H-hour Confirmed for PS4, Pre-Orders Are G^

H-Hour the remake of SOCOM II for PS4 is officially confirmed to be coming to PS4! They are also doing a pre-order / donation campaign to get it fully developed.

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wastedcells3642d ago

I hope this gets funded. Not looking good but they need to extend the deadline.

harbie3642d ago

Actually Takedown was on a similar trajectory, it got over-funded by a large margin all primarily in the last week or so till funding end-date.

Picture of Takedown funding:

Toon_Link3642d ago

I'm pledging 50 and I hope some serious socom fans of the older titles do the same!

wastedcells3642d ago

I'm in for $50... Playstation Nation!

Horny3641d ago

Ill preorder as well.


Can someone please tell me I'm not dreaming? That's the one thing I felt like PS4 was missing, a Socom announcement!

After Zipper dismissal, I was afraid for the future of the franchise, my fav shooter, it's great to see there's more Socom to come.

I hope that, after they're done with the remake, they make go for a full SOCOM 5, keep the good flavor of the old tittles and add new content (maps, weapons, customization, etc, not necessarily new mechanics, unless they really fit with a Socom game).

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ssj273641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

an Anyone twite this to Yoshida Playstation president .. I don't know how to use twittier i an't even write it right hahah

Imagine e3 2014 with SOCOM: H-HOUR been exclusive to the PS4 boom!!!
the crow will go wild and Sony will sow they support indie devs.. they will show that they care about their fans..
it will be magical..

well even if Sony back this project to be PS4 P exclusive they will do their job and have a live demo on their next e3 will be amazing.. don't need to be fully PS4 exclusive or need to be called "SOCOM"

btw i'm already a backer i went for the PLAYSTATION WARRIOR .. please bak this projet up.. we need games like this to show the industry that not every game need o be like COD

wastedcells3641d ago

Well it's announced for PS4 so I'm guessing some talks have happened. Sony has their eye on the indie scene so I'm sure they have already sent them a dev kit at the very least.

wastedcells3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Some info.... This is David sears project. He worked for Zipper a Sony studio and was the creative lead on socom 1 and 2. Then he left. Not sure what he has been up to but apparently he has work on some AAA games. He started this kick starter with his new company and is making this game because socom 2 HD remake is the most wanted HD remake that never happened. Zipper was shut down and socom 2 fans have been very vocal. H-hour is being called the spiritual successor to socom 2.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3641d ago

LMAO, they're telling people to go lie to their friends!

Go lie to everyone you know and tell them SOCOM 2 is coming back to the PS4, even though it's not really, and it's just a clone underneath. Tell them what they want to hear!

"in a way your not really lying, " in a way you are really lying. pretty funny. how bout just wait till sony makes a new SOCOM for the 4.

XabiDaChosenOne3641d ago

"and it's just a clone underneath."
You do realize that the creative director behind H-Hour was the creative director and the man responsible for the original Socom games right?
So how is this game being a "clone" of his original projects a negative?

"how bout just wait till Sony makes a new SOCOM for the 4."
Or, or, hear me out on this one, we can help this title be successful so that later on down the line he can get back on the Socom franchise and give us a proper Socom? Derp much?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3641d ago

But it's not. I guess Sony All Stars is really SSMB's then.

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harbie3642d ago

WHY IS H-HOUR SOCOM? This is why:

