Sony to require PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer gaming on PS4

Playing online multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 will apparently require a PlayStation Plus membership, Sony said today during its E3 liveblog. A slide shown during the presentation said "immersive multiplayer online" was a feature of PlayStation Plus. Single-player games will not require Plus, nor will accessing streaming services like Netflix, Sony said in a tweet.

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itBourne1649d ago

Meh, u get a free $60 game, free psn games, and a free game every month. No biggie to sign up for it.

OlgerO1649d ago

I know after that awesome press conference, Im not even mad!!

blitz06231649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

It was a genius move to announce this while everybody was celebrating about the whole no DRM on PS4 thing.

Personally, I don't mind as I already have 15 months of PS+ from a bundle. I can understand people who are outraged by this. For Xbox refugees, this is nothing new, maybe even an upgrade since you guys now get free games.

Remember, this isn't just for online gaming. You get free games EVERY WEEK on almost every console (PS3, Vita, PS4). I mean, Drive Club, a launch game will be free. Where else would you see that?

badz1491649d ago

it's in a fine print in the video of Yoshida sharing game guide.

but we get a FREE launch game in exchange, right? so no biggie!

gta28001649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I've been a happy PS+ customer for over a year now. I was going to gladly resubscribe before it was required for online play. The subscription paid it self off in the first month that I had it. But I love that PS+ is a service that rewards you rather than having no choice but to pay for it simply to play online.

decrypt1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

So Sony are now pushing PSN+ down peoples throats, people like it or not to play online they must pay.

Console gaming has really hit a low point.

Sony fans might cheer at no DRM, but really its just a matter of time. MS introduced pay to play online last gen, Sony now follows suit. I think Sony will inevitably fall to publisher pressure and most games will be releasing with some sort of DRM.

Many of my friends switched to PC gaming this gen with the road console gaming has taken, all of them are planning to stick with PC as their main platform. They might pick up PS4 just for the exclusives but thats about it.

jetlian1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

wow cgoodno and wildarms both failed articles saying this, only to post one himself lol.Yea ryu i saw that soon as it went up when i was set to post l couldn't

anyway not a big deal so long as its safe. Need to get GMelee

zeal0us1649d ago

While I don't mind it however I do find it funny how people are trying to justify this move but got on MS for years for charging their players.
Also I could've sworn I seen this post or similar post saying Sony requiring PSN+ for online MP earlier heck if one was turn into a rumor in spite multiple sites reporting the same thing.

Cgoodno is one of the admin, I highly doubt your report will do anything.


Ryu, certainly bad form on cgoodno part... I'm sorry it happened to you.

nix1649d ago

i was sad when i heard it even though only a month back i signed up for Plus. i must say, i've already got my money back considering the free games i've got but still i hate the fact the "online free" is there no more makes me sad.

NewMonday1649d ago

gamers are taking this news better than I expected, most say this is disappointing but that they have PS+ anyway(and I'm one of them) , so I have a suspicion Sony were softening use up gradually, that is why they had that huge instant game collection initiative, and it worked.

blackbeld1649d ago

Mann.. I am mad.

OK it's not much and I also have Plus but this is a disadvantage to WiiU.

Now if you want to multiplay you have to pay? WTF!

I do love PLUS but why have to pay when you can play free online on the PS3?

zeee1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Good thing I am already set up for another two years! :) I looovveeee PS plus so it doesn't matter to me.

Ritsujun1648d ago

PS+, at the moment, offers 5 to 6 free games per month. That's 60+ free games per year.
Lots of discounts.
1GB cloud storage for PS3, 1GB cloud storage for PSVITA.
Auto firmware/gamepatch update. Auto gamesave upload.
Free themes, free avatars.
Access to closed betas and early demos.
Full game trials.

It seems that PS+ will be offering 3 PS4 games for free (Driveclub's one of them) on PS+ at PS4 launch.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS+ on PS4.

ShinMaster1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

PS Plus was already a good deal.
Multiplayer is the only reason people pay for XBL Gold, since MS blocks multimedia and instant video features unless you pay.
You still get those for free on PSN basic.
PSN > XBL Silver.

