Need For Speed dev: PS4 and Xbox One are 'going to be pretty much the same'

Need For Speed: Rivals' creative director Craig Sullivan believes that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will deliver "pretty much the same" visual experience, telling that it's difficult to determine whether one is more powerful than the other until "you're seeing the same game running on both systems".

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RuleNumber51948d ago

"going to be pretty much the same"

Yeah except for their used games policies, being always online to play games and console verification. Yeah totally the same.

Smkt1948d ago

what they're actually saying is that the most of the shitty multiplats will be up to par with the lowest common denominator which is unfortunately the xbone. it's the exclusives where the PS4 will shine.

Mystogan1948d ago

and you're a developer.

I_am_Batman1948d ago

I'm pretty sure that multiplats will look better on PS4 from day one. That's pretty much a given considering the PS4 is more powerful and easier to develop for.

Ezz20131948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

add to that
they will downgrade ps4 version to make it look the same as xbox version

thank you MS ...thank you

it will be up to sony 1st/2nd party dev's to show ps4 full power

Dee_911948d ago

You think so ?
Maybe these guys but I dont see why other devs wont develop on PS4/pc then port to xbone since it has the better gpu.
I mean all of the need for speeds look the same on both ps3 and xbox 360,so they are more than likely talking for them selves.

1948d ago
Ju1948d ago

There is no first and second. There is an engine part and a game play part. And obviously the engine has platform specific code, the rest is equally the same. All those parts are developed in parallel.

Septic1948d ago

"Yeah except for their used games policies, being always online to play games and console verification. Yeah totally the same."

Or how about you actually read more than the title?

"To be honest, I think they're going to be pretty much the same," said Sullivan, when asked whether the differences between Xbox One and PS4's specs will lead to one offering more advanced visuals than the other.

However, he did say:

"We will push them as far as we possibly can, but until you're seeing the same game running on both systems, who's to say?"

So yeah. At least try to be objective instead of regurgitating the same old vitriol about used games policies etc.

RuleNumber51948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

"We will push them as far as we possibly can."

Yup thanks for that generic, ambiguous, worthless comment. Just an empty promise with nothing but filler. Hell I could say that. They are not going to be the same. Have you followed anything the two companies have said? Especially after a few years pass, these things are going to be starkly different.

I don't buy that sentiment even for a second. It's a politically correct statement that means absolutely zero to me. Devs just predicting what they think will happen. Breaking news indeed.

Sony understands what consumers want and Microsoft, well:

GraveLord1948d ago

It's actually bullshit. We have hard facts and we know that the PS4 is significantly more powerful than the Xbox One. Then again, these devs work for EA so they can't actaully say that considering the "partnership" with Microsoft.

Can't wait for the graphics comparisons on Digital Foundry.

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XabiDaChosenOne1948d ago

I hate devs who play the politically correct role.

nirwanda1948d ago

They sign NDA's so they can't talk about specs and the way questions are worded by journalists they don't get any other option but to reply the way they do.

Undrey1948d ago

Didn't some other dev say the opposite?

Mystogan1948d ago

Watchdogs devs said they're on par. Need for speed devs say they're on par. Bungie said they're on par. Dice said they're on par. avalanche said they're on par.

That "other" dev is probably johnatan blow and yes he doesn't know what he's talking about. First he said the 300.000 servers were virtual. Confirmed to be dedicated by multiple devs and Microsoft themselves. Then he said that The witness needs 5GB of ram to run. He sucks at coding.
Then he supported the rumor that Xbox One games were all running on windows 7 PC's. Confirmed that it was just one game because it wasn't finished.

creatchee1948d ago

You forgot Kojima. Even he said they were on par.

The thing is, launch titles don't use most of a console's "power", or at least in terms of efficiency. Hell - Killzone allegedly only uses 3GB of RAM and it looks amazing. We won't see what true capabilities each have until much later in the lifecycle anyway.

Skips1948d ago (Edited 1948d ago )

"Watchdogs devs said they're on par. Need for speed devs say they're on par. Bungie said they're on par. Dice said they're on par. Avalanche said they're on par."

Sources with ACTUAL quotes please???

And plus, I don't think devs would go out to try and bash Microsoft for creating the weaker system (As confirmed by Digital Foundry) considering THEIR games will be on it too. lol

MWong1948d ago

I think this sort of ties into what Bungie said, about there being visual differences between platforms.

DxTrixterz1948d ago

Of course they will be same NOT. One is trying to screw you and the other treats you with respect.

cleft51948d ago

Meaning that I get all the great elements of games on my PS4, without any of the stupid policies of the Xbox One. Thanks for making my PS4 purchase easier to commit too.

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