Planetside 2 - PlayStation 4 Show Floor Interview E3 2013

Creative Director Matthew Rigby tells us about updating Planetside 2 for the PS4.

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1954d ago
noears1954d ago

This game is awesome. The one draw back for me tho is I'm a crap pilot using the mouse and keyboard. So being able to transfer my profile over to the PS4 and use the new DS4 is going to be even more awesome.

MysticStrummer1954d ago

I can't wait for this. I was saying months ago that putting this on PS4 would be a great move, and I even suggested having it preinstalled. They didn't do that, but they're keeping it free. Good times.

SoapShoes1954d ago

I just hope lots of people get it. Mag 256 matches aren't even possible because not enough people are playing.