PS Plus simply offers more and now Microsoft is trying to follow in the footsteps of Sony by implementing some Plus-like features.
I don't think people understand the differences. XBL isn't king anymore and hasn't been.

douevenlift1648d ago

lol so what you need PS+, it's about time Sony discovered a way to get some revenue, their broke asses severely need it!
I love my PS+, tons of free stuff and great disounts that no XBL person ever gets, and they've been paying 60 bucks per year just to have access to MP with zero perks outside of that! Quit your crying you broke ass children.

No Way1648d ago

360 and XB1 Live users will also be receiving some free games, won't they?

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Kaneda1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I don't want free game. I just want to play some game I enjoy playing. I don't go online everyday like 18 yrs old kid. But when I do. I don't expect to pay for it, just like PC.

Cirehpsa1649d ago

Eh, many mmo's have a fee, think of this as a all in one fee for all your games, now you won't have to pay for 10 individual subscriptions.

detroit2cali1649d ago

How do you know you wont enjoy the FREE games? Do you know which ones will be free? Stick will your PC buddy because you're obviously biased.

Kaneda1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I understand why you have to pay MMO, but I am not interest in MMO. FPS is for me.

I have been playing console since the Nintendo day. I just want games that I want to play. Have been playing BF3 and MoH on PS3 last two years. I am not biased. I don't play as much game as 18 years old kid. Job and family and sometimes I want to relax playing game.

How do you know I will enjoy the free games?

HappyWithOneBubble1649d ago

You pay for internet right? So basically you pay to play online.

Kaneda1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I pay the internet for work and do other stuff. Online game is a plus. I can get that on a PC side.

Hey, if I am 18 yrs old and don't have family. I can go online whenever I am free. I don't mind paying for +. But I am not 18.

Rivitur1649d ago

If you already pay for the internet then why the f%$k would you want to pay twice?

nnotdead1649d ago

i'm with you. the fact that i didn't have to pay to play online was one of the biggest factors for me to stick with Sony. now i'm unsure if i will even bother with a console. might want to pick one up for the exclusive SP games that will be released, but from the first day of E3 it looks like the SP and MP will merged in most games this gen. i am unsure what that will mean if i just want to play SP.

Eyeco1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

That was by far the biggest disappointment for me I couldn't care less of anything else shown at the conference that seriously bummed me out, I'm sorry but that was PSN's biggest advantage, i'm just amazed at the level of hypocrisy from the fanbase 6 years of bashing Live for charging a fee, but now it's ok because Sony throws in a few free games ? which by the way Live is now doing, PS+ was amazing as an OPTION nothing else, basic online multiplayer should be FREE I don't care how much you sugar coat it, everything else should be OPTIONAL.

Then again I have a theory as to why Sony would do this, given the PS4's surprisingly low price, chances are Sony is taking quite a loss and to recuperate some of that loss there gonna charge for online.

Again i'm a PS fan i'm not gonna lie but this was absolute BS, again the best online gaming the master league of online gaming is found on the PC WHICH IS FREE. If the best is FREE then you should be FREE no excuses, Is there a petition against this ? If so what is it so I can join.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1649d ago

put 5 dollars aside week starting now.. big deal get over it.. if not then stick to pc

NameRemoved00171649d ago

Its way better than Xbox live

Xbox live requires you pay to do anything besides play single player.

Wanna watch Netflix on your xbox? You have to pay the fee to do that.

Eyeco1649d ago

"put 5 dollars aside week starting now.. big deal get over it.."

There we go that famous dumbass 360 fanboy logic has now transitioned to the PS camp, how about we look at things in the long run because that's all that matters in the end, the 360 has been out for 8 years that comes up to about $400 for XBL on top of a $300 launch console which comes up to about £700 minus games,

Now add $400 more to the XB1 and PS4 price tag, yeah not so pretty now is it ? and again the best online is on the PC which is free, consoles these day's are pushing me closer and closer to PC gaming with Online fee's, games that can barely run a game in a basic HD, controller gimmicks, saturation with shooters it's getting ridiculous

nthstew1649d ago

hey man you get free games every month unlike pc.. so rejoice and have fun.....

