TGG: Microsoft Backs Down, Consumers Not So Willing

Yellowpen of The Gentleman Gamer writes: You heard right, folks, the corporate giant that is Microsoft saw your memes, heard your complaints, and changed their policy to compensate for your desires. Time to get our the streamers and party hats, right?
Wrong, apparently."

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BadboyCivic1951d ago

MS has something sneaky planned

pixelsword1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Expect a Microsoft representative to randomly attack you between now and XBO's launch date.

Timesplitter141951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Phil Spencer

I don't trust that guy

Timesplitter141951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

One night you'll turn around in bed only to come face to face with Peter Molyneux as he puts his index finger on your lips and says "Hush now..." and drags you under the bed sheets

you'll never be seen again

MAJ0R1951d ago

In all seriousness, you want to know what could really happen? Microsoft may be all about the consumer now that no one has bought their console. However, In two years, who knows what will transpire.

I'm sure according to their EULA, they can change any features at any time. That means they could do a random firmware update after the Xbox One's launch that mandates you to have an internet connection every 24-hours and gets rid of used games. Their excuse could again be "this is now the future" again.

Microsoft could say any person who doesn't want it just don't update the firmware and keep it an offline console. Crazy idea but it's possible.

1951d ago
Army_of_Darkness1951d ago

Kinect 2.0 after bad feedback from the release of the first kinect? Yet they invested heavily on it for next gen and to be mandatory for the xbone?? Lol! Yeah its definitely because they listen to they're hardcore fanbase and has nothing to do with their pre-orders getting trampled by the ps4.

Salooh1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )


My brother and i just start laughing when he show up in the stage because of how he move his hand xD

MysticStrummer1951d ago

@Timesplitter - "One night you'll turn around in bed only to come face to face with Peter Molyneux as he puts his index finger on your lips and says "Hush now..." and drags you under the bed sheets"

Nah Molyneux will threaten to do that but won't make good on his promise.

It's his way.

zeee1950d ago

So MS backtracks and people start trusting them again? It's like going back in an abusive relationship!

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LogicStomper1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I'm calling it now. When you get your console home and download the day-one patch, it will arm a ticking time-bomb stored inside the machine. Then it will explode and kinect will record your reaction all for the laughs. They will then offer you the actual console.

AngelicIceDiamond1951d ago

What is the day one patch when you buy the console?

duplissi1950d ago

what will be amusing is that day one patch requires Internet.... lol

AngelicIceDiamond1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

So some are saying the damage is already done.

People are split, majority are happy its freedom console. Others are bitter because they're cutting I guess, some "Exclusive DRM features" which sound great imo.

The policy was still in its infancy and was subjected change people weren't willing to give MS a fair chance in that instance.

I guess all MS was asking you was to be online. But why have DRM to get great features MS? I'm simply confused. WTF does MS want people to do. What are they trying to do.

In MS own defense they should of been clear from the VERY beginning and highlight what you were getting for always being online.

Whatever the X1 is a freedom console now that's what everyone wanted.

Eddie201011951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Not Bitter,

Just don't trust Microsoft,

First: They don't get a pass because they wanted to do this DRM, always on, invade My privacy @#[email protected] to begin with. They were very adament about this until they realized they were not even going to get a decent start on next gen sales.

Second: For weeks they weren't going to change anything (even made statements saying it couldn't be changed) and that they would make people understand why it was needed (Guess they couldn't come up with that explanation)

Third: There still forcing people to buy something (Kinect) that lot of people don't want and would never use.

Forth: The price is a hundred dollars more because they want to force me to buy something I don't want.

Even without the the DRM and privacy issues I would still not buy another Microsoft console.The only reason I bought three Xbox 360's Is by the time my first system died I already had a a lot of games for it that I still wanted to play and I had friends that played on Xbox live. I'm a gamer that buys all systems. but I've made it very clear I don't like what Microsoft has done to the gaming community this generation. So I can start the next generation without a console and company I dislike, Microsoft Xbox one. It's My opinion and I'm allowed to have it and I won't apologize for it and I'm not a fanboy because of it.

