exclusively for the Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation 3.

Iamback4958d ago

Are you serious? Wii has biggest install base in Japan, and lol dude they are most likely deep in development, so lets cancel it! LOL brain of fanboy

socomnick4958d ago

yea dude the sales for the wii monster hunter will absolutely destroy these sales.

Iamback4958d ago

Japanese are idiots, i dont care what people are gonna say. Or at least their market is dieing. same updated crap sells, but so many incredible western games cant brake 100k, not even 50k in most cases.
If makers of this game are smart, they should release next year Monster Hunter 2D and sell again this many.

mariusmal4958d ago

i disagree that monster hunter is crap. but i agree with you when you say that great western games don't sell in japan.

Iamback4958d ago

Monster Hunter is not crap, but it is CRAP that same updated expansion sells this much. its ludicrous! It is basically 90% same game

Harry1904958d ago

far from being idiots.they have different tastes,that's all.
if you don't like something,you don't buy it.but it's true that protectionism still lingers in this part of the world.the market has to adapt,not the customers.

Iamback4958d ago

Harry, yeah sure, i am also adapting. Like not buying any Japanese games at all. Why? Well i dont like those games, i just prefer good western games. Now you are going to say "good game is a good game no matter from where it comes from", sure it is. Tell that you your Japanese friends, until then, only western "crap" for me and my PS3.

gEnKiE4958d ago

Japanese are idiots because they like Monster Hunter? they think we're idiots cause America(excluding myself), like Halo? Different cultures like different genres.....

Harry1904958d ago

that i never did.western game are not crap.
but your comments seem to contain some elements of
xenophobia just now.i doubt a sane individual
would boycott a good product from a foreign country.
western games are not crap,they just don't correspond to
what japanese gamers expect from a game,now if you want
to believe that japan is impervious to quality western titles,
you are ignoring the facts and figures,if you think they are stupid,
good for you.they might just feel the same way about people who buy western products.

deeznuts4958d ago

So, this guy says japanese buy japanese games and western people buy western games. Get this guy an award or something, he's freakin genius.

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Marty83704958d ago

Iamback - Crap updated game, like 'Halo 3' not even a true nex gen update.

Iamback4958d ago

Marty, you are aware that i am Sony fan?

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The story is too old to be commented.