Microsoft defends Xbox One $500 price point--"We're over-delivering value"

Microsoft's Xbox boss Don Mattrick has spoken out to defend the Xbox One's $500 price point, saying the company is in fact over-delivering value with the next-generation system.

"It's a lower number than some of the analysts had forecasted," Mattrick said on Bloomberg TV. "We're over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get. Any modern product these days you look at it [and] $499 isn't a ridiculous price point. We're delivering thousands of dollars of value to people, so I think they're going to love it when they use it."

Competitor Sony will offer its PlayStation 4 at $400 this holiday season, but Mattrick believes consumers will choose Xbox One for its suite of exclusive services and applications like an improved Xbox Live, as well as Skype, Twitch TV, SmartGlass, and Kinect.

"We're really making the living room your center of fun for your family," Mattrick said.

Every Xbox One will include a Kinect 2.0 sensor, while PS4 gamers will need to pay $60 to purchase a PlayStation Eye camera.

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Mr_Nuts2042d ago

God how arrogant, they make Sony in 2006 look normal.

Convas2042d ago

Nope. MS says stick with a 360 if you've got no internet, Sony said I'd need two jobs.

Sorry, both are equally arrogant and inconsiderate and Sony did not, does not, nor ever will sound NORMAL in regards to those comments they made at the start of this generation.

Mr_Nuts2042d ago

But was it worth the end

People laughed and criticized blu ray...and I'm glad they put it in because we got games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Last of Us etc. Even at the time blu ray players were really expensive so looking back I don't mind paying that much.

That whole "stick with a 360 line" among other things MS have said are just dickish in my opinion. I mean Sony said the whole get two jobs thing but MS's mouth has just not stopped blabbing and insulting their core fanbase so you know, looking back Sony then looked like saints compared to the MS as of now.

dedicatedtogamers2042d ago

"Sony said I'd need two jobs. "

Actually, no. They said you'd want the system so bad that you would be willing to work more hours. Still a jerk thing to say, but nothing compared to what Microsoft has been saying.

insomnium22042d ago


Thank you for the correction. It's unbelievable how people have spun the things Sony said back then. Imo the weren't even that arrogant. Just your typical PR talk.

Kutaragi with his Karate master talk was in the same class as this "stick with the x360". The difference however is and was that Sony targeted MS with their talk, MS targets their fanbase. Imo it's atleast 1000 times worse o talk down on your fanbase than it is to do it to your competitor but what do I know, that's just me. I've been called a fanboy for this many many times.

PS-Analog2041d ago

I think Mr Nuts is also refering to other statements like "The console is worth thousands", The submarine quote and the internet quote wasn't put like that it was more like "We have a device that works offline, its called a 360". That just a snidey remark.

Dee_912041d ago

That box design is pretty epic.

Ritsujun2041d ago

Awww... stop crying, Don Patrick.

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_QQ_2042d ago

What they are offering actually is a good deal on paper,considering kinect 2.0.The problem is nobody wants kinect, it should be a side option.

NewZealander2041d ago

i think the price is great, i expected both consoles to cost far more, in fact here in new zealand i can buy BOTH consoles for the same price that the ps3 was at launch!

both companies can be incredibly arrogant, but at the same time words tend to get misconstrued on the internet, people tend to fly off the handle over comments that probably arnt meant with the level of malice that people take from them.

MWong2041d ago

I don't think anybody can misconstrued, "if you don't have an internet connection, we have a device for you it's called 360."

I cannot believe that every game on the XBone will be multiplayer. So why would I need an online connection with a single player game. Or why the hell do I need to pay $500 for a console and then check in at least once a day, like I'm on parole.

That's my biggest annoyance with M$ this generation.