But I am going to buy a PS4 because I think it's a better console made by a better company.

Sayai jin1951d ago

@Eddie - I would like to let you in on a little secret....never trust ANY corporation.

Eddie201011950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@Sayai jin

You are correct oh wise #@@ one.

You give a level of trust to a company when you purchase from them.

Microsoft has earned much less trust and I've learned not to purchase from them.

I've read some of your other post, your very good at expressing the obvious and sounding smug.

Sayai jin1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

@Eddie20101 -You searched through my posts...what the ones form the last few months or the all the way back to 2007? I am not smug, but I call it like it is. So many children (in general)on this site shouting off at the mouth.

So you resort to name calling, huh. Nothing was rude about my comment. Can you not retort without rudeness? I did not even disagree with your comment. People on this site crack me up.

Eddie201011950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Your opinion is not law it is opionion nothing more.

Calling it like it is. Just your opinion to other

I stick to my assessment of you. My opinion.

Forums are a place to express opinions.

I'm probably much older than you. So many children, why do you spend so much time reading there comments? and then commenting on there comments. Do you have a superiority complex or something.

Sayai jin1950d ago

@Eddie20101 - I just said I that I call it like I see it, I never said my opinion was law. You are putting words in my mouth. A lot of time when people are not able to debate or discuss things on a mature level or have difficulty expressing their opinions they resort to name calling or making/fabricating things up.

Your assesment of me (as you call it) does not matter, as you already probably know that. I do not have a problem with people voicing their opinion. I just pointed out that you resorted to grade school name calling and being rude to voice yours.

Your full of assumptions...i.e that your older than me, that I spend a lot of time reading through comments here, where do you come up with this info. I am 38 years old (the years pass by faster and faster every year). I come on this site occasionally mostly around the start of a new gen of gaming to try to pick up info on games. So I do not spend a lot of time sifting/reading through comments, just the first few that I see before I leave my comment. So it was you that went looking through my comments not I. So you should ask yourself that question.

Superiority complex? Once again making another huge assumption or a skewed observation. What did you read through 10 comments or so. I mostly leave level headed and unbiased comments...I am gamer in general and not a fanboy. Occasionally when I see someone make a crazy, inaccurate, etc comment I leave a comment...Once again by your logic and I am not entitled to do so? Since you so conveniently explained what a forums are used for. Hmmm. Thats sounds condescending which in turn comes from someone that may have a superiority complex. Your comments leaves huge holes, assumptions, rudeness, contradictions. I only needed to look at the comments you made here to come up with that conclusion. I am not one of the children (no disrespect kiddies) so if you say something off I may call you on it. I would only expect the same. As you claim that you are older than me then you should be able to express your opinion on a mature level, no?

Eddie201011950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Read that post again you said "I call It like it is"

Done with you, see ya!

Sayai jin1950d ago

LOL. I see you could not keep up with your contradictions. I figured you would not be able to turn the next stone without further contradictions/assumptions.

I call it like it is...means the way I see it. My opinion. It's not hard to understand.

I pointed out several holes in your comments. Don't start something you can't finish.

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longcat1951d ago

It probably has more to do with it being seen as a surveillance device at a time when a lot of discourse is along the lines of privacy (Prism etc.)It was also gonna be banned in some regions most likely. They had to lose mandatory kinect or "always on"

So thanks to the germans for protecting our rights.....that felt weird.

hulk_bash19871951d ago

Guys this is what all the bitching was about, and they fixed it. BE HAPPY!!!

aceitman1951d ago

I wont be surprised if it still does the checking when u go online and they don't say anything about it . if someone mods there system it will catch it right when it goes online . bam caught , and u know ms is still checking.

