Team Ninja's Itagaki Interviewed

One of the most shocking announcements to come out of Tokyo Game Show this year was that Tecmo's Team Ninja is bringing its Ninja Gaiden series to the PlayStation 3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was a shock to many of the developer's loyal Xbox fans, who wondered if this was a sign of things to come. In the hopes of clearing the air, 1up.com sat down for an extensive interview with Tomonobu Itagaki, Team Ninja's notoriously outspoken leader.

UrbanJabroni6477d ago

I felt absolutely ashamed for 1up reading this article. The guy reiterated in plain English 20 times that the 360 was Team Ninjas focus and all team Ninja releases will be 360...yet the flippin interviewer keeps pushing and pushing the ps3, even though it was clear Itagaki was getting VERY frustrated.

"The important thing is that I am 100% focused on developing for the 360 platform." Seems clear to me.

I want to quote the entire article to dissect how furious it made me, but here are some highlights:

"1UP: Obviously the PS3 is a machine capable of some impressive graphics. It's a not a question of whether it is better than the 360 or vice versa but more of its ability to create some good stuff. Is there any chance Ninja Gaiden Sigma could look so good that it would look better than Ninja Gaiden 2?

TI: You'd better think about my skills a little bit more before you ask that question...."

"1UP: Anything else that comes out under the Team Ninja umbrella for another platform is peripheral then? 360 is your focus?

TI: What I am saying is that I want to make new games and I want to make them on the 360."

"1UP: ...about you developing for the PS3?

TI: Well, yes. This line of questioning feels like it is going in a negative fashion."

kmis876477d ago

If you continue reading on the second and third pages, the interviewer does develop a rapport with itagaki.

zypher6477d ago (Edited 6477d ago )

in his own subtle way i think the interviewer was trying to get Itagaki to say that he DEFINATELY wouldn't develop for the PS3. i found it kinda odd (and arrogant, not unlike Sony) of Itagaki to constantly refer to this new developer as a rookie simply because he desires to expand Ninja Gaiden to a wider fanbase.

shortyNZ6477d ago

thats wot everyone else does aye?

eques judicii6477d ago

just dont' make stupid comments and you'll be fine. Make useful ones and people will add bubbles :-)

FeralPhoenix6477d ago (Edited 6477d ago )

I have to agree.....I thought the interviewer was "pushing" hard for the PS3....and zypher he spoke favorably of his assistant also, but it seemed like the interviewer was trying to uneccessarily provoke Itagaki by asking if NGS will look better than NG2, come on the guy is doing a "remake" of HIS game, and you don't find that insulting?, the interviewer even admitted himself they were trying to "ruffle his feathers", why?...just to make sure it wasn't boring, really?

THAMMER16477d ago (Edited 6477d ago )

I see nothing wrong with the article at all. Some movie director’s only work with some film studios, also some banks have exclusive rights to areas of a zip code for atm's. It’s all about business.

I'm glad a developer like IT has interest in the 360 in the way he dose. Most of us are 360 owners already so this is great nest to us. And allot of Sony fan boys have badmouthed the DOA and NINJA GAIDEN games so KARMA in a mothaF*C*A.