Reasons to Wait to Buy a New Console

Moar Powah's Tarabisu dissects the reasons why waiting awhile after a console launch before buying may be your best bet.

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Bleucrunch1954d ago

I certainly understand where he is coming from. I purchased my PS3 eight months after its initial release because I am under the impression that the first wave of consoles always seem to have hardware bugs in them, so I hold off until the following summer of its release and purchase it. But I do not agree with him in regards to him waiting five years to purchase a PS3 and having an abundance of games to play. While I agree that having access to an abundance of games is certainly true, I do not believe it is the wisest choice in terms of playing with others, if he doesn't care about that then that is fine that works for him, but in five years so many games have been released and conversation after conversation about these games have come and gone that you will be out of the loop so fast. Write down the pros and cons of waiting and make your own decision but their are consequences for both.....the choice is yours....

JoGam1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Killzone Shadow Fall, Drive Club, etc DAY ONE. Besides im eager to jump to next gen. PS4 takes you back to kindergarten and teaches you how to share videos, and games. Some of us will forget sharing is caring. Lol

1954d ago
Garbanjo0011954d ago

Here is my dilemma:

I want to trade my XBox and get the PS4. I want to scrap the whole damn thing and the fifteen titles I have sitting next to it. I want to do this because I am outraged by MS.

Problem is my girlfriend wont let me lol. I have Reckoning, Castlevania (I know late bloomer), Prey (once again late bloomer), and other games that she hasn't played.

The funny thing is we picked up a PS1 and have been playing FF 7-9 lol. I am so ready to get a PS console again that I can't stand it. Anticipation.

DIZZY . . .

thechosenone1954d ago

This isn't new tech like the Cell was AMD has been developing this hardware for a while now so people relax. Also if you feel that uneasy about it then just get the extended warranty before the manufacturer warranty expires.

ArchangelMike1954d ago

No reason to wait before getting a PS4 at launch...

Intentions1954d ago

I'm waiting for gaming bundles, like 2 games + 2 controllers etc.

Garbanjo0011954d ago

I'm not man, I'm getting PS4 as soon as the market settles, hopefully in January . . . besides that I am moving out of my apartment in December, so I really need to be saving money for that. Sucks, but I think my girlfriend and I can finally afford to get it around January, if not a great XMas gift right before we move into a new house, transfer internet, and then unleash the Kraken. Life is going to be sweet on New Years.

MASTER_RAIDEN1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

definitely agree with the second half of your statement especially. so many games have come and gone. a lot were only given a shot because there was a ton of buzz around the release. as soon as that buzz dies out though, those games are gone. waiting 5 years to finally play a game not only takes away that buzz factor, but its also REALLY HARD to get truly into a game you know is so old. even if youve never touched it before, dated software is always really hard to get into. not to mention, the multiplayer scene on most of those games would be dead.

think about how difficult it would be to just pick up mercenaries again. the conduit. fable 2.

Flipgeneral1954d ago

Third in my Sony store to preorder.

Going to buy additional warranty just in case

Let the good times roll!

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KillrateOmega1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I understand the logic behind waiting a while after launch, so that any bugs can be identified, but that would require me to not get my hands on the PS4 as soon as possible :(

Malice-Flare1954d ago

but, AMD tech is quite mature, and Sony's laptop tech is also mature, i'm not worried. that's what warranties are for...

Bleucrunch1953d ago

Hey your comment a song out of it.

Benjaminkno1954d ago

Yeah, I already have a WiiU.

"Ps4 slim" anyone?

RiPPn1954d ago

PS4 is already pretty slim, Day 1 for me!

Benjaminkno1953d ago

yeah well I dropped a thousand dollars on my Ps3 and my 40gig crapped out on me.
Sony was prepared to give me a refurb for $15o.
So 360 pros fixed mine for 100 and it crapped out again.
I went to Sony because all of the problems that the 360 had, and it still didn't work out too well. That's not to say everyone's experience turned out that way. MS's numbers are off by a few million I would argue.

At least Nintendo thinks about the people who sometimes leave their game on for weeks at a time.
My 30 year old Nintendo has yet to let me down.

SpinalRemains1954d ago

I already preordered so I'm a schmuck right?

Everyone needs to join the next Gen. We know the risks. This is no rookie game. This is PS4 vs XBone!

Flipgeneral1954d ago

Couldn't have said it better!

This has been a long time coming. Holidays cannot come soon enough

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