EA's E3 Presence - Quality Over Quantity?

TRG gives Electronic Arts' E3 presence an overall score of 7/10 - Electronic Arts have a notoriously bad public image despite being a solid games publisher. This year, comments that deny their adoption of certain DRM practices as well as a reported scrapping of the online pass model are a good indication of things to come. Not to mention the games.

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Grindlefly1954d ago

EA gave me one of my best e3 moments ever. That announcement of Peggle 2 was priceless :)

TRGMatt1953d ago

I just wish they had more than just the basic content. Some great games shown off and it looks like EA is gonna make a comeback in general but they need more "oomph" and to stop relying on Battlefield games and EA Sports to succeed. THe days where EA Sports make them great are in the past. The future is in games like PvZ Garden Warfare and Titanfall. Hopefully we see more of those heavy hitters in the future.