Rivitur1649d ago


That good sir is real MF logic right there.

justiceot1649d ago

I find it strange when people talks about "paying twice": One for the internet, another for multiplayer. They are entirely two unique services provided by different companies. It's like paying for the internet and expect everything on the internet to be free. To be fair, since you paid for the game, they should offer you the complete experience, which includes multiplayer, without extra charges.

But with free games added on top of multiplayer and other perks, few should find reasons not to get subscribed to PS Plus/ Xbox Live.

blackbeld1649d ago



WTF is happening with ONLINE nowadays!

I will buy the WiiU for sure. PS4 can wait. This s*cks.

uncharted561649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I see where you are coming from but at the same time you have to understand from a bussiness perspective that PS4 has superior parts, sells for less then any gaming pc and xbox one. Its also giving you all theses third and first party media and gaming services and they have a network infrastructure to maintain. I always bragged about the psn free thing but I have no problem paying a fee which will be less then five dollars compared to xbox to play games online.

maximaz1648d ago

I feel your pain but hey, at least you get a bubble from me. Some of us just want to enjoy games we buy when we want to enjoy them, without having to go through an anal probe.

N4g_null1646d ago

I'll see you on a PC and wiiu! Ps4 is the new Xbox.its like Sony went third party and started making games for PC... wait it is a PC.

This is just sad......,

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PSVita1649d ago

Exactly and I don't think it blocks you from Netflix and other apps of you don't get it.

N4g_null1646d ago

All of my TVs have netflex.... I don't have to pay to be only there either.

I guess its PC and wiiu till Sony gets there stuff together. I might as well get a Xbox one if I get a ps4. I can afford it but I also don't waste money if I'm not using the system. So far Sony doesn't make any of the games I use to like from them except god of war.

uncharted561649d ago

The fee is less then five dollars so I will take it.

xPhearR3dx1649d ago

So is XBL Gold but look how many people are up in arms because you're paying to play online. I knew Sony would go down this path eventually. I personally don't mind as I've been paying for Live for years and don't have much interest in the Xbone.

I do find it very ironic how now that Sony does this, many people will now act like paying for online play is no big deal. Yet yesterday, it was evil.

Rivitur1649d ago


Exactly people are now praising Sony because they did the opposite of MS but the thing no one ever thought would change did change and the fanboys are easting it up after years of bashing MS for it.

nnotdead1649d ago

i'm a little shocked too. the free online has been the biggest trump card Sony fans have been pulling all gen. now we all just want to give it up because PS4 doesn't have crazy DRM like XBone. not shocked Sony is doing this, but i am shocked Sony fan base isn't making a bigger deal out of this.

the only reason i can thinkpeople aren't upset would be the fact that a lot of people like what PS+ has been offering, i know i have, and they don't see any added cost from what they where already spending. i just think Sony now pushing it on gamers is BS.

green1649d ago

I have never seen this level of hypocrisy in my life. You can not go into an XBOX article with our Sony cheerleeders shouting "dumb customers paying for live, i will never pay for online multiplayer because it is a matter of principle"

Now Sony does the same thing and 99% of them are all cool with that. Its like the past 6 years i have been on N4G and they have all been bitching never existed.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1649d ago

save yourself money by buying the $50 dollar psn card for a full years worth of ps+ goodness my compadreeeeii

mcstorm1649d ago

I agree a lot of people I know who have a PS3 have said they don't want a 360 because they don't want to pay for online. Well looks like they will have to shell out the extra £40 or look at a WiiU to play online for free.

I don't think its a bad thing to pay for playing online but I do hope Sony improve PSN for the PS4 over the PS3 as I found the updates and PSN down time frustrating on the PS3 at times.

MrBeatdown1649d ago

I love when people cry hypocrisy. It really helps you weed out the trolls more interested in trying to stick it to a fanbase than the news itself.

You make it sound like everyone is lavishing praise on Sony for this. The fact is, there's plenty of people complaining about it, and there's plenty of people who aren't, probably because they already pay for PS+ because it has proven to be good value.

The same can't be said for Live, which is basically a charge for online play and apps that should be free.

