GameStop stops Xbox One system pre-orders in-store

GameStop sent out a memo to store managers today confirming that they are no longer doing in-store pre-orders of the Xbox One.

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SeanScythe1949d ago

So they managed to pre order all 10 of them? Dang that's impressive. J/k I heard each store got ONE pre-order for each location, so how ever many GS store is how many they managed to pre-order. lol

Ilovetheps41949d ago

The Gamestop that I preordered my PS4 at got 6 X1s and 20 PS4s. They are sold out of both.

jmc88881949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )


But given the rumors of problems of chip yields and overheating, I personally wonder if they'll need to chop those orders.

They stopped taking orders so fast, and across the board (which doesn't make sense) that I wouldn't be surprised if MS told gamestop that they might not even be able to ship the launch day consoles.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Xbox One victims get an email that their Internet connection tester with NSA spycam won't be fulfilled because they cut the number in half or so.

It also wouldn't surprise me to see ALL xbox one victims get another email saying the entire launch is pushed back.

But seeing how Microsoft pushed out known defective RROD consoles, I bet they don't mind doing it again.

After all M$ means...."with customers in mind"

I take it as a very bad sign, especially since PS4 nailed production and should be producing 1 million units a month by September.

Cheaper, more powerful, no check-ins, and no NSA being available is going to push alot of people who otherwise would stupidly order an XploitBOX to get a PS4.

Even if people are morons and don't know how check-ins and spying, amongst other crappy things would affect them......they can only buy what is available, and Microsoft screwed the pooch on that one.

Not to mention Steam with it's game sharing is completely obliterating Microsoft's justification for their check-ins.

gamertk4211949d ago

Sorry you lost me at blah, blah, blah.

jmc88881949d ago

That's ok, for people who can absorb information and aren't in denial, they can figure it out.

Go ahead and be ignorant, I'm sure it'll never effect your life negatively.

Polysix1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

Exactly, how anyone can trust MS after KNOWINGLY launching RROD on the world and then denying free refurbs for a long time is beyond me. That's some low shit right there. And this latest 'box' has more than enough bad points already before we even wonder about reliability.

They may be hoping a good portion of them fail so xbots can rebuy as they did with 360 and boost sales figures for no reason other than Microsoft's own inability to build a decent, reliable console.

As for how this ties in with DRM - good luck selling your 15 XBone games when your Xbone takes a dive and you are left with no way to jump through their convoluted hoops, $500 down on the console and $750 down on software. Madness to buy into a system like that without any way of 'owning' something you paid for.

My 360 died early on in the gen, before they admitted it was their fault, so went in the bin - couldn't be fixed cos had ANA chip failure on top of GPU solder faults! In this case I managed to offload my 360 software library on amazon/ebay and make back a large portion of the wasted funds - bought a PS3 with that money in fact! No way could you do that with Xbone if the same shit happens again, and I do not trust them at all with build quality, already the box is a monster with a giant fan in it and still having heat issues? meanwhile PS4 is sleek and cool with zero known issues at this time.

The Dead Bone is not a good product.

SKullDugger1949d ago

XBOX ONE has no check in now allows used games and rentals and no region lock. Its still 100.00 more but will see what happens..

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rainslacker1948d ago

Most report that each store got between 6-15. Probably determined based of store revenue and product sell mix.

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Lovable1949d ago

From what I heard, they only accept very few pre order for Xbox one while they let people pre order more PS4..Weird I know.

Godmars2901949d ago

Have a feeling that GS is renegotiating their part in any used game trading deals they may have with MS. Seeing all the backlash for it.

Not seeing how it might be a good thing if they're still taking order for the PS4. Have never done this sort of thing before.

nirwanda1949d ago

The same thing happened with the pspgo, and it killed it by refusing to stock them.

PFFT1949d ago

Got mine reserved through amazon along side my PS4. Its highly doubtful ill get the XBO on release date. But still i feel safe that at least my console reservation is there. And that somewhere there is a Microbrat crying to his parents that there are no longer any XBO available to pre order. MUWAHAHAHAHAH! Thats what you get you annoying little fcker!

Captain Qwark 91949d ago

do they charge you up fronmt for the preorder on amazon?

Ilovetheps41949d ago

No they don't. They charge you when it ships. But, if you buy a warranty they will charge you up front for that since the warranty is through a third party.

creatchee1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )


Do you get off on depriving somebody of something they want in order to push your childish agenda?

I wish Amazon charged people like you something for wasting people's time.

PFFT1948d ago

lol its a joke no need to get your panties all in a bunch. Man some of you people are so freaking defensive.

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