Why A Required PlayStation Plus Is Acceptable And XBox Live Is Not

Gamer-Rider.com writes: "For years now I myself, along with countless others, have criticized Microsoft for putting everything on the XBox 360, except for single player gaming, behind a paywall costing $60.00 a year. And to this very day, my stance on that hasn't changed. I believe that it is ridiculous to have to pay your ISP for an internet connection, then pay Netflix $8.00/month for streaming access, and still have to shell out more money to Microsoft if you want to use that Netflix app. Even YouTube and their web browser on the XBox 360 requires that you be a Gold Member of XBox Live. I still find that words can not adequately describe the level of stupidity that exists within such a model.

So with the news that the PS4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription for most online multiplayer games, (FTP games like Planetside 2 don't require PS Plus), some from the XBox crowd have been using this as a means to say that PlayStation fans are "hypocrites".

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BigFnHooters3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

There just isn't going to be much traction trying to get gamers to be mad about something the vast majority of them were going to pay for regardless of the online gaming requirements.

The amount of free stuff that you get from Playstation Plus easily makes up for the yearly cost.

Cupid_Viper_33909d ago

That's very true, but some people have been saying there's not a single game on PS Plus that interests them hence this is a huge deal for them.

So you'll always have people opposing it. Hell, even when online multiplayer is free on the PS3 and the PS Vita, there are still those are very upset about it and say that it lacks quality, and that Live is better because it's paid for.

Divine3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

. i kno i definitely said i would never pay for online with 360. The playstation plus service is jus far better than xbox death. theirs no way i can be called a hypocrite because as a console gamer they now both have some type of fee so i would have to just choose the better system with the better policies which is obviously ps4. The new plus is still genius because even though we have to pay a fee it has nothing to do with browsing the web or any media. Its simply for multiplayer. even if the xbox didnt have a fee and ps4 did i would never get the xbox because they have way too many problems lol, and the ps4 is still more powerfull and cheaper.

WickedLester3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Given the breadth and variety of titles that Sony has offered for free through PS Plus, I don't see how anyone can honestly say there's NOTHING that interests them unless they are solely a sports gamer or COD fanatic. I suspect that some of those people haven't taken an honest look at just what all is available to them through the Plus subscription.

Plus Sony has already stated that the required Plus subscription will not apply to the multimedia services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Plus, Crackle, etc. Nor will it apply to the F2P games such as DC Universe, Fuse, etc. That alone still makes it a much better value than Live Gold.

mikeslemonade3908d ago

To call us hypocritical they are being hypocrites when they are defending the X1's price. They said $500 and $600 for a launch PS3 was too much. The X1 system and gold membership is 500 plus $60 a year. While the PS3 was free online.

Army_of_Darkness3908d ago

I now have had ps+ for 2 years and I barely ever play online multiplayer. That's how worth it, it is.

MikeMyers3908d ago


"There just isn't going to be much traction trying to get gamers to be mad about something the vast majority of them were going to pay for regardless of the online gaming requirements."

Really? The vast Majority? Ok, mind showing me where those numbers are that Sony released for Playstation Plus members because I can't see them. Believe me, if it was the vast majority Sony would be more than happy to tell us what those numbers are.

The truth is the same arguments about Xbox Live only being popular because it's forced onto gamers who want to play multiplayer should be applied to the PS4 now. I agree Plus is a better model but that doesn't mean the vast majority is on it for the PS3 or Vita.

We will now see the flip-flopping commence. Either way it was a brilliant move on Sony's part to sneak in that announcement of a paid model while kicking Microsoft to the curb about DRM for physical discs (because DRM still applies to the PS4 like it does for the PS3 and Vita for anything you buy online).

Th4Freak3908d ago

Well im one of these people, I have 0 interest in PS+ and free games if I wanted it I'd have bought it a long time ago, now i'll have to pay $50 a year to play with my friends...

I'm sure i'll love the PS4 as much as I love my Vita but seriously this is bs.

USMC_POLICE3908d ago

I know plus don't include madden or NBA....if thoes are the only games people play why bother getting a system?? If that is not the games the people complaining are referring too then i have no idea what they mean because every genera gets free games but current sports games.

Blachek3908d ago

I don't have any experience with PS Plus so I can't speak to it at all, but I always thought that XB Live protected online gaming to an extent.

I think, optimistically, that a paid subscription forces a level of maturity from some gamers. The ability to report a gamer for abusive language or exploitation allows for a protection of sorts. I don't think it always works, but I like to tell myself that it does.

PS should charge an online fee... hate me if you'd like. From a business perspective, that is money on the table that they aren't sweeping into their pocket.

RedHawkX3908d ago

if you dont like demon souls your not a gamer and that games on ps plus

darthv723907d ago

"The new plus is still genius because even though we have to pay a fee it has nothing to do with browsing the web or any media. Its simply for multiplayer."

The ironic part of that statement is neither service is a pay as you go type. Meaning you cant simply pause your PS+ service when you decide you want to watch netflix or surf the web. Your PS+ service is paid for the duration and each day it is reduced until it is time to renew.