Want to cry hypocrisy? Go ahead and find examples of it. If you think it's so widespread, go right ahead and dig through the comments of everyone here. Shouldn't take you long to provide plenty of examples. But of course, you won't, because it's easier to just pretend everyone is a hypocrite, when you're not getting the riots in the streets you're expecting.

darx1649d ago

@Mr Beatdown

You have to pay to play online, end of story.

MrBeatdown1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

"End of story" my ass.

The idea that "you have to pay" is all that matters is idiotic. It completely discounts what else the fee gets you.

But of course, some people here would like to pretend it's that simple, just so they can cry hypocrisy.

The fact is, for a lot of people here, we aren't getting charged a penny more than we were already paying for a service that we already felt was well worth the money.

But apparently, because people aren't burning effigies of Sony execs over something that doesn't affect us, we're hypocrites.

That's troll logic for you. Ignore the subtleties of people's opinions and reasoning so you can cry hypocrisy and win the war on people who's opinion you disagree with.

kane_13711649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

The Thing is, I am a Sony fanboy, I have never tried to hide that, and I argue that doesn't make me a blind fanboy since I love many games on Xbox too but when it comes to making a decision I will go with Sony.

Now as a fanboy I am kind of Sad, When the presentation of PS+ said multiplayer games what not bla bla bla I felt a sad feeling inside me since It was such a big thing to not be forced to pay to play online for us PS3 users.
Now at the same time I have never been that huge of Online gamer and mostly play SP unless I'm on my PC and playing Dota :D
So at the same time it doesn't bother me that much.
Then there is the fact that I have always bought PS+ when I could so that I get the games that come free with it and I love the service. Just a while ago I played Thomas Was Alone and I loved it and went and bought it for my PC! So in many ways I love PS+ that also made me less sad but still I was thinking to myself why would they do this?

So you see in about a minute later the crowd was cheering and clapping and all of that because the System would cost us €399 and at that moment I realised that you really can't have the Cake and eat it too!
We got the response from the Sony, NO DRM, No restriction on Used games, No + subscription for the media apps and a price point that made this E3 1995 all over again!

So we had to compensate in a way and that was the online multiplay.
This is the reason people are not super mad, they are sad but they all are getting the point: You can't have a cake and eat it too!

That is all!

darx1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

@Mr Beatdown

Boil it down and what you get is pay to play online.

Opinion? It's a FACT you have to pay to play online.

uncharted561649d ago

First of all I always used to brag about free online play so in no way am I happy about this. But at the same time I am paying less then xbox live for online and I get free games, themes, wallpapers, early access to betas and demos. For less then five dollars a month along with all the services and free stuff I get access to this is sure worth more money then xbox live and if I have to pick, I will take the lesser evil of the two. Plus I have my gaming pc until I go back to university.

MrBeatdown1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


And your point? I was never arguing you had to pay for online. Why you harp on it as if it's something being disputed is beyond me.

Are you saying that nobody should care what they are actually paying for?

Are you saying that everyone's opinion and reaction to this should be entirely devoid of any consideration for their own personal preferences, the value of what they are getting for the money, and how this affects them?

Wouldn't it be just as hypocritical if all the people that love Plus suddenly said it was a crap service because online is now included, despite the fact that it still offers the exact same level of value as before?

Like I said, pretending everything else is irrelevant, and ignoring any and all reasoning behind people's opinions, is just a lazy attempt at painting everyone as a hypocrite.

The fact of the matter is that, like I said, there are just as many people upset with this fact as there are people who just don't care. The trolls in this thread would prefer to ignore that, just so they can go ahead with their little half-assed generalizations.

Some people here seem to think hypocrisy is so widespread, yet nobody has offered up a single example of that. Just pathetic generalizations, because that's all they have. That's what trolls do. They take any little thing they can cling to and run with it. It doesn't matter how legitimate it is, just as long as they can use it to wage war against anyone who isn't as blind as they are.

Hell, the very comment we are all replying to, coming from a guy who doesn't mind the price, has far more disagrees than agrees, yet "OH MAH GOD SO MANY HYPOCRITES!!! XBL FEE BAD! PSN FEE GOOD!!! SONY FANS ARE FLIP FLOPPING!!"

