I Want Yakuza 5

With digital distribution becoming a norm, why not start releasing some niche titles on the PSN? Peter implores Sega to do just that.

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wishingW3L1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

me too. I thought Nagoshi was at e3 to announce its western localization but he didn't. ;___;

It's sad that I found about this franchise so late. Because I remember playing the demo for Yakuza 3 and it was so so so bad but then I found the game really cheap and bought it. When I played the actual game my mind was blown and then I became a huge fan. I bought Yakuza 4 too and while it wasn't as good as Y3 the game still was very enjoyable. And let me say that Yakuza 5 looks incredible! I played the Japanese demo and it was simply amazing, everything was improved greatly.

Chaos_Raiden1947d ago

As a Yakuza series fan, I seriously wants this game. I hope this will be translated in English soon.

o-Sunny-o1947d ago

Yakuza is as good as it gets to another Shuemue game. I also want this ^

despair1947d ago

I hope they bring it as well, I need it.

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