• PS4 Confirmed
• Being made by Creative Director of S1 and S2 (David Sears)
• Victory Dancing
• Custom Taunting
• Lobby System (Voice and Text Chat Included)
• Classic Server list view
• Custom Lobby Rooms
• NO Health Regeneration
• Opening doors, triggering explosives, shooting out lights (intended)
• Select Fire
• Backblast (AT4s - just like SOCOM)
• Private Rooms
• Guns Hot
• Strafing Gunfights (community decides, David Sears enjoyed them)
• Prone Dive (David Sears likes the idea, could be added)
• Grenade Arc
• Clan System (clan management and support)
• Clan Page, clan emails
• U.S Special Forces VS. Terrorist
• Female voice HQ (like in original SOCOMs)
• Leaning (D-pad lean like old SOCOMs)
• Third person view default (first person view option)
• No OTS, view will be like old school SOCOM
• No Sprint (Analog stick will determine speed like old SOCOMs)
• Maps designed around one game mode
• Round based is primary focus (respawns can be made like old SOCOMs)
• Jump to climb (will be put in if community wants it)
• Game speed will be like SOCOM 1 and SOCOM 2 (action is more important than animation)
• Online 8v8 with Spectator mode
• urban maps, rural maps, desert maps, arctic maps, jungle maps
• NOT a simulator (which means it will play more like SOCOM)
• Push to talk will be a decision based on community feedback
• Ranking system similar to SOCOM 2
• Confirmed modes so far will be demolition, suppression, escort, and breach under different names

eyeDEVOUR3642d ago

Yes I know all this but it's still not a Socom2 remake....but I'm definitely excited about it....Socom2 is my all-time favorite online shooter

Panthers3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

There better be NO melee attacks, AT ALL!!

(All of the "will be based on community feedback" is unnecessary. Just play Socom 2 and Copy/Paste. That is ALL WE WANT!

This has taken way to long to come to fruition.

EDIT: Also, very important to keep lobbies just like Socom 2. No group finder please. The lobbies created some very interesting and heated rivalries. Especially when the same people would fill a lobby for 4 or more hours at a time.

Elwenil3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Agreed, it's based off of the old SOCOM games, which is an awesome thing, but it's not going to be a SOCOM II remake with the same maps, names, etc. This will have a lot of stuff in common with SOCOM, but at the end of the day, this guy does not own the rights to SOCOM II, so it is a separate game.

ZodTheRipper3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I don't understand it, is this made by the same studio that has developed the SOCOM series? If so, why isn't it called SOCOM and why isn't Sony funding it? Somebody please explain :S
Edit: Read the kickstarter, now I understand. But he wants to make it like Socom 2, wouldn't that be against the SOCOM trademark that Sony's holding right now?

djthechamp243642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

is there atleast going to be character customization

UnknowGuy943640d ago

Lol at the "NO VEHICLES". SOCOM 3 had vehicles and that was a SOCOM game. Personally if you able to have a game with CBQ and big maps it like two games in one. If you SOCOM 2 fans will not happy with SOCOM 3 you ain't going to be happy with H Hour as you guys can't take improvements.

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DirtyLary3642d ago

Of course it's not a remake. Only good things can come from this though.

fantastiq3642d ago

This game will be better than socom 2 hd!

harbie3642d ago

Exactly. just because the game doesn't have the same name, who cares. It's basically the exact same!!

ddurand13642d ago

i have friends that rave about the old socom games, especially 2.

i never got a chacne to play though so im hopeful that this is made in the same way as the OG ones.

Panthers3642d ago

Very fun. Skill/Teamwork required. People wihtout headsets were voted out. When you died, you were out till next round so killing someone ment more than just raising your kill count.

Strategy was very important. Fox Hunt was so much fun. Have most guys go mid, with 1-2 going down the valley. Sneak the hostages out along the wall in the tall grass. GOD I MISS THIS GAME.

ddurand13642d ago

yeah it sounds great.

had an original xbox at the and a PS2 but the xbox got more attention in my younger days. mostly counterstrike and halo2. it was all my friends played so I followed suit.

would love to try this though, socom 4 was disappointing for me. but i understand it was different from previous iterations of the series.

SolidDuck3642d ago

Foxhunt! I hadn't thought about that map in so long. Man such good times.

ssj273641d ago

Read the kickstarter h-hour bio and you will understand why..
please suppor back this game.. I already went for the "playstation warrior"
I never play SOCOM 1 or 2 online i just enjoy a lot Confrontation when was not glichy hahah
but there is no game like it and the industry game need shooters like this..
watch the videos and read all what he has to say if you like how it sounds go for it back it up..

let's show that not every shooter has to be like COD to be a success //