NewZealander2040d ago

i agree and understand why people have issues with the always online thing, but at the end of the day its just a console, and im not going to let that ruin my experience when it comes to playing games.

yes i think microsoft should change it, although i own both current consoles and prefer xbox i am not a fanboy, and despite my preference i have done all i can to help the cause on and twitter etc, i do believe the gamers should stand up for what they believe in.

but ill still be getting both consoles regardless, both will have great features and exclusives, and like i said the price isnt that bad, people pay more for a smart phone! the ps4 here is half the price the ps3 was at launch! ps3 costed $1200.00 ps4 costs $649.00 XBOX1 is $740.00, the same price the 360 was at launch.
we in new zealand pay higher prices then most of the world, yet these prices are still great.

if people want microsoft to listen this isnt the place to do it, spam major nelson on his blog or twitter, sign up on xboxshun, facebook or whatever, theres plenty of places to protest.

Picnic2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

It's got Kinect - which, like Sony's Move and Eye camera would normally cost money - and Skype.

Those alone make the price very competitive compared to the PS4.

Although the launch all about television was a bit ludicrous to me. What is this- the 1950s?

But, in the long run, just about the only main reasons to think that the PS4 is so much better is if you happen to prefer their exclusives and controller. Or if you think that Playstation Plus has and will offer better value.

It's easy to see any console nowadays that 'only does everything' as an arrogant gesture but I think that people are going way overboard. It's really that used games policy that put many people's backs up but that's of no concern to me when I decide whether the XboxOne or the PS4 is offering the best games and control systems to play those games.

If Microsoft throw in some interesting new franchise in to the works, I'm not going to be grudging about the XboxOne just because I owned a PS3 this time. I might want to play that new franchise.

MadMen2041d ago

LOL you could never make SONY in 2006 look normal, EVER.

But this load of BS from MS is lame. They forget not everyone wants the cam.

alb18992041d ago

Considering that 8 year ago the 360 launch was 399 a ps3 599, I'm impress that the X1 is 499 and more impress that SONY is 399.
What I think is that SONY had advantage because they new the price of the X1 and saw the games that Microsoft offer so they new that they have to put the price down.
The price is good for both!

Do you think that Microsoft will put the same price if they new?
If Microsoft new then the story could have been the opposite.

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Mikelarry2042d ago

they do love to throw that word around value. how can it be value when you are forcing users how are not interested in parts of the console and and being forced to pay and call it value

vitullo312042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Thousands of dollars of value LOL hilarious

Heartnet2042d ago

Forced? no1 is forcing u yo buy the console lol

Like saying i dont want the DS4 but sony is forcing me to buy it jeez why cant they just knock of the 54£ ffs...

WalterWJR2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Well considering a lot of people who would like xbox one without kinect, to them it is forced.

Mikelarry2042d ago

Kinect is a forced add on you know it and i know it so stop acting like it is not.

jmc88882042d ago

That is absolute crap.

You're comparing to a NSA spying device in Kinect to an actual controller.

Why don't you sell your car and buy some old fashioned roller SKATES.

rainslacker2041d ago

They aren't even calling it added value. That's what supplemental features on a game console are...added value. They really are not focusing on games for this.

PS3 was a game console first. The added value(although arguable) was that they were offering the best blu-ray player on the market, for roughly half the price of other blu-ray players on the market. It also offered several media features which were in their infancy for the TV at the time(such as streaming from PC).

All this added value in X1 isn't being asked for. It's already available in abundance through much cheaper options. It may be convenient, but it's like throwing a bunch of attachments onto a vacuum cleaner. Basically all a vacuum cleaner has to do is suck up dirt from the floor, those attachments ability to perform it's intended task is dodgy at best.

alb18992041d ago

Is the same with every product you buy this days, tvs, phones, tablets, cameras.....I mean every product has features that you don't want but you have to pay for them.

Picnic2041d ago

Because if you're not interested in the Kinect 2.0 part of the console then you're not... actually all that interested in the console in the first place.

If you're not someone who likes a bit of colourful fun from time to time in your games then you'll probably be growling at the XboxOne with your state of the art PC and ultra serious games in any case.

So it makes perfect sense for Microsoft to make the Kinect 2.0 a required part of the console as a selling point over the PS4.

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swansong2042d ago

MS pr protocol, Put foot in mouth.