Microsoft Pull A 180 With Xbox One Restrictions

After a massive backlash following this years E3 conference, and some of the things said by Don Mattrick involving the use game and online connection policies involved in the Xbox One, Mattrick has now come out with a full turnaround. The update article on entitled “Your Feedback Matters – Update on Xbox One” reads a lot like an apology letter, and doesn’t waste too much time before revealing the two big changes they are going to be making before the Xbox One hits shelves.

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Freak of Nature1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Actually sad this ever existed, it's a great thing, they have listened, and the feedback brought them to there senses. PS4 advertising advantage with the old xbone DRM fiasco is gone, its about games and price again, where it should be...

Momentum has been reduced...But...100$ difference remains a huge hurdle, and to function Requires Kinect, plus Indie developers relations still not clear...

Some of the bleeeding has been stopped, but what were they thinking? It's really strange to think they thought they could actually get away with this...

creatchee1948d ago

I still don't understand this "breach of trust" thing that Microsoft supposedly instigated. They told us the way the DRM would work. People didn't like it, so they changed it. Shouldn't that be a sign of Microsoft appeasing people? Sure, it's beneficial for them economically, but doesn't it benefit the gamers who had such a loud outcry over the restrictions? Doesn't it give them exactly what they wanted? Isn't that a big part of trust?

It's not like they released it and changed things up. We're still five months from launch and the policy is as it was this generation. Chances are that the people who want to hold this against Microsoft never planned on buying their product in the first place, regardless of restrictions.

Hufandpuf1948d ago

I've given up trying to understand the logic of so-called "gamers".

No_Limit1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

The logic is simple, if you are not the console or brand of choice, no matter what you do, there is always another complaint.

DRM-MS is anti-consumer with DRM. Dropped DRM due to feedback- They LIED about their original plan to the public, they lost their vision for the future. smh

JokesOnYou1948d ago

Dont be surprised if they can offer both in theory all they have to do is let you "opt in" during the first sign in of your console.

Id gladly give up the ability to sell used games(I dont sell my games now) and take the mandatory 24hr check(I honestly cant remember the last time I didnt have internet or it was down for more than a few minutes) just so I can have access to my library anywhere, dont ever need disc again and most of all share with my nephews in Virginia. Hey micro is a two tier Terms of Service agreement possible???

I just posted this in a xbox forum, I encourage every xbox fan to ask this, get some feedback, its not too late.

creatchee1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

Two problems with an opt-in system: One, for the cloud initiative, there is not a standard across all console owners anymore. With an internet connection no longer required, developers may be encouraged to appease the lowest common denominator (which is, quite frankly, what this DRM reversal is in the first place) and not fully explore the uses and benefits that might be reaped from cloud-enhanced gaming. But I hope that they still try.

The second problem is that somebody who opts-in can now pass their discs along to somebody who has opted-out. The whole system was based on the disc being a delivery method as opposed to the license itself. If they did both, they'd basically be selling two complete and unrestricted copies of a game for the price of one. I don't think they or the publishers would stand for that.

Edit: I didn't disagree on your post, FYI :)

Mikeyy1948d ago

Jokes, just let it go... MS let go of the DRM becuase the pre-orders where a disater, they quickly glanced at the forums and realised DRM was partially to blame, so they nixed it. They ignored the Kinect complaints because the NSA > Consumers

They are not reading your pathetic posts, and are certainly not taking your idea and implementing it.

NewMonday1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )


how does it feel now that MS caved in to the gamers that make demands, and forgot all about the dedicated fans like you?

maybe now you know it's all business and those who want, take

rainslacker1948d ago


While I don't agree with JOY, I believe he has every right to ask for what he wants. Whether it be on here to discuss it, or in a more direct approach on the MS forums. While it may go unheard, if enough people are wanting or willing to do the same thing, then they should have their voices heard as well. It's only fair play.

It's not right to have the belief that our own opinions are the only ones that matter. He has every right to try to bring this topic back to what he wants, and we have the right to disagree or agree with him.

JokesOnYou1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

creatchee actually as you stated they still can take advantage of the cloud just those not connected wont benefit.

Second they are already going to have the titles available for download day 1 so in theory the opt in could work by locking the user/console to DD model(Terms of Service Agreement) which of course allows the family share plan therefore since you dont buy/own a physical discs you cant share a disc with anyone whether they are opt in or not and your console is always connected every 24hrs so you cant borrow a disc from someone who did NOT opt in= it wont work on your console.

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No_Limit1948d ago

LOL, all I been seeing on N4G is 4>1 these past few weeks.

After today, it should be 180>4>1

WeAreLegion1948d ago

Why? The slow kid learned a new math equation. He's still the dumbest kid in the class.

No_Limit1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

In mathematics, an equation is a formula of the form A = B

Sorry, I was using an Inequality. Who is the dumbest kid in class?

WeAreLegion1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

I'm not sure who the dumbest kid in class is, but you seem to be vying for the position. You can still learn an equation.

4 + 4 = 8 < That's an equation. At some point, it is something you learn.

2 + 2 = 4 < That's another equation.

These are learned.

Yes, you did use inequalities. Were you trying to make me look stupid by saying that? If there is one thing I've learned about arguing on the internet, it is this: An argument about intelligence is irrelevant. Both parties can Google any and all inquiries. So, let's just drop it, now.

The important part is how you failed to acknowledge my metaphor. The Xbox One was the kid. I hope you understood that. Oh, I gave you a negative bubble. Just letting you know. I hate when people don't tell me about that.

Mikeyy1948d ago

I fail to see how a console that tried to screw you over, got called out on it, and then backpeddled some how comes out on top the of the people who didnt try to screw you in the first place.

rainslacker1948d ago

hmmm...well since 180 isn't the official number we could consider it an imaginary number. It's hard to verify if an imaginary number can be qualified to a real number since it's actual value is determinate on unknown or imaginary factors.

uGLYmE1948d ago

Cloud. That's all that needs to be said.

MS touted the cloud as the game changer, the one thing that made their inferior hardware infinitely more powerful than ps4.

Cloud/updates were said to be the reason for the DRM/always online situation.

Sounds like all we have now is an inferior machine that cost more and wants me to dance in front of it/yell at it.

AngelicIceDiamond1948d ago

You couldn't be more wrong. Cloud is still the "vision" according to MS

Even N4G submitted this?

BTW I thought everyone here didn't believe in the cloud? Are we lying now N4G? I think we are.

1948d ago
Fil1011948d ago

Well this is a start but is it already too late what with PS4 pushing all the right buttons and ticking all the right box's from the off.

T21948d ago

Yes but I still feel the need to send a big f u to the fanboys on here defending that pure bs day and night and justifying all of it. Heres proof even ms isnt as dumb as the fanboys

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