WolfOfDarkness1951d ago

I still will get PS4 first ! My main reason is simply is this " PS4 is More Powerful " than Xbox One , I did my research on the net , I've read some game develops quotes regarding this and all of them Agreed that actually PS4 is 40% to 50% more powerful Ryan Xbox one ! That's means Sony IPs will look amazing . One game developer said " if you play COD : Ghosts one PS4 and Xbox One you will Notice the graphic deference , PS4 will look better !
What else you want ?

I might get Xbox One for one reason , and one dame reason " Killer Instinct "

All of us want to enjoy playing Call Of Duty , but where it does look better ? PS4 !

I loved Xbox 360 joystick and Xbox one almost looked the same , BUT the new PS4 looked amazing and people who tried it said " it's better than Xbox One Joystick ! I guess that's another reason to buy PS4 first .

-Superman-1951d ago

PS4 is still cheaper and more powerful.
As we know, PS2 had more and better exclusives than Xbox, PS3 had more and better exclusives than Xbox 360, and PS4 will have more and better exclusievs than Xbox ONE(180)

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dedicatedtogamers1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Microsoft decided to NOT do something they originally planned and defended for the last several weeks. At best, that puts them back at neutral footing. However, that doesn't erase the last month of rude, dismissive, arrogant statements nearly every day. A flip-flop is still a flip-flop. You can't simply ignore your fans and say "we're doing it anyway", change your tune a month later, and then magically expect them to trust you again.

I can only speak for myself, but I don't buy a console for its launch titles. I buy a console if I agree with the vision of the company and the vision of the console. That's why I bought a Wii on Day One and didn't buy a PS3 or 360 until 2008.

The same goes for this gen. Xbox One-Eighty doesn't even have a vision anymore. They've gone back on all the features that made the Xbox One "future proof" and "revolutionary" and "overdelivering on value" and all that stuff. What's the vision for the console now? And no, "no DRM anymore" is not a vision.

TheGentlemanGamer1951d ago

Appreciate the approve, despite your disagreement. Score one for mature discourse.

Loki861951d ago

Microsoft showed gamers an all-digital idea and it was unanimously revoked. Can't sell a console if no one is going to buy it. Sony backing out of the DRM, really forced MS's hand imo.

TheGentlemanGamer1951d ago

The point, IMO, is that they backed out. The policies were effectively the same at first. So saying the idea is abhorrent means you have to hate both sides.

Biggest1951d ago

Sony had the same measures? That's strange. I don't remember one instance of Sony saying as much or anyone with credibility uncovering as much. Care to share your info, guys?

MariaHelFutura1951d ago

"The policies were effectively the same at first."

Sony from the get go said the PS4 could be played entirely offline. Don't make stuff up to make yourself feel better.

MasterCornholio1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

"Sony backing out of the DRM"

They never planned for it in the first place so i dont see how they backed out from something that they never supported.

Credit to MariaHelFutura
"Oh yes, yes, you can go offline totally. Social is big for us, but we understand there are some people who are anti-social! So if you don't want to connect to anyone else, you can do that."
"You can play offline, but you may want to keep it connected,"

This is just proof that Sony never thought about implementing the same DRM system as Microsoft since they designed the console to be able to play games offline.

Seriously how do you implement an online DRM system if you can play games offline on the console?

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kewlkat0071951d ago

". I buy a console if I agree with the vision of the company and the vision of the console."

Sorry bro, I buy a console for the games...If it could do some other tricks well i'm in as well...

What vision?, every damn company wants your money, gimme me a break.

dedicatedtogamers1951d ago

"What vision?, every damn company wants your money, gimme me a break."

I'm happy to explain what I mean. Let's consider the 360's vision: the vision was taking online multiplayer and bringing it all together in a unified network. Every major game served that vision. The Wii's vision: lower the barrier of entry for videogames and even up the playing field by changing the control scheme. Every major Wii game served that vision.

The vision of a console tends to dictate how that console will be year after year.