People here seem to want to overlook what's right in front of them just so they can troll.

Foliage1648d ago

It's a two-sided road.

How many comments have been posted over-glorifying xbox live; attempting to pass the price off as accounting for the "better service".

Suddenly you Microfans want to make a big deal over something you have been trying to sell everyone on for years?

Sorry, Plus has enough benefits on it's own to justify the price. It's hard to get overly angry; when you essentially know you are getting the best looking next gen racing game (Drive Club) for free with the fee for Plus; along with many other titles.

That money is still going towards games; good ones that people were looking to buy. The online multiplayer is just additional.

Xbox Live on the other hand is paying to use your existing internet service (shit, you even need it for netflix). It also does not justify the price with any additional perks.

Big difference, Microfans.

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Enemy1649d ago

Just like Xbox Live, except you get free games with Plus. Sony wins again.

1649d ago
xPhearR3dx1649d ago

You get free games (at least for now) with an XBL Gold Membership as well. Catch with PS+ is, when you stop paying you lose those games. These games MS are giving away are free forever. Even when your account is silver. Granted, so far the two games are extremely old, but at least you always have the option of playing them if you wish.

Virtual_Reality1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Do you realize giving free games on Xbox Live only will be available until November?

EasilyTheBest1649d ago

Its official.. Its now ok to pay to play online... Unbelievable.

Cuzzo631649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Can still play offline without a connection

Rhythmattic1649d ago


I am a PS+ subscriber, because its been incredible value for my money, but for everyone to have to pay to play online !!

Utter BS.

Foliage1648d ago

"Its official.. Its now ok to pay to play online... Unbelievable. "

Who said it was okay?

What's the alternative? No one wants a WiiU. PC is too expensive.

It comes down to PS4 and Xbox One. Both have this fee; so you can't argue for or against it. The difference is that PS4 is heads and shoulders above the Xbox One in absolutely every single category (specs, games, policies, online payment perks).

No one enjoys paying for online; people are going to buy a PS4 despite it... because there is no other choice. You pay for xbox live to play online; many PS3 players paid for Plus because of the perks. I already have Plus; so this changes absolutely nothing for me. Casual players looking for entertainment still can access Netflix, etc. (unlike xbox one). Single player users don't need online at all (unlike xbox one; you need to check in).

At the end of the day; PS4 is still the best choice. I already have Plus; so absolutely no additional fees are ahead that I was not going to be paying for as it is.

Sorry, no one is outraged; because the value is there.

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Garbanjo0011649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I'll pay it, it was probably inevitable anyhow. And it's cheap.


Agree, this is not a big deal for me.

Jaces1649d ago

I already purchased Plus even when online play was free. Not even mad. They already offer great deals for going Plus, worth every penny.

moparful991649d ago

I've been adamant about not paying for the privilege to play your games online.. So much so that I didn't buy a 360 until this past Christmas and once my 3 month free trial expired I haven't renewed. So knowing that you have to pay to play on the ps4 is a bit of a letdown for me.. But considering that I'm already and have been a Ps+ subscriber since the service launched I guess it doesn't matter.. I have no plans to end my sub because of all of the free games that I get from the service.. Guess I better not let my sub expire..

kane_13711649d ago

lol Darx he just said he is not happy with the fact that online play is connected to + but since he has always been a + member it is not that big of a deal FOR HIM and you call him hypocrite?


moparful991648d ago

@Darx how exactly am I a hypocrite? I already have a + membership and no intentions of ending it because of the free content.. Should I unsub just to keep my morale integrity in tact to appease you? Get real man..

Gildarts1649d ago

Hahaha so now it's OK to pay for online play?? Hahahah

Where's the twitter campaign?

Why o why1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I'm annoyed as fcuk... even though I'm a plus subscriber this still annoys me. What YOU should be doing is making your own petition or twitter campaign to deal with your favourite console makers plans. Out of both camps....I think you've got more to worry about.

So you unlock the 'wait a minute' achievement for 'spotting hypocrisy' in some factions of the ps camp

You also unlock the 'ben dover' achievement for letting ms use your own haemoglobin for KY whilst smiling