Double Agent's Got DemonWare

DemonWare revealed today that Ubisoft is tapping their multiplayer network for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent. The network software company will power the online features for the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Splinter Cell Double Agent is out now for 360 and will release on PC on October 26.

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PS3n3605886d ago

Does this mean that it is a network that will operate like xfire on PS3? or is it a multiplayer game engine and I am simply brain farting.

Capt CHAOS5885d ago

It's total rubbish.. Tried playing one game last night, nothing, just sitting on joining.. Then I gave up and played 3 hours of COD2 online..

TheXgamerLive5886d ago

It's just the software that UBI used to develope the games online to be used for the Xbox Live and PC online. Now maybe it's more involved w/the PC but nothing further w/the Xbox 360 and LIVE.

unless there's something more that I'm not aware of. Microsoft and the Xbox Live "host" the game.

Evoluti0n5886d ago

there's ALOT of lag, and I thought they were releasing a patch for the multi-player?

BIadestarX5886d ago

Microsoft give the option to game developers to use their own servers too. i.e. EA usually use their own servers. But they most follow certain standard so the games feel the same way.

PS360PCROCKS5885d ago

Hey I have a few questions if anybody who knows could possibly clear this up for me, I went out and randomly bought a new 50" Hi def TV today and well I have a HDTV now that I play my 360 on and I use the cables that came with the Premium package. But now my new TV has slots for VGA and all that, should I keep to component cables or will I get a better picture from VGA?

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