Sony's vision for the PS4 is creating a system where indie games and AAA games can both find a home. That's a vision I approve of. Microsoft's vision for the Xbox One was all-in-one digital library with a heavy emphasis on TV features. That's a vision I didn't want.

wishingW3L1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I've been asking this to many people, how DRM made the XB1 future proof? But no one has been able to come up with a compelling answer.

So, can you come up with something clever? And to make it even more enticing, just give me 1 reason. Just 1 and of-course an explanation.

What was revolutionary and future proof about the Xbox One before they dropped the DRM?

No_Limit1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

dedicatedtogamers, I think oppositions like you on N4G and Neogaf are the ones that are helping the cause to make MS change their decision for all of us. If you guys didn't post so many negative complaints on Xbox related articles, then non of this would have happened. In that, I say thank you. :)

"Microsoft has already lost this console gen. I feel bad for those who insist on continuing their brand loyalty with Xbox (since Xbox clearly shows no loyalty to you)."

"Folks, the Xbox One is going to be how it is now. It may change a few months after launch, but it will never lose the 24-hour check-in. "

"The author is funding a console future that I don't want. I already have enough grief dealing with DRM-laden, restriction-filled PC gaming. I'd prefer if consoles didn't also follow the same route. "

"I reject the notion that digital is the future. I flat-out reject it. Books, movies, and music are still alive and available in physical format, even though digital streaming/downloading has been available for many more years compared to console videogames."

dedicatedtogamers1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

You are welcome, but my comments were just a drop in the bucket.

All the same, thank you for reading.

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TheGentlemanGamer1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

What makes you say that? (@BadboyCivic)

Mr_Nuts1951d ago

Remove mandatory Kinect, lower the price, let Indies self publish, gives us more benefits of using Gold, apologize for the rude, arogant comments plus admitting ypu were wrong and MAYBE we'll talk

DjKiba1951d ago

Wouldn't that just make it a PS4

Transporter471951d ago

It would be a Down version of a PS4.

Themba761951d ago

a less powerful one but yes.

RyuCloudStrife1951d ago

far inferior but with the same vision

Salooh1951d ago

Exactly what i want , i enjoyed their conference at e3. They can do it if they want but it seems that they only respond when you use the hard way. So no support from me until they listen to us and then i will consider buying THE ONE after 1 year or 2 because of their history..

Bobby Kotex1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

I'll talk trash here, and I'm leaning toward the PS4, but I gotta give credit to the Xbox fans who spoke out against this DRM. You prevented a very bad precedent and kept the 2 consoles competitive. The fanboys who supported it? Go eat a fat one.

R_aVe_N1951d ago

I honestly don't think it was Microsoft fans that did this.It was all the news outlets in the world bashing the crap out of them. It was clear they didn't care what their loyal followers thought. It wasn't until they were utterly trampled by pre-orders, and media bashing that they changed their minds fairly fast. At the end of the day its all about the bottom line, and they say that shrinking really really fast.

TheGentlemanGamer1951d ago

This I don't get. They responded to the media bashing and pre-order numbers by changing the policies in a way that their fans and customers wanted.

How is this not a victory for those customers? The news outlets bashed them because the customers bashed them, right?

gamertk4211951d ago

It was the Sony fans who unwittingly made possible the chance for the XB1 to win this Gen.

aceitman1951d ago

it started with sony gamers saying to sony we no your not going to do that then ms gamers said ur going to do that the hell with u and the media made it a gamers storm that took ms head off so they did a 360 and said ok we will change it but we are not going to let u share with your family . wow they took a good feature away with the bad ones that is ms for u . now u have to buy one for u and ur brother and ur sister cause u cant share now , hopefully they don't take those 2 free games a month away before November. the snakes they are.

RyuCloudStrife1951d ago

Xbox fans didn't do ANYTHING except go out and preorder the console.

The ones who did something was Sony and the reaction they got from their fans at E3 when they laid a whopping on M$.

M$ backed down because it saw how bad the XBONE was doing VS PS4. M$ didn't do this for their fans as the news said that they listened to "us", they did it to get your money.

Sony didn't go down that road for US the gamers!

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