Nintendo: PS4/Xbox One prices make Wii U 'a great value'

Nintendo has stated that before the price tags of the Xbox One and PS4 were revealed some may have thought the Wii U was too expensive. Now that those systems have price tags Nintendo says they make the Wii U a better 'value' and say that they don't plan to cut their system's price anytime soon.

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GamersRulz1951d ago

ahahhahahahhahhahahahahahhaaha ha NIntendo!

PS4 is x4 more powerful and only $50 more expensive.

dedicatedtogamers1951d ago

They don't know what the word "value" means. Something can be $50. Something can be $15,000. Price and value are two different words. Value means "it is worth the price", and obviously not a lot of people think the Wii-U is worth the price because they're not rushing out to buy the thing.

FATAL1TY1951d ago

PS3 133,877

X360 86,898

Wii U 27,752

Nintendo = Epic Fail

DeadlyFire1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Well with two more powerful consoles launching you would expect WiiU to get cheaper. I can understand many waiting.

Nintendo has not shifted many games for the WiiU either. Its whole cycle has been out of place since its conception. Most of its E3 games are not even coming until 2014. 2 years after the console arrives. It still could get better for Nintendo considering they are cheapest console. The main factor in Wii selling so rapidly. Microsoft is aiming for casuals, but with a hardcore price tag. So I don't expect their console to sell very fast at all either.

Considering the power of the WiiU we could see as much as $100 bucks shaved off its price for this year's holiday season.

ABizzel11951d ago

It's like offering someone a Honda (it'll do what you need) then offering them a Ferrari for $50 more.

HammadTheBeast1951d ago

I dunno. I don't think that at this point Wii U is even competing with the two. It's just out there doing its own thing with its own games.

And it will sell decently in the end.

Kyur4ThePain1951d ago

If MS and Sony continue to support the 360 and PS3 for some time (and all indications are that this will be the case), Nintendo might be in trouble if they don't rethink the Wii U price.

Most consumers will continue to look at the Nintendo console as being "inferior" due to the relative lack of fidelity when comparing the Wii to the 360 and PS3. I think it might seem to people as if Nintendo is a generation behind from now on, so the Wii U will be compared to the 360 and PS3 price-wise, not with the One and PS4.

McScroggz1951d ago

If consumers view the Wii U an "inferior" I doubt they will then compare it to the Xbox 360 and PS3 and still buy it when they obviously didn't feel it was worth it. It's like looking to buy a car and seeing a great value for 10K and one that seems crappy for 9K but opting to buy the 9K care because there are other 9K cars that are slightly worse.

I get what you're saying, and I suppose it's possible that some people might look at it that way. I just think it's a very odd way to look at it. I mean, even if I compare the Wii U to the PS3 and Xbox 360 I see two consoles with a much, much larger library of games.

If the Wii U doesn't get a price cut, then the PS4 will be $50 more. That's kind of mind blowing.

Kingthrash3601951d ago

lol thats a joke right? 50$ more equals a ps4

Mr_Nuts1951d ago

Yeah I'd rather pay more for a PS4 to be honest, the Wii U will be the next thing I would get. I hope they do one with bigger hard drives though, I mean the PS4 is 500GB for goodness sake, can't Nintendo least do a 120 hard drive.

GamersHeaven1951d ago

I love Nintendo but come PS4 is light years ahead of Wii U 50$ more they should be focusing on dropping the price soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.