Microsoft Back ‘In the Game’ With Xbox One Changes


"Nobody has been more critical of Microsoft’s ill-advised move into the digital world beyond what consumers are willing to take than the gaming media, including us...

But just as Sony is dealing with a firmware update issue that actually can brick (freeze) your PS3, Microsoft strikes back."

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gaminoz1973d ago

I think they are back in the game, especially in Oz where there is only AU$50 difference. This will make a BIG difference.

BadboyCivic1973d ago

Microsoft decided suicide was not a good idea.
Now they have that extra $100 to deal with and the fact that the PS4 is more powerful.

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

And Sony hasn't even pulled out the game guns yet.

August 21st - Gamescom 2013

aceitman1973d ago

and then Tokyo game show :)))

creatchee1973d ago

Wait. You're saying "wait for teh games"? Why weren't Microsoft fans allowed to do that before E3? The games didn't matter, if memory serves me right.

dedicatedtogamers1973d ago

Even though I will never - personally - get an Xbox One, I'm glad that there will be a real race this time around. Sony's no-DRM and the consumer backlash obviously forced Microsoft to adjust, and I hope that if Xbox One-Eighty has features superior to the PS4 that Sony will be smart enough to adjust, too.

The only problem is the arrogance. Has the damage been done? The die-hard Xbox fans (who are likely to reply to me) were already getting an X180, even before the policy change. However, will Microsoft have enough time to reverse all the negative reactions? Remember, there are people in the general public who think PS3 charges for online like Xbox Live, and who think the Wii-U tablet is just an additional controller for the Wii (yes, people still think this).

It will take an equally-widespread media effort to counter all of the negative news, but I think it is impossible at this point to wipe the slate clean.

gamertk4211973d ago

Sony overcame Kutaragi's arrogance, and I don't know if you noticed, but Sony's execs looked awfully smug at E3.

Gaming_Guru1973d ago

There is not such thing as arrogance when it comes to business, a person represents a company that sells a product that will eventually pay the bills. If you work for Ford and have to sell a vehicle to make money, you are going to have to sell that vehicle as if it's the best vehicle in the world.

This is why journalist exist, to cypher out the PR stuff. Being a consumer it can be jarring, but it's business nothing personal.

1973d ago
s8anicslayer1973d ago

So Microsoft has decided not to mandate these rediculous policies because of consumer backlash after they boldley stated that they stand firm with their beliefs to within days reverse the whole damn conspiracy you guys are saying your ok with that? What about their credability? What makes you think that they won't go back on it again after they get you to purchase their product?

Timmey1973d ago

Sony ALREADY showed their games. Gamescom maybe showing EVEN MORE games, considering a lot of Sony's first parties didn't even reveal their projects (Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, MM, even Quantic Dream didn't reveal their game completely).

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BadCircuit1973d ago

I agree with the author that MS timed it well to go with the big stuff up by Sony on its PS3 firmware update.

Still torn over which to get though.

True_Samurai1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Xbox One my friend simple
Why you so mad son??? Pope Kaz??? Haha

HammadTheBeast1973d ago

I dunno, Sony update only affected those with huge harddrives.

I'm still on for PS4, I'll be heavily swayed when they reveal the rest of their 16 first party games later this year.

gaminoz1973d ago

The PS4 is still a great piece of kit at excellent value.

It's just that now we have two (Wii U...meh) big challengers which will push each other hard to provide great things for gamers...and they will now know to LISTEN TO THE CONSUMER!

Urusernamesucks1973d ago

Wich is the majority of ps4 owners..

DeusExer1973d ago

Smart move considering the backlash, the consoles are starting to even up.

The debate over consoles should be over which exclusives are better, none of this Used Game nonsense.

Proeliator1973d ago

Now people will realize: Xbox One has a great lineup! Your move Sony.

BadCircuit1973d ago

And that online fees apply to Sony as well this gen.

BadboyCivic1973d ago

Real talk...Sony has a better line up

RememberThe3571973d ago

I actually have no idea what the Xbone has as far as exclusives go, other than Ryse. And lets be honest, Sony doesn't need to make anymore moves they're pretty happy right now. MS still has that damn camera staring at me at all times and I have more of a problem with that than the DRM. But MS is paying attention to where we spend our money and right now it mostly been on the PS4.

No_Limit1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Xbox One definitely have a better Lineup.

This is my Day One purchase:
Xbox One Day One Edition
Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Killer Instinct 3
Battle Field 4
NBA 2K14
Extra Controller

xXxSeTTriPxXx1973d ago

You do realize that sony hands down would win a war of exclusive right?

creatchee1973d ago

I dunno - they showed mostly multiplatform games and indies at their E3 conference. So no, I don't realize that.

I'm all sorts of excited about inFamous Second Son though. Microsoft has a better launch lineup though.

papashango1973d ago

dont forget to mention that its the watch dogs bundle selling the most.

No_Limit1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

In terms of quantity, yes. But in my eyes, other than Uncharted and God of War, I really have no interest in any of Sony's exclusives tbh. But that is just my personal preference.

Titanfall, Halo 5, Quantum Break, and Project Spark are 2014 games that I am looking forward to plus the launch lineups sealed the deal for me.

Swiggins1973d ago

For the PS3 that's a nobrainer, but MS did actually show off quite a few exclusives that look great, so for the PS4/Xbox1 that's more debatable.

The only PS4 exclusive I saw that had me genuinely excited was Killzone Shadowfall

The Xbox One on the other hand had Crimson Dragon, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, RYSE and Titanfall.

Now I'll admit, I'm most excited for the multiplat games that were revealed like BF4, The Division and MGS:V.

Urusernamesucks1973d ago

4 years Later...


callahan091973d ago

@No_Limit, you're going to sit there and say only God of War and Uncharted interest you from the Sony exclusives, but you're excited for Quantum Break and Project Spark? So are you just conveniently forgetting about Quantic Dreams' games and Media Molecule? I don't see how Quantum Break and Project Spark can interest you without also being interested in Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, LittleBigPlanet, etc. Oh, and what about The Last of Us? All of these games are extremely well done examples of genres you've displayed an interest in, so why can't you find interest in them?

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GameCents1973d ago

All about the games now. So far, leaning towards Xbox One personally.

BadCircuit1973d ago

I was always impressed with the games but not the fact that if servers went down gaming would be over...or that they could turn the servers off and the console would be over.

This changes a lot for me. I was Sony all the way before. Now I want

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