So you paying to play and saying that you dont pay to surf the web or stream may be technically true but only those who are not paid members can really proclaim that 2nd part. Once you sign up to be a member of something, you are paying for everything that service offers even if it was free to non paid members.

That is why live essentially started making every new feature as inclusive to the paid membership. Sony changed their stance on pay to play, they will change their stance on the free features by making improved ones for paid members. After all, they are always looking for new incentives to get people to sign up.

If one of those incentives is a new and better netflix experience and people who use the free netflix app feel its worth paying for then they will sign up and as such have full access to everything else that is inclusive to the membership.

so when they make a better browser or media streaming apps for paid members, the free members will still be able to use the free ones until it gets to a point where they feel they are being neglected because all the new stuff is going to the paid members...as it generally does.

you keep your paid customers happy first.

loulou3907d ago

lol wrote for n4g. you just cant beat this type of blogs

KumquatGOATBEEF3907d ago

I think this is a great move by Sony. I would have preferred that the PSN stay free so we don't have to pay, but the way they are handling this matter is brilliant.

When you get a new computer you don't have to pay Dell or Microsoft or whoever manufactures the computer to get online. You only pay your ISP. Think if you had to pay an additional subscription to the manufacturer of the computer just to use internet. That's exactly what Microsoft is doing.

So what does Sony do? They charge for multiplayer access. If you don't want to play multiplayer, great! You can play all your games offline and still run your PS4's internet services just fine. If you do want multiplayer then you have to pay Sony to hop on their servers and utilize the PSN in a more demanding way than just simply browsing the internet.

This will help generate Sony a lot more revenue and with revenue comes great services and tribute to fans. We already saw what PS+ was giving us all these years on the PS3, think what Sony will give us in the way of content when millions more gamers are getting into it. And when there is more revenue that means the service itself will vastly improve.

psyxon3907d ago

those gamers should open their eyes and their minds. i wasn't very attracted to most of the games either, and i've been a member since it started. but when you get bored and enjoy browsing, ps+ couldn't be better. boredom has opened my eyes to so many great games.

BattleAxe3907d ago

I'm going to take the plunge and pay for PS+. I haven't signed up in the past, but I've been meaning to. However, this does open up a great opportunity for Nintendo with the WiiU having free online services.

JokesOnYou3907d ago

Yeah, OK glad I got my boots on.

Ju3907d ago

TBH, Currently I am living off of PS+. Don't play that much lately, but what I am getting there already creates a back log. Just downloaded XCom today. It's almost with those $50 I can play all year without buying any games. Sorry pubs.

t0mmyb0y3907d ago

There is nobody who says there is nothing good on PS+. You obviously don't have it.

Deputydon3907d ago

I finally caved and bought PS+ two months ago.

Since then, I've received Uncharted 3, Demons Souls, Sleeping Dogs, Infamous 2, Vanquish, LBP Karting, R&C All in One, and a handful of quality Indie games for free. There might be even another game as I can't really remember what is currently free.

jadenkorri3907d ago

anyone who thought psn plus was not gonna be required for online play is retarded.. I called that along time ago before the ps4 was announced... What company is gonna ignore a monthly fee if people are willing to pay it to play online. I'm just glad psn plus gives me more moneys worth in free games. Yes there are months, the free games are not my forte, yet was pisses me off most, free games I already have on disc. But then that gem comes and its worth it, plus I still get to trade in the disc game.

Ritsujun3907d ago

PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That's 60+ free games per year.
Lots of discounts.
1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
Free themes, free avatars.
Access to closed betas and early demos.
Full game trials.

It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free (Driveclub's one of them) on PS+ at PS4 launch.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.

DOMination-3907d ago

Plus is indeed excellent but the first few months of ps4 will be interesting. We know the ps4 won't play anything other than ps4 games so what can they add to the service at launch when theres only a handful of games out?

Currently the IGC has 12 titles at any one time. Its a great deal. With PS4 we get effectively a demo of driveclub. Down the road it'll ve amazing again but I do worry those first few months will be a bit crap

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TheGrimReaper00113908d ago

I agree. In fact, I was hoping PS Plus would be on PS4, so I'm all good for it. Specially since I have a PSV and PS3 and pre ordered my PS4, it's one subscription on 3 platforms!

RyuCloudStrife3907d ago

I purchased PS+ for a year (2nd time), and have until next January. But I will purchase another PS+ separately on PS4, and still not lose money.

For $49.99 I already downloaded & played games worth a total of $100+ in 3 months...

DanyBrown3908d ago

doesnt matter i blame microsoft for setting a precedent in this case and showing sony that so many suckers were willing and able to pay to access online multiplayer portion of games

PsnGammer213907d ago

See don't neglect that even though your paying at least they are generous enough to give your money back and more in free games so if you realize once u get its practically free

ichimaru3907d ago

You should blame sony for not having the courage to make a big boy decision instead of following the success of their competetors

NnT32913907d ago

You blame MS for Sony charging you?

PurpHerbison3907d ago

I ain't tryna take you shopping.. buy yo ass no shoes..