Nintendo's E3 Presence - Solid But Lacking Heavy Impact

TRG gives Nintendo's E3 presence a 6/10 - This new model of Nintendo bringing a regular newscast of what is going on in their world leaves them, by all rights, in their own world. It also detracts from them having any significant impact at the largest video game show on Earth. While they didn't represent a generally strong showing, they weren't absent and still offered much to be moderately excited for in the coming year.

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Saksoy1980d ago

Most probably better than X1

Animavicion1980d ago

the ad campaign had GTA V at E3 was better than the X1

BullyMangler1980d ago

infamous gameplay for the ps4 was so freakin rad

but nintendo = bayonetta gameplay damn outrageous boss fights and gamepad stylus controlls that amazingly work!, and new Donkey Kong game damn sweet original IMMERSIVE bLasting gameplay and fuzzy hairs the DK, and Monolith soft X makes developers jelous ha!, smash bros = megaman? yeah, Wonderful 101 new INTUATIVE gamepad mechanics, mario kart 8 plays next GEN, pikmin 3 plays next GEN etc etc

nintendo did better than the rest except for their underwhelming new mario wiiU game poop

microsoft = generic caca

= Nintendo did better than ALL < fact

Kevlar0091980d ago

Nintendo had one job which was to show titles that will sell WiiU's and I believe they completed that job.

It wasn't the greatest presentation, but it showed a solid line-up, a little something for everyone.

The only things they didn't show were an FPS or full on RPG.

deafdani1980d ago

What do you mean?

X will surely be a "full-on RPG", if Xenoblade is any indication.

And Xenoblade is an AWESOME rpg with an absurd amount of content.

mydyingparadiselost1980d ago

I agree the showing was only ok, I would like to have seen some more surprises, but I think we'll see more from future directs throughout the year. I see the N making announcements throughout the year and trying to keep people constantly excited about new content instead of showing it all at E3 and having very little to show off through the rest of the year.

TRGMatt1980d ago

Exactly. Unfortunately their new reliance on Nintendo Direct hurt their E3 status this year but did leave onlookers with a sense of future gold. It remains to be seen how their "slow trickle" approach plays out with regards to sales, but they did a decent job despite withholding much of their material for future months.