Square Enix's E3 Presence - No Press Event? No Problem

TRG gives Square Enix's presence at E3 an 8/10 - In the aftermath of a vast restructuring, Square Enix had been relatively silent regarding its current projects. Bringing Tetsuya Nomura to Los Angeles signified a return to its roots, placing him at the helm, once again, of their most popular franchises in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. His presence alone was enough to raise eyebrows beyond the impressions that all of their games left onlookers and E3 attendees.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante2003d ago

Square-Enix is pretty much a dead company at this point. Their FF games (if you would even call them that) are terrible. Even their newest FF13 games were bad and FF15 will be even worse. It's nothing but generic action games from them and linear hallways on top of that. All that's left for them is to ruin more older franchises like they did with Tomb Raider (I'm sure their influence had something to do with it being nothing like a Tomb Raider game at all as that's what comes across in their "Final Fantasy" games.

Square-Enix will never be even half as good as Squaresoft. All of the good people left a long time ago anyway.

rezzah2003d ago

If anything the 13 series does suck, but the others you mentioned is/may likely be a great title.

Ranma12003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Square Enix is like a "ship with holes in it, sinking in the sea", there is a lot of work to do to repair it, and its not too late

NeXXXuS2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


Garbanjo0012003d ago

Yeah I disagree, there are still some great games besides FF coming out. I think you are opinionated about FF, but hey I didn't like FF13 much, the graphics were awesome, but the story sucked. I know that 15 is going to be stellar, chill out.

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Dark_Legend2003d ago

They are not dead at all, in fact they have some great IPs (thanks to Eidos) like Deus Ex

Eidolon2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Their games have become more "Americanized" is all.

TRGMatt2002d ago

See this is the argument I CONSTANTLY get into with people. Everyone verbally maligns FF13 but it's a GREAT game and 13-2 is a pretty good followup. It's not that it's Americanized or a BAD's evolved and the combat is truly deep an engaging, as is the storyline. Even FF12 caught alot of flak but it;;s a SUPERB video game. I understand the gripes associated with those games but I don't understand the utter hatred and misinformed "bad game" comments. You may not have lucked them but MILLIONS did, and some of us put FF12 and 13 in our top 3 or 4 EVER.

Square is not a dead company, far from it. THey are more profitable and put out more games than they have had. Quantity doesn't necessarily mean quality but few new games they put out (not spin-offs, mind you) are bad games. On the contrary.

We'll agree to disagree. But Square knows how to make a game. And I respect the hell out of them for never making a cookie cutter rendition of a popular genre. THey may be eclectic, but far from terrible.