DRM is the future so deal with it

TruTechNoid Writes

"People moaned then about Xbox live needing a broadband connection and they are moaning now about the 24 hour check in service needed by the XBOX ONE but Microsoft know what they are doing, they can see where the future of video games are going and they are not scared to be the first to kick it off in the home console ecosystem and they don’t care if they take you there kicking and screaming. It will happen and if you think SONY at some point wont latch on to this idea and implement this into their system in the future then you are hugely underestimating the way business works."

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wishingW3L3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

then thank god that future is not now. ;)

Kanzes3259d ago

Sooner or later, Sony will implement DRM too.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II3259d ago

Sooner or later, Sony will implement DRM too.

Well not this gen Kanzes so lets talk in about 7 years when ps5 is out.

miyamoto3259d ago Show
rainslacker3258d ago

Does that make it OK then?

Saints943259d ago

Nice title, not going to get any backlash at at all.

GadgetGooch3259d ago

I'm expecting backlash, It's about time people wake up and see what's coming and just embrace it instead of moaning about it.

Mr_Nuts3259d ago

Your the problem with the gaming industry today

People like you think that gamers standing up for their rights, freedom, opinions = Moaning, complaining, being a whiner etc

Honestly... <sigh>

Outside_ofthe_Box3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

lol you're saying that we should just bend over and let it happen?

We should embrace not being able to play offline whenever we want for as long as we want?

We should embrace not being able to sell or lend a game to whomever we want?

If it weren't for people "moaning" I bet the XB1 would be far more restrictive than it is now.

Thanks to people NOT "dealing with it" and NOT embracing DRM as the future publishers are now afraid to be pro DRM and anti-used games.

Prior to XB1 reveal there was a lot of talk about used games hurting the industry. After E3 we now have everyone except Cliffy saying used games aren't bad/are good for consumers to have.

If you don't mind bending over then fine, good for you, but you shouldn't have any issue with people that refuse to bend over. What does it matter to you? No matter how things turn out you'd have no problem with it so why do you care if people want their rights to remain the way it is today hmm?

HammadTheBeast3259d ago

Just stop.

SimCity says hi. Embrace that.

I for one, won't embrace throwing my rights out the window. But other people have lower standards.

blackmanone3258d ago

He's expecting hits. Plain and simple.

LordAtrocity3258d ago

As long as consumers stand up and make a stand against DRM then no it wont be the future. Even steam dont need you to be online to play and just because you can or because people have the internet doesn't mean they should. Their is a lot of examples of people not being able to access the internet all the time ( within 24 hours) whether their provider is crap and cuts out or in relation to where they live. If you look at consumers you can see a lot of people going for the PS, some will embrace it some won't. The amount of backlash games have got for implementing DRM is a clear indication to how consumers feel. We have the right to play our games, regardless of the services we have, what if MS decide to stop supporting it and just say nah I'm afraid you can't play your games, you can however go and rebuy them for our new console and pay a crazy amount for this. I'm not saying that more companies wont embrace it and maybe Sony will (eventually) but no people shouldnt have to stand by and let it happen and consumers are sending that message to sony. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the DRM Sony meant was in regards to companies having a code required to play online, in regards to buying 2nd hand games and or only online games, but single play games, is just a bad idea.

rainslacker3258d ago

Or we could tell them what it is we want so we get what we want, instead of what they want.

It's pretty apparent you only consider the corporate interest in all this. Your time would be much better spent on the consumer side, since I'm going to assume that's the category that you fall in to.

The future is what the customer makes it. Companies can influence the customer, but that doesn't mean the customer will accept everything blindly, smiling while lapping up what they see as an inevitability. It's that exact attitude that you have that makes it so corporations can so easily dictate to us what the future is.


your attempted justification for the coming of DRM such a weak use of fallacy.

"back in 2002, you didnt like the broadband only internet but you eventually got it anyway. same thing with xbox ones DRM."

so many things wrong with that i wouldnt even know where to start.

KingMe423257d ago

Your head is so far up your own arse

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Snakefist303259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

No Drm is not the Future!!

CaEsAr-3259d ago

He needs a ,

No, DRM is not the future.

SpideySpeakz3259d ago

No DRM is the future, you meant?

ion6663258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

There is a lot english majors in here correcting this guy. chill out.You knew what he meant.No one spell checks everything they write on this's not that serious.lolz

MegaMohsi3259d ago

PC has DRM yet it is the most pirated platform, so what good is DRM?

SpideySpeakz3259d ago

Its like my parents told me: If you treat people like animals and criminals, they will act like animals and criminals.