There's A Video Game Church

Vice: "While hanging around at E3 in spite of myself, I heard about a Christian gaming organization called Gamechurch with a booth on the ass end of the convention center that was supposedly giving away free beer to anyone desperate enough to talk to them."

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Hozi2006d ago

All Hail Jesus!!! and thank him for Videogames!

mildred12murray2006d ago

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MEsoJD2006d ago

I maybe an atheist, but a church that offers beer and gaming? Sign me up! :3

Deadpool6162006d ago

I'd think Jesus would be more of a Nintendo player instead of Xbox 360. Although, I will say some people on Xbox Live sound like they need an exorcism.

steven83r2006d ago

I saw them and got the free beer. But still come off as a christian organization with the god bless u every time i walked by. To me a Game Church wouldn't worship Jesus they would have game gods and game lingo.

WeAreLegion2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Free beer? I've been a member of that group for a while, now. Free beer though? Ugh. I'm out.

Kyosuke_Sanada2006d ago

Come my children, partake in the teachings of the prophet Igor. Free your soul so that he may release your inner Persona to fight against the hardships of every day life.

Join the Shin Megami Tensei Church of Latter Day Saints.

Call: 666-6666

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The story is too old to be commented.