The Dark Sorcerer real-time camera controlled demo will be released in a couple of weeks

Guillaume De Fonduamiere, the executive producer of The Dark Sorcerer tech demo confirmed that they will release a real-time camera controlled demo of the behind the scenes E3 demo. There is even someone who secretly filmed some parts of it where the developer is controlling the camera around Maurice and talking about technical features of the demo: Maurice alone is using 700 000 of triangles, 40 different shaders and 350 MB of textures data and his entire body and cloth parts are interacting dynamically with the environments and not pre-animated. The framerates and graphics were unoptimized and are certain to improve.

The technical talk and real time camera control starts around minute 14:

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First time in a video game?

Welcome to HELL !


"In the current demo, there are about a million polygons in the set, and a little less than a million per character on the screen (i.e. a total of 4 million when the three characters are on the screen). Each character has about 350 MB of textures and about forty different shaders. It’s all managed with Physically Based Shaders, volumetric lights, full HDR, Color Grading, Physical Lenses (particularly useful for chromatic aberrations and 3D depth of field), and translucence for more realistic rendering of the skin. The change of set and all the lighting (and the behavior of the shaders) between the dramatic version of the set and the “studio” version is done in real time. The same holds true for all pyrotechnical particle effects."

FamilyGuy1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

This demo was/is crazy, seeing what can be done on these next gen systems is amazing.

I hate to bring this up, but I have to:
What PC games look this good?
As far as having realistic looking characters, movement and facial animations.

I know there are gaming PCs much more powerful than the PS4 but this just further proves that the games aren't *truly* optimized for those higher end video cards.
High quality console games (exclusives in particular) push the boundaries of what the consoles are capable of. We haven't seen this level of effort put into PC games before (even though they're more powerful) and now that the new consoles are ready to launch we're going to see it.

I saw the Uncanny Valley tech demo (which only came out recently), I'm just saying PCs should/could have been doing that back when the hardware in our upcoming system came out. PC gaming supposedly blowing console games out the water just sounds so ridiculous when PC devs sit and wait for new console to lead the charge instead of pushing the boundaries first (letting modders do that job) beyond raising the resolution, having multi-screen playback and higher fps. Actual increased quality: better textures, realistic movement, facial animations, AI, etc.

Bring on a comparable PC game, PS4 has "old hardware" so show a full on PC game with similar quality to what we see here, not a tech demo.


Dude, there isn't/WON'T BE ANYTHING comparable to this. The characters are almost one million polygons. Something only Naughty Dog would achieve next. We will be lucky if we get games with 50k characters this gen in other games on ANY platform.

jujubee881978d ago

I'd say for 90% of the demo, I never had a feeling what I was seeing was uncanny valley but an actual crazy ass event from another dimension (with believable humanistic traits).

I must have watched it like 300 times already

PLASTICA-MAN1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Me too. Not only were the graphics very realistic but the performance and the behaviours just made the whole thing look too much natural and just miraculously skipped the uncanny valley for the first time and THIS IS ALL REAL-TIME. Even the CGI Audrey Hepburn in Galaxy Ice Cream add looked very unnatural compared to this REAL-TIME demo which will GET BETTER in a proper video game. I swear that everyone to whom I showed the video and isn't a video game expert, really believed that David Grant and the demon were real actors doing some green screen acting. It is very funny how a virtual acting can lure people. Something that even CGI movies couldn't achieve and this was REAL-TIME on PS4.


Walker1978d ago

Jesus WoW ! next generation graphics of PS4 exclusives will blow our mind ! can't wait to see how Naughty Dog can do with this monster (PS4) !

minimur121978d ago

David Cage (The person who directed this) has said that their PS4 game will look better...

and I swear in the feb event he said it was 40k poly?

PLASTICA-MAN1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

No minimur 12. Their highest model on PS3 was using around 30k polygons (Jodie in Beyond: Two Souls):

Now the characters in The Dark Sorcerer are using around one million polygons : a myth in video games to be achieved but THEY DID IT and they will even get better.

Naughty Dog is doing the same too:

Just imagine the diagram in my link if they add the sorcerer comparison to it: the curve will go to outer-space lol !

MasterCornholio1978d ago

"Our framerate isnt optimized at all sometimes we get 90FPS"



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